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For as long as I have been on the spiritual path, the wisdom of the ‘I AM’ Presence has been prevalent. The ‘I AM’ Presence is also known as the Divine Presence, our Monad or God or Goddess self to name a few. The spiritual path’s goal is to live up to and merge with our aspect of the ‘I AM’ presence.

However, our ‘I AM’ is not an elusive Being beyond us and our Higher Mind… Our ‘I AM’ presence is the Divine Spark, the Divine Essence that has been within us the entire time.

As we are moving into a new Vibration of living, it is time we start to embody and embrace this very subtle, intangible but powerful part of ourselves, that we have suppressed for so long. It’s time now to transcend our physical, mental and emotional vessels to tap into ‘I AM’, our light and to just be the radiant light beings that we truly are.

This blog offers weekly tips and daily affirmations to embrace and embody our Divine Selves as we move towards the New Consciousness.

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‘I AM’ at Equilibrium

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, fire and water, expanding and contracting) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by yin and yang.

Yin and Yang only works when there is equilibrium.

Nature – nature thrives when it is at equilibrium.

The ecosystem is at peak when flora and fauna are at equilibrium. A seed is planted in soil, draws nutrition produced by the microbes and bacteria in the soil. The seed grows into a plant, which is consumed by an animal for energy and nourishment. The animal then grows old and dies, and starts to decompose on the Earth, nourishing the microbes and bacteria in the soil. When everything is at equilibrium, the ecosystem functions at its peak and thrives.

When everything is balanced and is at equilibrium, everything will perfom at maximum output, with ease.  Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, when in balance, co-exist for the betterment of the Higher Consciousness. Shadow and Light – shadow only exists in the light. When we are at peace in both shadow and light, then we can be truly achieve Oneness.

The most definite course of pushing ourselves out of equilibrium is extremism. This is why we are strive for a work life balance, for example. When our rest time is in balance with our work time, which is in balance with our fun time, we can perform at our optimum, in all areas of our life. Extremism can take many forms. Extremist thoughts and ideologies lead to separation and intolerance of another who do not share the same views. Extreme emotions can lead us down a slippery slope towards behavioral problems and unhealthy social interactions. Extremism towards our physique may lead us down a path of poor physical health.

For us to enjoy on a healthy spiritual journey, we need to find spiritual equilibrium. We need to be as grounded as we are connected. Our physical needs need to be in equilibrium with our spiritual needs. Our external facing Ego selves need to balance with the internal resonance of ‘I AM’. Everything we do at a spiritual, energetic level needs to be integrated in our lives for us to enjoy the benefits of our spiritual journey.

It takes discipline to keep both these seemingly disparate selves in balance.

It is nature’s way to move things to equilibrium. If there is any form of extremism, nature works immediately to achieve homeostasis. The Web of Consciousness works the same way – the minute too much of the Web tilts one way, there will be rise and a tilt the other way, to maintain equilibrium.

As long as we embrace our ‘I AM’ and are faithful to our true resonance, embodying and embracing ‘I AM’, it will bring us back to equilibrium.

Flow with ‘I AM’ to be at equilibrium.



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This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Involving and Evolving

The process by which the creation rises to higher states of consciousness is the evolution. Involution prepares us for that soul growth and the big shift; evolution continues from that point forward. The term involution comes from the idea that the divine involves itself in creation.

One of the authors of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali wrote that Yoga is about the control of thought waves in the mind.  Involution attenuates painful and hurting impressions to the finest degree possible, resulting to non-painful thought waves. Thus, when the mind is liberated from painful impressions, one-pointed mind is achieved. One-pointed mind is the foundation “super-consciousness”.

Involution is about turning inwards and focusing on our ‘I AM’ selves. It is about involving the ‘I AM’ resonance within us in everything that we do. It is about really immersing ourselves in ‘I AM’ and bringing that resonance out into everything that we feel, think and do.

Involution is the time devoted to going into ‘I AM’ for the attainment of self-consciousness of our divine. It is also a discipline and a move towards the delight on our Being – where we can attain peace and acceptance of Being.

It is the process of Divine life involving itself in substance in order to express itself in matter. Matter is spirit that is dense. Matter packs more energy tightly into one space than Spirit does. Evolution is the process whereby the spark of life, after having been planted into substance, so to speak, uses the form to make it a perfect expression of the indwelling life. So part of the idea of involution-evolution is to perfect the relationship between “life and form.”

‘I AM’ is the seat of divine within us – our Divine Spark. The purpose of life is to allow the divine life, to allow Divine Essence to express itself in form. The ‘I AM’ within us pushes us on to express this essence in our daily life, whether we realize it or not. What we say, how we feel, what we think – when it comes from the embodiment of our ‘I AM’ selves, when it carries the resonance of the divine within – will help create on the outside, the reflection of our ‘I AM’ and will carry us into the new consciousness.

The process of involution and evolution is an ongoing one. We can dip into ‘I AM’, and evolve outwards with the resonance of ‘I AM’, all the time creating our external reality in the resonance of ‘I AM’.

Going deep within and involving into ‘I AM’ will bring us refuge during this time of the seeming chaos, as the New and the Old vibrations converge. This will help us evolve and create our new reality when the dust settles – a reality of our own manifestation.

We are so used to focusing outwards – just on reacting
and evolving on everything that happens externally. Involving is about moving within, embodying our divine resonance and consciously creating our external reality based on our ‘I AM’ selves.

‘I AM’ Involving and Evolving – moving into the new consciousness.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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