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‘I AM’ Confident

Confidence 5A few days ago, a good friend of mine and I went out for a meal and a catch up. During the meal, she told me that she was passed over for a promotion because her ‘would-be’ immediate superior said that she would not fit into the culture as she knew what she wanted, and came across as being ‘arrogant’. She brushed it off with an eye roll, but it really got me thinking…. When did ‘knowing what one wanted’ become an undesirable trait?

Knowing what we want is a gift that is passed through by ‘I AM’. When we ‘know’ what we want, and pursue it with fierce determination, fire and passion, the guidance is predominantly from ‘I AM’. Sometimes what is we want is not what some others want – and that is when the others try to stifle the flame of our ‘I AM’ in the pursuit of their agenda. This could include well-meaning parents, spouses, children, colleagues or bosses. However, when we embrace our ‘I AM’ selves and we can pursue our path with Confidence.

Confidence is not derived from Ego. Instead, it comes from an inner knowing that ‘I Can’ and ‘I Will’ in the pursuit of the directions of ‘I AM’. Confidence is strength, determination and empowerment.

However, when one demonstrates confidence, it is often mistaken as arrogance or being Egotistical. Here are some of the differences :

When one is confident, embracing ‘I AM’:

  1. One embodies the strength and the knowing from within, that radiates a quiet but fierce determination.
  2. Confidence does not care about another’s opinion, only about one’s own ability to pursue their path to the best of their ability
  3. Confidence encourages collaboration and sharing of skills, ‘wins’ and knowledge base, and inspires others to be the best that they can be too.

When one’s arrogance is driven by ego:Confidence 4

  1. One has a constant need to prove oneself, constantly needing external validation to feel good about themselves
  2. One is driven by a need to feel more powerful and / or better than others, and feeds off that desire to pursue their path
  3. Arrogance encourages a competitive nature – hoarding key information and skills, as well as measuring worth or value against others, and controls others to keep them out of the way to ensure that the Ego gets the accolades and commendation

One of the demonstrations of true confidence that I experienced was by one of the CEOs I used to work for. At a Leadership Conference, he was asked what three qualities he looked for in potential employees. He answered – someone smart, someone who listens to their gut and someone who wants his job. When asked about the last criteria, he said when he knows someone wants his job, they demonstrate ambition and a determination to be the best they can be, and he wants to be surrounded by the best to grow the company. This was one of the more successful companies I had worked in.

Confidence comes from a place of strength and empowerment. Arrogance via ego comes from a place of low self worth and disempowerment.

The only way to feel truly confident, and know exactly what ‘I AM’ wants, one has to develop a strong sense of worth and displace ego and arrogance. The two are unable to co-exist together. In fact, true confidence triggers fear in arrogance. No one is able to control or squash one who embodies true confidence – no matter how hard they try. In fact confidence threatens arrogance Confidence 2and ego.

Once we embody ‘I AM’, and know what we want, we can go forth with Confidence in pursuit of our path.

Here’s to everyone’s success!



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Divine ‘I AM’

For as long as I have been on the spiritual path, I have heard wisdom of those talking about the I AM presence –  also known as our Monad or God or Goddess self to name a few.

For years, I have been seeking to live up to and merge my ‘I AM’ presence.

This year, it finally clicked! My I AM is not an elusive Being beyond me and my Higher Mind… My I AM presence has been within me the entire time – right smack bang in my Power Centre.

Please join my journey of discovering my I AM presence, and how discovering it has changed my life.  I look forward to you sharing yours with me too.

Much Love


This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you


For as long as I have been on the spiritual path, the wisdom of the ‘I AM’ Presence has been prevalent. The ‘I AM’ Presence is also known as the Divine Presence, our Monad or God or Goddess self to name a few. The spiritual path’s goal is to live up to and merge with our aspect of the ‘I AM’ presence.

However, our ‘I AM’ is not an elusive Being beyond us and our Higher Mind… Our ‘I AM’ presence is the Divine Spark, the Divine Essence that has been within us the entire time.

As we are moving into a new Vibration of living, it is time we start to embody and embrace this very subtle, intangible but powerful part of ourselves, that we have suppressed for so long. It’s time now to transcend our physical, mental and emotional vessels to tap into ‘I AM’, our light and to just be the radiant light beings that we truly are.

This blog offers weekly tips and daily affirmations to embrace and embody our Divine Selves as we move towards the New Consciousness.

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