The current consciousness that we are living in is a world where our worth is quantifiable. Even the term ‘Net Worth’ measures how much external value we have, as opposed to internal value – the higher the ‘net worth’, the higher the perceived achievement. ‘Net worth’ does not take into account how it was achieved – with integrity or without; with love or without. It only takes into account how much material value we have.

Our entire lives revolve around money – what we do to earn it, to pay our bills, to put a roof over our heads, to put food into our bellies, to quench our thirst. Our very survival is now quantifiable and reduced to money. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time doing what makes us stressed, sometimes angry or mind numbing, to earn a living to survive. It is considered a luxury to spend our time doing what we love or are passionate about – that only a minority are free enough to enjoy.

In this time of change, as we move towards a new consciousness, it is time to start thinking differently about investing in our selves, in ‘I AM’.

I have a dear friend, who is a very talented leather artisan, with whom I share similar interests and hobbies. At the start of this year, we agreed on an exchange, which was totally grounded in mutual respect and consideration for one another, as well as a shared love and appreciation in our common interests. It is by far the best exchange I had done in a long time. What this taught me is that when the currency of trade is joy and love, with consideration and mutual respect, in full resonance of ‘I AM’, the transaction just fills the heart and soul, and is wonderful.

The love and joy we feel, and the resonance with ‘I AM’ is much more valuable than anything that a quantifiable exchange can provide. This is the start towards investing in self – in ‘I AM’.

There is a big difference between investing in Ego, and investing in ‘I AM’. Ego investments fall along the lines of ‘how much more’ – How much more can I have? How much more have I over the Joneses? How much more do I need to make up my Net worth? Investing in Ego is quantifiable.

Investing in ‘I AM’, on the other hand, does not take into account of how much more – quantifiable. It takes into account the quality. Does this investment give me joy? Does this investment make me happy – deep within ‘I AM’? Does this investment resonate with ‘I AM’? Investing in ‘I AM’ is qualitative.

How do we move from working to survive to investing in ‘I AM’?

Let us start with a series of little steps :

  1. Find aspects of our current ‘work’ that we love and is in resonance with ‘I AM’ and focus on those aspects
  2. Make a list of how our current jobs fulfil us and is resonance with ‘I AM’, and what else we wish to have. Remember to focus on the qualitative aspects, and not the quantitative.
  3. Be open to and actively look for work that is in total resonance with ‘I AM’ and fulfills the qualitative requirements on our list
  4. Courageously let go of what we have, to pursue what we want that is in resonance with ‘I AM’.
  5. Be persistent and focused – be cognizant of any distractions that may steer us away from our course – and ignore them
  6. Be prepared to upscale or downscale materially for a while, whilst we are moving to fully invest in the resonance of ‘I AM’

Whilst we are moving through this change, keep the faith. Every time we move into Fear and Difficulty, we operate from ‘Ego’. When we operate from ‘I AM’, we are in Faith, Love and Joy.

Invest in ‘I AM’… are we not worth it?



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