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The Innocence of ‘I AM’

The innocence of a child is one of the most beautiful aspects that we have.  It is pure and without guile.  A child is just pure.  Living in wonderment of a child is a great way of Being, in which everything is a great discovery or an exciting adventure.  The best part of the innocence a child posses is their lack of cyncism – to really enjoy the wonderment of their experience with pure joy and an open heart and mind.

The is a big difference between innocence and gullibility.  Innocence comes from a place of knowing and wonderment.  Gullibility stems from more not knowing.  Innocence stems from acute awareness.  Gullibility can sometimes be caused by ignorance due to lack of exposure.  Innocence is seeing the same thing with different eyes.  Gullibility is not seeing.

There is a deep wisdom in the innocence of ‘I AM’.  There is a constant seeking of education and knowledge and the constant discovery of the new – be it a brand new experience or a deeper layer of an existing experience.  Through this discovery – with innocence, there is then an evolution and involution of our soul, with a sense of wonderment.  Through innocence, there is growth.

Innocence makes us seek and opens our eyes.  We get a deeper insight of the world around us. The more layers we can see past, the deeper our seeking will be.  With this depth, we become wiser, and are able to move past the superficial and embrace the profound.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ helps us keep an open mind about everything.  It allows us to detach from the latticework of fixed belief systems and cultural conditioning. Innocence helps us be able to listen with true objectivity and depth – moving past all to access just authenticity – of vibration and intention.  This helps us see things in a different light.  It also helps keep us plugged into the wider Fabric of Consciousness and tap into the ‘I AM’ state of those around us.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ keeps us authentic and guides us to what is in full resonance with our divine vibration.

If we see everything with fresh eyes, we need never get bored, no matter how many times we experience it.  We will always see magical new facets and points of view – peeling back the layers and going deeper and deeper into the core of what’s caught our attention.

Tapping and embodying the Innocence of ‘I AM’ helps keep us in joy and unencumbered with burden.  Once we embody and emulate the innocence of ‘I AM’ in our daily life, how joyous will life be, no matter the circumstance, filled with wonderment and wisdom.

The Innocence of ‘I AM’ – enjoy the magic of life.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Impressions

When we meet someone who is fully in touch with and fully embraces their ‘I AM’, they leave an impression on us.  It can sometimes feel like a whisper, but we feel it in our depths and we are move by a sincerity that is pure.  They move with such strength of passion and precision of focus that it is totally inspiring and people around them feel it vibrationally. This is not to say that people around them understand it necessarily, but it is felt.  It makes an impression.

When moved by ‘I AM’, the impressions left by the individual in the world is enormous.  Sometimes, these impressions resonate with people, and sometimes, they do not. Sometimes Egos can get involved and judge these impressions as wrong or right.  Either way, people feel these impressions that are left by those who fully embrace their ‘I AM’, and the impressions are enormous.

What makes me sad is when these souls, who are so driven by their authentic ‘I AM’ are so misunderstood by our conscious minds and Ego Selves.  This happens when we are stuck within a latticework of belief systems and cultural conditioning, and those who are driven by their ‘I AM’ are mavericks operating on the outside.

As an example, National Geographic television released a wonderful series on the life and times of Albert Einstein, in a production called Genius.  What I found fascinating was that Einstein’s genius was not appreciated in schools or even in University because his teachers judged him to be ‘irreverent’ and ‘uncontrollable’.  This was due to the fact that he would, very quickly, poke holes at their theories and teachings, in public, in an almost naive brash way.  He was denied and blacklisted from teaching positions that he’d coveted despite his amazing mind because his teachers wanted to teach him a lesson, as he was judged to be arrogant.  His family cut him off financially because he wanted to follow his paths and passions of understanding the Universe, as opposed to joining his father’s business as a sensible electrical engineer.

