For as long as I have been on the spiritual path, the wisdom of the ‘I AM’ Presence has been prevalent. The ‘I AM’ Presence is also known as the Divine Presence, our Monad or God or Goddess self to name a few. The spiritual path’s goal is to live up to and merge with our aspect of the ‘I AM’ presence.

However, our ‘I AM’ is not an elusive Being beyond us and our Higher Mind… Our ‘I AM’ presence is the Divine Spark, the Divine Essence that has been within us the entire time.

As we are moving into a new Vibration of living, it is time we start to embody and embrace this very subtle, intangible but powerful part of ourselves, that we have suppressed for so long. It’s time now to transcend our physical, mental and emotional vessels to tap into ‘I AM’, our light and to just be the radiant light beings that we truly are.

This blog offers weekly tips and daily affirmations to embrace and embody our Divine Selves as we move towards the New Consciousness.

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