The innocence of a child is one of the most beautiful aspects that we have.  It is pure and without guile.  A child is just pure.  Living in wonderment of a child is a great way of Being, in which everything is a great discovery or an exciting adventure.  The best part of the innocence a child posses is their lack of cyncism – to really enjoy the wonderment of their experience with pure joy and an open heart and mind.

The is a big difference between innocence and gullibility.  Innocence comes from a place of knowing and wonderment.  Gullibility stems from more not knowing.  Innocence stems from acute awareness.  Gullibility can sometimes be caused by ignorance due to lack of exposure.  Innocence is seeing the same thing with different eyes.  Gullibility is not seeing.

There is a deep wisdom in the innocence of ‘I AM’.  There is a constant seeking of education and knowledge and the constant discovery of the new – be it a brand new experience or a deeper layer of an existing experience.  Through this discovery – with innocence, there is then an evolution and involution of our soul, with a sense of wonderment.  Through innocence, there is growth.

Innocence makes us seek and opens our eyes.  We get a deeper insight of the world around us. The more layers we can see past, the deeper our seeking will be.  With this depth, we become wiser, and are able to move past the superficial and embrace the profound.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ helps us keep an open mind about everything.  It allows us to detach from the latticework of fixed belief systems and cultural conditioning. Innocence helps us be able to listen with true objectivity and depth – moving past all to access just authenticity – of vibration and intention.  This helps us see things in a different light.  It also helps keep us plugged into the wider Fabric of Consciousness and tap into the ‘I AM’ state of those around us.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ keeps us authentic and guides us to what is in full resonance with our divine vibration.

If we see everything with fresh eyes, we need never get bored, no matter how many times we experience it.  We will always see magical new facets and points of view – peeling back the layers and going deeper and deeper into the core of what’s caught our attention.

Tapping and embodying the Innocence of ‘I AM’ helps keep us in joy and unencumbered with burden.  Once we embody and emulate the innocence of ‘I AM’ in our daily life, how joyous will life be, no matter the circumstance, filled with wonderment and wisdom.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ – enjoy the magic of life.



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