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For years, I have aspired to live up to and merge with my ‘I AM’  presence.

This year, it finally clicked!  My ‘I AM’ presence has been within me this entire time.

Please scroll down and join me on my journey of discovering my ‘I AM’ presence, tools and tips to embody the ‘I AM’, and daily affirmations.

I look forward  to hearing your stories too.

Much Love

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‘I AM’ Thankful

A number of weeks ago, I sprained my ankle, quite badly, that left me unable to walk properly for nearly two weeks. The last time I had sprained my ankle this severely was when I was a teenager.  So it was the first time in a long time I did not have the full function of my ankle. The simplest, most basic chores took a lot longer than normal, and the loss of freedom to just up and go to the post office or buy bananas, for example, was slightly off putting.

This made me realise how much I, and so many people around me, take things that are working or things that go right for granted. So I asked myself, why is it do I start appreciating what I’d had only when I lose it or when it is a little too late. The only reason that I could come up with is that I am too focused on the ‘Doing’ – meaning the constant Doing and looking towards the future. Upon reflection, I realised that I do not stay in the moment enough and appreciate it.

So, whilst I was convalescing, I paid attention and appreciated everything. I do write a gratitude journal at night, where I express my gratitude for some of the big things that happened to me during my day. However, this time, I started to pay attention to all the little things that I had and happened to me during the day.

I realised then how much all the other parts work together to serve ‘I AM’. Our ‘I AM’ is housed in this vessel called the body, at this point. It is important to take care of our physical body so that our vessel can serve ‘I AM’. It is equally important to take care of the mental and emotional bodies, so they can both serve ‘I AM’ as well.

What I did that helped me was to :

  1. Stop and Pause at intermittent times during the day
  2. Embody ‘I AM’
  3. Be appreciate of everything that serves ‘I AM’

This only took a couple of seconds each time I did it, but I started to relax a lot more, and appreciate what I had, instead of chasing and doing for what I did not. I realised that I started to feel a lot more peace and calm in my day, and I did not feel quite so harried. I was being more in the moment.

Whilst I did wish that it did not need a sprained ankle for me to reflect on this, but I am grateful for the lessons that it taught me.

Be in the moment, love and appreciate as hard as we can, and love and appreciate now.

‘I AM’ Thankful.





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