Our words create our world.

Our words, created from our own belief systems, create perceptions and belief systems. Anyone who uses words creates the environment and conditions around us.

What we say to our children, our employees, our spouses, our employers – in fact anyone around us – shapes and creates a worldview for all involved. Even when we are careless with our words, we still impact all who are involved.

We are all Literary Alchemists.

What we see in the media influences our opinions and shapes
our perception and worldview of what is happening in the world. Once that view is set, we then act on and perpetuate those views. The media is the most prolific Literary Alchemist in the Old Consciousness.

What happens when we speak from a place of Fear? Greed? Control? Inauthenticity? Imagine the impact our words will have on those around us. By comparison, what happens when we speak from a place of Love? Joy? Freedom of expression?

‘I AM’ a literary alchemist. When we tap into ‘I AM” and
transmute that into words and communication, we create a world so different than what we experience in the Old Consciousness. The New Consciousness that we are all entering into gives us the opportunity to create a world in a brand new resonance for ourselves. We can create a new living experience with just the words that we speak, and the thoughts that we share.

With our words, we can choose to cut people and experiences down or raise them up. With just one word, we can send love into the greater Web of Consciousness, or we can send fear.

We are all accountable for the world we create in the New Consciousness with our words. It is so important for us to be conscious of our words and their impact on everything and everyone around us.

As we move into the New Consciousness, tap into our Divine seat of ‘I AM’ at every opportunity before we communicate. Channel the resonance of ‘I AM’ into the words that we share. The resonance of ‘I AM’ will then filter into the greater Fabric of Consciousness, and create our experiences in the New Consciousness.

Let ‘I AM’ be the literary alchemist, transmuting the energy of the Old into the New.

Let ‘I AM’ be the literary alchemist, creating and designing the world in the authentic resonance of our ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ the Literary Alchemist.




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