He took a job as a patent clerk and whilst working there, he and his wife worked together in their own time, to publish papers around his theorems and their proof.  Whilst the first two papers went relatively unnoticed, his third caught the eye of a respected Physicist, who then granted him a teaching role in a University whilst Einstein pursued the Theory of General Relativity, which made him one of the most beloved physicists in the world.

By pursuing his ‘I AM’, he was moved by such passion and tenacity, that he surpassed all judgement and managed to smash through the latticework within the field of Physics and Academia at that time, to then make an impression that changed the way we see things.

Einstein is but one example of souls who just embraced their ‘I AM’ and soul purpose and stayed authentic to their resonance.  He was clearly also working through many life lessons at the same time, but in doing so, he surmounted, fulfilled his life purpose and made a massive impression on all of us.

If they can do it, so can we.  The impressions we make need not be global.  If we can inspire, affect or help just one person by the impression we leave behind, is it not worth it?

The Impressions of ‘I AM’ – a force to be reckoned with.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Understanding from ‘I AM’

To understand – such an important skill to have.  Many souls understand what is within the boundaries of their perception and the belief system of their latticework. However, if something falls outside the purview of that latticework and is something they disagree within the confines of that latticework, there is no longer understanding, but judgement.

Truly mastering the understanding from ‘I AM’ means that we are able to see past our own constructs, belief systems and conditioning and put ourselves in the shoes of another, to understand their constructs, belief systems and conditioning, whether or not we are in agreement.  True masters of understanding from ‘I AM’ does take time, an open mind and humility.

Understanding from ‘I AM’ also involves seeing past the superficial right into the depth.  What is the essence?  The more we embrace and embody our own essence, the more we will attune to seeing and sensing the essence in all aspects all around us.  Seeing and understanding the essence also moves us from duality to Oneness.  Superficiality divides and highlights differences.  The essence and the core unites.  With any altercation, the trick is to look past at the superficial issues and being open to find a core essence that unites, to move from perceiving things from the ego to sensing and perceiving things from the ‘I AM’.

As we are moving into the New Consciousness, it gives us an opportunity to look deeper.  Embracing the resonance of ‘I AM’ and seeing the ‘I AM’ in others helps us go deeper and demonstrate understanding from ‘I AM’.

When there is open communication and an open mind, achieving understanding becomes a lot simpler.  Open mindedness allows us to tap into the Fabric the Consciousness as opposed being entrenched in our narrow belief system, to be able to hear and see conciliatory grounds.  Once we are able to see conciliatory grounds, we will be more united. Unity enables us to be more open to understanding.  Unity and communication from ‘I AM’ enables understanding from ‘I AM’.

True understanding from ‘I AM’ is more attainable through silence and the art of active and deep listening.  To truly do this, the ego, mental and emotional faculties need to be transcended.  True understanding from ‘I AM’ can only be attained without the involvement of pride and manipulative agenda, but with an open heart and mind.

The understanding from ‘I AM’ comes only from true authenticity of heart and mind to find the essence and core of another, without the shades of existing perceptions and being encumbered by ones’ own latticework.

Understanding from ‘I AM’ – a true gift it is.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Hardwired

Through our ‘I AM’, we are hardwired for making decisions inline with our authentic resonance.  Through our ‘I AM’, we are hardwired to follow our authentic life purpose. Whilst for a few, making those decisions to follow our life purpose is as simple as taking a breath, there are times when those decisions are tough, and the path is bumpy.

These tough paths are just a sign that we are working through our life lessons.  However, if we honour our ‘I AM’ through the pursuit of our lessons, then our opportunities will just flow in.  We just have to reach out and grab them.

The first step is connecting to ‘I AM’ and identifying our patterns that seem to suppress ‘I AM’.

So – how can we identify if our I AM is suppressed?

Be Aware of Anything that is Limiting.

Starting to develop an awareness of our thought patterns is key.  Do you have repeating thoughts that are limiting? Do you say limiting things in your conversations in an off-handed way?

