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‘I AM’ Impressions

When we meet someone who is fully in touch with and fully embraces their ‘I AM’, they leave an impression on us.  It can sometimes feel like a whisper, but we feel it in our depths and we are move by a sincerity that is pure.  They move with such strength of passion and precision of focus that it is totally inspiring and people around them feel it vibrationally. This is not to say that people around them understand it necessarily, but it is felt.  It makes an impression.

When moved by ‘I AM’, the impressions left by the individual in the world is enormous.  Sometimes, these impressions resonate with people, and sometimes, they do not. Sometimes Egos can get involved and judge these impressions as wrong or right.  Either way, people feel these impressions that are left by those who fully embrace their ‘I AM’, and the impressions are enormous.

What makes me sad is when these souls, who are so driven by their authentic ‘I AM’ are so misunderstood by our conscious minds and Ego Selves.  This happens when we are stuck within a latticework of belief systems and cultural conditioning, and those who are driven by their ‘I AM’ are mavericks operating on the outside.

As an example, National Geographic television released a wonderful series on the life and times of Albert Einstein, in a production called Genius.  What I found fascinating was that Einstein’s genius was not appreciated in schools or even in University because his teachers judged him to be ‘irreverent’ and ‘uncontrollable’.  This was due to the fact that he would, very quickly, poke holes at their theories and teachings, in public, in an almost naive brash way.  He was denied and blacklisted from teaching positions that he’d coveted despite his amazing mind because his teachers wanted to teach him a lesson, as he was judged to be arrogant.  His family cut him off financially because he wanted to follow his paths and passions of understanding the Universe, as opposed to joining his father’s business as a sensible electrical engineer.

He took a job as a patent clerk and whilst working there, he and his wife worked together in their own time, to publish papers around his theorems and their proof.  Whilst the first two papers went relatively unnoticed, his third caught the eye of a respected Physicist, who then granted him a teaching role in a University whilst Einstein pursued the Theory of General Relativity, which made him one of the most beloved physicists in the world.

By pursuing his ‘I AM’, he was moved by such passion and tenacity, that he surpassed all judgement and managed to smash through the latticework within the field of Physics and Academia at that time, to then make an impression that changed the way we see things.

Einstein is but one example of souls who just embraced their ‘I AM’ and soul purpose and stayed authentic to their resonance.  He was clearly also working through many life lessons at the same time, but in doing so, he surmounted, fulfilled his life purpose and made a massive impression on all of us.

If they can do it, so can we.  The impressions we make need not be global.  If we can inspire, affect or help just one person by the impression we leave behind, is it not worth it?

The Impressions of ‘I AM’ – a force to be reckoned with.



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‘I AM’ at Equilibrium

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, fire and water, expanding and contracting) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by yin and yang.

Yin and Yang only works when there is equilibrium.

Nature – nature thrives when it is at equilibrium.

The ecosystem is at peak when flora and fauna are at equilibrium. A seed is planted in soil, draws nutrition produced by the microbes and bacteria in the soil. The seed grows into a plant, which is consumed by an animal for energy and nourishment. The animal then grows old and dies, and starts to decompose on the Earth, nourishing the microbes and bacteria in the soil. When everything is at equilibrium, the ecosystem functions at its peak and thrives.

When everything is balanced and is at equilibrium, everything will perfom at maximum output, with ease.  Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, when in balance, co-exist for the betterment of the Higher Consciousness. Shadow and Light – shadow only exists in the light. When we are at peace in both shadow and light, then we can be truly achieve Oneness.

The most definite course of pushing ourselves out of equilibrium is extremism. This is why we are strive for a work life balance, for example. When our rest time is in balance with our work time, which is in balance with our fun time, we can perform at our optimum, in all areas of our life. Extremism can take many forms. Extremist thoughts and ideologies lead to separation and intolerance of another who do not share the same views. Extreme emotions can lead us down a slippery slope towards behavioral problems and unhealthy social interactions. Extremism towards our physique may lead us down a path of poor physical health.

For us to enjoy on a healthy spiritual journey, we need to find spiritual equilibrium. We need to be as grounded as we are connected. Our physical needs need to be in equilibrium with our spiritual needs. Our external facing Ego selves need to balance with the internal resonance of ‘I AM’. Everything we do at a spiritual, energetic level needs to be integrated in our lives for us to enjoy the benefits of our spiritual journey.

It takes discipline to keep both these seemingly disparate selves in balance.

It is nature’s way to move things to equilibrium. If there is any form of extremism, nature works immediately to achieve homeostasis. The Web of Consciousness works the same way – the minute too much of the Web tilts one way, there will be rise and a tilt the other way, to maintain equilibrium.

As long as we embrace our ‘I AM’ and are faithful to our true resonance, embodying and embracing ‘I AM’, it will bring us back to equilibrium.

Flow with ‘I AM’ to be at equilibrium.



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This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Ready Now

Everyone has got their own destiny and dream, but not every one makes it their choice to follow it.

