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For years, I have aspired to live up to and merge with my ‘I AM’  presence.

This year, it finally clicked!  My ‘I AM’ presence has been within me this entire time.

Please scroll down and join me on my journey of discovering my ‘I AM’ presence, tools and tips to embody the ‘I AM’, and daily affirmations.

I look forward  to hearing your stories too.

Much Love

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‘I AM’ Breaking Through the Illusion

Within some schools in Hinduism, Māyā is Illusion – a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality” In the Upanishads, Māyā pre-exists and co-exists with Brahman – the Ultimate Principle, Consciousness. Maya is perceived reality, one that does not reveal the hidden principles, the true reality. Maya is unconscious, Atman is conscious.  Maya is born, changes, evolves, dies with time, from circumstances, due to invisible principles of nature. Atman-Brahman is eternal, unchanging, invisible principle, unaffected absolute and resplendent consciousness.

Maya is the world that we live in. Atman-Brahman includes ‘I AM’.

The biggest creators and masters of illusion are our own Ego selves and belief systems. It is our Ego selves that determine what we can do and cannot do, what types of conditioned beliefs we perpetuate, who we are and what we should do. Through our judgements, we deem what is good and bad, what is desirable and not, what is worthy and unworthy. We have created this illusion, this Ego-based reality.

This hit home again, when I taught the Between Lives Spiritual Regression for the Past Life Regression Academy in the UK in July. Someone had an experience where the past life was as a strong, arrogant, brawny male, intent solely on pursuing the pleasures of the flesh. However, when this soul reached the spirit realms, it had a remarkable, dainty feminine feel – the total opposite to the incarnation. There was another student, who, in current life, is this big, tough brawny male with a booming deep voice, and his soul was a gentle, dainty soul, akin to being a flower.

Again and again, there were plenty of reminders to not judge a soul by the body. That we choose the vessels and costumes
we incarnate in, to play in the illusionary world – to learn, grow and evolve, and then return to divest our outer garments and embrace our inner resonance.

In their book, Leaders of the Past, Toni Ann Winneger channelled the souls of many pre-eminent figures, who have since passed away. One of the souls she channelled was Hitler. Toni, and her writing partner, Peter Jenkins, were curious to find out if Hitler’s soul was a young soul who went terribly off plan, or whether he was an advanced soul who meticulously and carefully brought about a big change in Consciousness. The answer may surprise our Ego / External selves, but from the perspective of ‘I AM’, it made sense. Whilst the Ego world condemns and judges him, it’s a different story from the soul perspective. (*For those who wish to know what the answer is and not read the book, the answer is after my signature in this blog. J )

We live in an illusionary world, created and perceived by the very narrowly by our Ego. ‘I AM’ holds a depth of wisdom and breadth of perspective that our Ego States cannot even begin to perceive. The more we embody, embrace and work from ‘I AM’, the more we will be able to access the information of ‘I AM’, and the illusions will slowly start to crumble down. We will then be able to see what is, as opposed to the illusion that we have constructed.

Once we can see past the illusion and access what it, we can
then choose whether we wish to participate in the illusion or just break free and Be in What Is. Given that we live in a world of illusionary duality – of love vs fear, good vs bad, truth vs fake, peace vs violence – peppered with condemnation, judgement and drama, moving out of illusion just might be the easier path.

We just need to get there. How?

  1. Embrace and embody ‘I AM’ more and more
  2. Access the deeper resonance of ourselves and everything around us
  3. Watch and observe in a detached manner, through the resonance of ‘I AM’
  4. Remove ourselves from what does not resonate, and move towards what does
  5. We can slowly start moving away from the Illusion to the subtle That Is

‘I AM’ Breaking through the Illusion.



PS: Answer to the question is that Hitler is a really advanced soul whose plan it was to send shock waves to shift us out of our comfortable illusion to a different state of Consciousness.


This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Internally Abundant

Abundance – so many people are chasing abundance. Abundance offers us the perceived freedom – the freedom to live as we want to live, to be secure, to make sure we have a roof over our heads, and a food in our tummies, education for our children, security for our families.

However, whilst so many people are chasing external abundance, how many of us are seeking internal abundance? How many are growing and building internal wealth? So many place value on the external, and on what’s around us, how many actually place value on what is inside us? Whilst so many are concerned about what is in the bank account, how many take stock of self worth, happiness, joy, self respect, wisdom, knowledge, etc?

We have been conditioned by society to be affluent. People measure affluence only on what is available in the material world – and not so much on our interior world. We have been conditioned by the society that we operate in to succumb to consumerism. The bottom line that is valued is that which is given to the balance sheet and not what is within.

When I was working in the Corporate World, I saw so many people exchanging their self worth and value for a promotion, their time and happiness of being with loved ones for overtime work, their principles for closing a deal, their confidence for pleasing their boss.

Is it really worth it to exchange our Internal Abundance for External Abundance?

The lack of internal abundance stokes competition as opposed to collaboration. The lack of internal abundance makes us see the inequality of everything (resources, distribution of wealth) and makes us fight for our piece, or hoard a bigger share. In this illusionary world we live in, everything becomes something to get. The extreme version of this is the eternal quest for power. Second to power is the eternal quest for money – for with power and money, we can control our external environment. Control is the ultimate prize for this competition – for with control comes control and accumulation of external abundance.

However, this is merely an illusion that we live in. There is plenty for all of us if we just Be, respect the natural cycles, and stay in the Oneness of the Fabric of Consciousness. However the lack of internal abundance makes this a difficult. So we do, race, fight and compete to fill the hole in our Internal Abundance with external abundance.

When we build and develop our internal abundance – our self worth, joy, love, confidence – we will find ourselves wanting for very little or even nothing. We will automatically take pleasure is what we have. We will find ourselves collaborating more, sharing and exchanging – as opposed to taking or fighting from a sense of entitlement to receive. When we are internally abundant, sitting alone on the grass, under the sunshine, or in the rain, brings us just as much joy and pleasure as seeing our bank account rise.

When we grow our internal abundance, we will feel supported, generous, grateful, kindness and collaborative. At the same time, we will also establish strong and fair boundaries – so that we do not swap internal abundance in return for external validation.

The best part is that when we are internally abundant – something magical happens – we become externally abundant as well. The more internally abundant we are, the more free we become – free of external abundant, free of being subservient to external demands, free to embrace our ‘I AM’ resonance, and be our ‘I AM’ selves.

So, take honest stock of your internal abundance, including but not limited to :

  1. Happiness
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Self Love
  4. Self Truth
  5. Peace and Contentment
  6. Self Worth
  7. Self Integrity
  8. Wisdom of ‘I AM’

Take time to grow and develop this internal wealth that we possess. Make decisions to grow them, as opposed to diminish them.

No form or amount of external abundance is worth us swapping or diminishing our internal abundance for. Be aware and watch out for anything or anyone who diminishes our internal abundance. Move out of that resonance, and embrace those and which that honours, respects and grows our Internal Abundance.

‘I AM’ Internally Abundant.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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