Also, start being aware of your behaviour– do you find yourself holding back from an activity that your heart just craves to do?  Do you put yourself last after everyone and everything?

I need to make a really important distinction – There is a difference between being selfish and putting self first :  Being selfish dishonours everyone else; Putting self first honours yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. 

Don’t forget your emotions– do you find yourself continously feeling small or are you triggered to feel emotionally contracted at all on a continuous basis? Maybe an envious feeling of someone else’s success?  Or an indistinguishable tension or clogging of one of your energy centres?

Being subconscious patterns, it might be rather hard for you to pick up or to be aware of, because a lot of times, it slips just under your conscious awareness.   So it is important to get a close trusted loved one to also watch what you say and how you behave initially to help you spot patterns.

Once you have this awareness it’s as though the whole world opens up because now you have the choice to do something about it if it does not serve you or to leave it if it does.

In staying true and working from my ‘I AM’, I AM in full resonance with myself.

I AM authentic.

In being in full resonance with myself, I am slowly opening up to realize that the conditional love that I have been seeking is from myself – the deepest truest part of me.

I Love Myself – Just The Way I AM

In slowly working towards loving myself at the deepest level, self acceptance and self acknowledgement is slowly permeating my being, as rays of joy and freedom slowly seep into my person.

I AM Perfect – Just The Way I AM.

By working from ‘I AM’ and slowly letting go of judgment of self, I find myself taking my first steps towards letting go of judgment of others.

By working from ‘I AM’ in acknowledging and accepting myself for who I AM, I find myself slowing acknowledging and accepting others for who they are.

For They Are as I AM.

‘I AM’ Hardwired to Be ‘I AM’.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

The Illuminations of ‘I AM’

More valuable than knowledge, wisdom is gained by learning from the past to find solutions and be the guidance in the present.  ‘I AM’ is the eternal part of ourselves that continues on even after our physical bodies cease to exist.  ‘I AM’ holds the illuminations of our authentic self.

The wisdom that ‘I AM’ carries is second to none and when we are fully in touch and embody ‘ AM’, we are illuminated by the Divine Wisdom within us.  There are many ways that the Illuminations of ‘I AM’ demonstrates and shows itself. These are just three of many examples :

  1. Through gut instinct or intuition
  2. When we get a feeling of recognition even though we have not seen or been in that situation or position before.
  3. When we just ‘know’

‘I AM’ has the seeds of our soul purpose planted within. The illumination and signs that we get when we are to follow our purpose are very clear.  Some of the paths may not be easy, but ‘I AM’ will illuminate the way.

‘I AM’ is the built in library – housing all the knowledge, capabilities and resource that we need to fulfil our soul purpose.  So, all we have to do is to embody and embrace ‘I AM’, to fully access our resources to fulfil our authentic purpose. The illuminations of I AM’ is so vast that our conscious mental capacity will struggle to absorb it and hold it at the one go.  So the more we embrace and embody ‘I AM’, the more these resources will drip feed into our conscious existence – in walking our path.

Whilst fulfilling our soul purpose when embodying ‘I AM’, we will then illuminate and shine.  We can then inspire and help illuminate others who see us as an example.

In the first book of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, the one thing that Jesus and all the souls who were regressed had in common was that they totally embodied their ‘I AM’ and their soul’s purpose, even though it went against the control systems that were operating in at that time.  They honoured their own ‘I AM’, as well as the ‘I AM’ path and selves of those closest to them, working in collaboration with one another in a shared mission to shatter the pre-existing latticework of cultural conditioning and belief systems.  Through their own illuminations, they inspired others to shine themselves and embrace their own authentic resonance.  This is was just one of the great gifts that these souls gave during that very trying time –  the gift of illumination.

The gift of illumination can come from anyone, as we move towards the new consciousness.  They can come from experienced elders, young children who embody the vibrations of the New Consciousness within their Being or even pets, showing us through example and inspiration, the illuminated way.  During this time of change, anything is possible.