So many people I have spoken to, clients and students, give me plenty of ‘reasons’ why they stopped pursuing their dreams – many of those reasons are incredibly valid. However, once they have finished talking, in sessions, I revisit those ‘reasons’ and ask them : “What choice did you have here?” After a long pause of them thinking, they will give me an answer. Then I ask them : “What drove you to make that choice?”

Whilst some clients and students can see where the line of questioning is taking them – empowering them in taking ownership for their own actions – some remain adamant that they had no choice.

Truth be told – everyone has a choice. Some choices may be harder than others. Some choices will need a lot more grit, courage, will power and self determination than another – but there are always choices.

There are so many inspirational stories of people following their destiny. I have seen many women who have been through domestic abuse rise up in the eyes of threat of death, poverty and being socially ostracized to walk out on volatile and unhealthy relationships, to go on to build successful, happy fulfilling lives for themselves and their children. These women have had to make a difficult choice and harness true grit to push through their fear to follow their resonance and truth.

They made those choices because they were ready.

We have to believe in something before it becomes something. We have to be believe that there are choices before we see those choices.

I remember I was teaching regression therapy once, talking about choices, and a student kept saying… this so and so was lucky, and that so and so was lucky, and that things do not happen like that in reality. I had to point out that things did not happen like that in her reality because she did not believe it. We create the reality we live in. However, everyone has a choice… it is whether we choose to see it, embrace it and be empowered enough to take it.

We take it when we are ready.

Usually, fear is an emotion that is created by Ego, reacting to external circumstances. Faith is an emotion in ‘I AM’ – that holds the resonance and purpose of our Being. To move from fear to faith, the resonance of ‘I AM’ needs to filter through our emotions, thoughts and external facing Ego – to push for our dreams, to follow our destiny.

The beauty is ‘I AM’ is ready now – to pursue our destiny.

However, for so many, ‘I AM’ just stays in a holding pattern to wait for the Ego, Mental and Emotional selves to stop reacting to the external and start aligning with ‘I AM’.

So, why not just move straight to ‘I AM’ first? The more we embrace and embody ‘I AM’, the easier it is for us to choose to follow our dreams and follow our destiny.

Choose Faith not Fear.

‘I AM’ Ready Now.



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This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Confident

Confidence 5A few days ago, a good friend of mine and I went out for a meal and a catch up. During the meal, she told me that she was passed over for a promotion because her ‘would-be’ immediate superior said that she would not fit into the culture as she knew what she wanted, and came across as being ‘arrogant’. She brushed it off with an eye roll, but it really got me thinking…. When did ‘knowing what one wanted’ become an undesirable trait?

Knowing what we want is a gift that is passed through by ‘I AM’. When we ‘know’ what we want, and pursue it with fierce determination, fire and passion, the guidance is predominantly from ‘I AM’. Sometimes what is we want is not what some others want – and that is when the others try to stifle the flame of our ‘I AM’ in the pursuit of their agenda. This could include well-meaning parents, spouses, children, colleagues or bosses. However, when we embrace our ‘I AM’ selves and we can pursue our path with Confidence.

Confidence is not derived from Ego. Instead, it comes from an inner knowing that ‘I Can’ and ‘I Will’ in the pursuit of the directions of ‘I AM’. Confidence is strength, determination and empowerment.

However, when one demonstrates confidence, it is often mistaken as arrogance or being Egotistical. Here are some of the differences :

When one is confident, embracing ‘I AM’:

  1. One embodies the strength and the knowing from within, that radiates a quiet but fierce determination.
  2. Confidence does not care about another’s opinion, only about one’s own ability to pursue their path to the best of their ability
  3. Confidence encourages collaboration and sharing of skills, ‘wins’ and knowledge base, and inspires others to be the best that they can be too.

When one’s arrogance is driven by ego:Confidence 4

  1. One has a constant need to prove oneself, constantly needing external validation to feel good about themselves
  2. One is driven by a need to feel more powerful and / or better than others, and feeds off that desire to pursue their path
  3. Arrogance encourages a competitive nature – hoarding key information and skills, as well as measuring worth or value against others, and controls others to keep them out of the way to ensure that the Ego gets the accolades and commendation

One of the demonstrations of true confidence that I experienced was by one of the CEOs I used to work for. At a Leadership Conference, he was asked what three qualities he looked for in potential employees. He answered – someone smart, someone who listens to their gut and someone who wants his job. When asked about the last criteria, he said when he knows someone wants his job, they demonstrate ambition and a determination to be the best they can be, and he wants to be surrounded by the best to grow the company. This was one of the more successful companies I had worked in.

Confidence comes from a place of strength and empowerment. Arrogance via ego comes from a place of low self worth and disempowerment.

The only way to feel truly confident, and know exactly what ‘I AM’ wants, one has to develop a strong sense of worth and displace ego and arrogance. The two are unable to co-exist together. In fact, true confidence triggers fear in arrogance. No one is able to control or squash one who embodies true confidence – no matter how hard they try. In fact confidence threatens arrogance Confidence 2and ego.

Once we embody ‘I AM’, and know what we want, we can go forth with Confidence in pursuit of our path.

Here’s to everyone’s success!



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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