When we are faced with choices – small ones or big ones – it is best to gauge the decisions we make by asking : is this the deepest part of me trying to express myself or is this the dark part of me trying to take me down?

This will then help us reflect on whether we are flowing with faith or whether we are flowing with fear.

When the floodgates of change hit us, we have three choices :

  1. Sink – physiologically, fear makes us very tense. The more tense and tight we feel, the more dense we become. The more dense we become, the more we will sink. This simple law of physics can also be applied to emotions – the more fear we carry, the more dense we get, the lower our vibrations. So, when the floodgates, the fear makes it harder to float on the waves of change.
  2. Swim – we can take control of the situation, and we can stretch the muscles on our arms and legs and swim, kicking around and expending energy keeping our heads above water. Sometimes there is ease when we swim with the tide, and sometimes there is struggle when we swim against the tide. We can take pride that we are swimming.
  3. Surf – we can go with the flow, letting the energy of the wave carry us to opportunities that we have manifested. This is a place of Being, where we are relaxed and free, and move freely with the waves that come through, flowing with faith that we will reach the place that we have manifested with ease.

When we embody and embrace ‘I AM’, we can rely on our natural resonance of ‘I AM’ to surf anything that comes our way. As long as we acknowledge and honour the resonance of ‘I AM’, and follow our light, we will be able to move through any change that comes our way with ease and grace.

Have faith in ‘I AM’ and flow with the authentic being. When we flow with purpose, there is a lot of joy and ease in what we do. Sometimes the conscious knowing of what our purpose is comes in pieces and layers. However, the full knowing lies in ‘ I AM’. As long as we flow with ‘I AM’ the pieces will fall into place, and our purpose will unfold.

When the floodgates of change opens, it is up to each of us to make the best choice for us at the time – sink, swim or surf. There are no right or wrong choices.

However, it is best to consider – is this the deepest part of me trying to express myself or is this the dark part of me trying to take me down?

Am I flowing with faith? Or am I flowing with fear?

‘I AM’ flowing with Faith.




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