The Illuminations of ‘I AM’ – prepared to be pleasantly surprised.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Whole

‘I AM’ is the most whole and complete part of ourselves. It is our eternal part that transcends and continues on when the vessel that is our physical body, expires. Once we tap into ‘I AM’ and embody our authentic resonance, we imbue ourselves with our Divine Essence.

‘I AM’ is intangible and whispers softly – so softly that it is easy to ignore or discard that part.  However, our ‘I AM’ part is our core navigation system.  When we listen to and honour the resonance of ‘I AM’, we will walk the path of our authentic selves, following our life purpose.

Once we connect to this essential part, we will feel whole and complete. We will love ourselves for who we are, and therefore we will demonstrate self care by accepting only what is in resonance with ourselves and developing strong boundaries and resistance against what is not.

How do we start the process of embracing and embodying our ‘I AM’ selves?  The first steps are to Create,  Affirm and Believe.

Create– Create strong I AM affirmations that counter any subconscious patterning that does not serve. :

Eg: If your subconscious patterning is I AM busy – your affirmation is I AM productive.

Also, make sure your affirmations are phrased in the positive :

Eg : Use I AM beautiful as opposed to I AM not ugly.

Affirm– repeatedly using the A E I O U method.

  1. A – Affirm : Develop short and sweet I AM affirmations
  2. E – Embody : Physically embody these affirmations using these steps every morning and evening
  • looking in the mirror
  • standing with feet planted hip width apart, knees unlocked
  • staring directly into the the eye and
  • repeated the affirmations out loud at least 10 times with as much belief in them that can be mustered.
  1. I – Integrate : For example stick post it notes everywhere as a reminder of these affirmations
  2. O – Own : Own the affirmations. Walk and talk them. They need to
    ooze from the presence –  Eventually, through conscious   re-conditioning and re-alignment of neural pathways, the belief becomes reality.

All this led to –

  1. U – Unlock and Understand ‘I AM’

Believe– Believe in what you are affirming – this takes time it is about building new neural pathways, and this takes time until it is reconditioned.  Believing is the first step toward embodiment.

Once we fully embrace and embody ‘I AM’, we become Whole.

‘I AM’ Whole.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

The Example of ‘I AM’

One of the aspects that came out so strongly in the first book of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is that most of the souls who were in Jesus’ inner circle, lived by the principles that they talked about.  Not only were they aligned with their ‘I AM’, they were also embodied the Christ Consciousness through their entire Being.

Their authenticity in pursuing their individual soul purpose that is in resonance with their ‘I AM’ is so all encompassing, that it is very inspiring.  No matter what the cost, they honoured their path.  They used all their physical, mental and emotional capacities to find ways to stay true to their path, despite all the challenges that were thrown their way.  Not once did they choose to take an easier way out that went against their soul purpose.  They just persevered on to stay true to their ‘I AM’.

Shrouded Truthalso looks at whether Jesus was a Divine Being who came down to Earth in a human body OR if Jesus was a man who embraced and embodied Christ Consciousness within himself and ‘I AM’.  If it was the former, then we were all led by Jesus’ teachings.  If it was the latter, then we are all inspired through his example.

One thing that is for sure is that those closest around him were very practised at embodying their authentic resonance of ‘I AM’ as well as the Christ Consciousness.  In doing so, they then set a marvellous example of how and inspired us to be authentically who we really are – body, mind and soul.

They were set the example through :

  1. Word – what they said matched their actions and their resonance
  2. Conduct – what they did matched their words and their resonance
  3. Love – everything they did, they did in love and for love
  4. Spirit – the spirit of Christ, or Christ Consciousness, moved within all of them
  5. Faith – they had absolute faith in both their purpose and in fulfilling their mission

In some way shape or form, we are all role models. Each of us is setting an example for someone, every minute of every day.  We cannot walk away from that reality.  The people we interact with watch what we do.  Our words and actions, influence others, whether we are aware of it or not.  We may not want to think about how our words and actions impact those we encounter, but what you do impacts other people.

