Spiritual pundits are heralding this time to the dawn of the Golden Age. Whilst there is definitely a different vibration coming through, it is actually up to all of us to create that Golden Age – no matter what is happening around us. It is up to us to create our individual versions of the Golden Age, that is in resonance with our respective ‘I AM’.

The brutally honest truth is that we can create the Golden Age whenever we choose to. It is just easier at this time because the new vibrations that are coming through are creating a fresh brand new canvas for us to paint on. We get to choose what colours we use and what pictures to create.

When we start creating with the resonance of ‘I AM’, the automatic colour that we use is gold.

It is up to us to discard the colours that are no in resonance with ‘I AM’. Any toxicity, drama, wounds and grudges do not need to be part of the paint palate. Obsolete conditioning and out dated belief systems are also not part of the hues.

What we can do to get rid of the energy of the unwanted is to write it all down on one piece or several pieces of paper. Once everything has been penned to paper, burn it – and as your let the smoke and ashes blow in the wind, allow what in unwanted to go up in smoke as well. Just let it go.

It is up to us to see past what is on the superficial levels
and move deeper into what is more real. It is up to us to move past the illusions and expand our energy on what is ‘real’. That does mean being guided by ‘I AM’.

Taking time to align with the resonance of ‘I AM’ is so
important to pursue our own individual ‘Golden Age’. No soul is created the same. So no interpretation of the ‘Golden Age’ is going to be the same. As long as we understand and respect that, move forward in our respective direction to embrace the Golden Age that is in resonance with our individual ‘I AM’, that is what matters.

It is time to put duality to bed, and embrace oneness.

It is up to us to create and live in the Golden Age, with no judgement to how others live in their own Golden Age.

It is up to us to stop making everything and everyone else outside us accountable for what we disagree with or we think is not working in our lives. We need to be accountable for our own choices and creations. If what we see is not in resonance with ourselves, create what we wish to see.

It is up to us to pursue what we want and dream of instead of making excuses and being victims of our circumstances. We have all got choices. We can choose to pursue what we want, instead of what we are obligated to be.

The truth is that no matter what our circumstances are,
what we make of the Golden Age is up to us.

‘I AM’ In the Golden Age.

It’s a good thing that gold is the colour at the moment.



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