So we can choose to be complete aware of setting an example and being totally authentic in our word, conduct, love, spirit and faith.  We can choose to live in our authentic resonance by embodying and embracing the vibrations of ‘I AM’, and letting that resonance flow through every aspect of our lives, thereby setting an example from ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Example – those closest to Jesus proved how powerful it is.

During this time of shift in Consciousness, would it not be marvellous if we could follow in their footsteps?

‘I AM’ the Example.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

The Fabulousness of ‘I AM’

Our ‘I AM’ self is the seat of our eternal divine spark, and once we embrace and embody ‘I AM’, we will find out that ‘I AM’ is truly fabulous.

‘I AM’:

  1. Keeps us authentic
  2. Keeps us real
  3. Keeps us on our path and purpose
  4. Keeps us connected
  5. Keeps us aligned.

Once we embody ‘I AM’, ‘I AM’ will continue feeding us :

  1. Deep Wisdom
  2. Authentic Knowledge
  3. New Insights
  4. Accurate Guidance
  5. Directions on Moving Forward

‘I AM’ enables us to flow through any change that occur externally around us.  When we tap into the resonance of ‘I AM’, we will build a bubble of our authentic vibrations around ourselves, which will enable us to continue pursuing our soul purpose in spite of the changes and the dramas around us.

‘I AM’ is detached.  There is very little, if anything, that has a hold over and power over ‘I AM’.  Therefore, ‘I AM’ cannot be controlled by the external.  ‘I AM’ only honours our authentic resonance.  When we embrace ‘I AM’, our focus will then be about fulfilling our soul purpose.

‘I AM’ just is – and takes no part in any judgements of the Ego.  ‘I AM’ holds both the light and shadow parts of ourselves, and holds them in balance.  When Ego is aligned with ‘I AM’, the resonance of Ego will change to honour and fulfil the authentic resonance of our path.  Ego will then just fulfil what’s in our highest good.

Keeping up with a daily ‘I AM’ practise is essential to keep us constantly connected to ‘I AM’.  Some of the ways to do this is to :

  1. Meditate with the intent of connecting to ‘I AM’ within ourselves. It’s all about visualising connecting to our Divine Essence within the core of our centre.  For some, the centre of their ‘I AM’ is in the Solar Plexus, for some in their Heart, and a small few, could be in other centres as well.  Once connected, allow the energy of our Divine Essence to flow and imbue the rest of us.  The more we do this, the more we can embody and honour our Divine Essence.
  2. Keeping up with daily ‘I AM’ affirmations to help constanctly keep us in the ‘I AM’ space.
  3. Integrate the ‘I AM’ resonance in our daily lives… paying attention and being guided by the soft whispers of ‘I AM’, which with time and attention will be resounding

‘I AM’ is truly fabulous.  In embodying and embracing ‘I AM’, we
will appreciate the fabulousness of our authentic resonance.

‘I AM’ Fabulous.

Yes you are.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Our ‘I AM’ Family

Seven billion people on this planet, and we are all connected to someone.  Some of us are connected through blood, some through love and others through the resonance of ‘I AM’.  The last group, I call the ‘I AM’ family.

Members of our ‘I AM’ family are souls who share the same or similar ‘I AM’ resonance with ourselves.

Members of our ‘I AM’ family may not necessarily be members of our blood family, or our loved ones.  They may even be complete strangers.  Some of these members, we barely have a temporary brush with, and some may be with us for the rest of our lives. However, if their ‘I AM’ resonance is similar to ours, then they are members of our ‘I AM’ Family.

We can recognise these souls when there is a sense of familiarity, comfort and love when we are around them.  Sometimes there is somehow a recognition when we first meet them. It is not a conscious recognition, but a vibrational one.  If they do hang around, we then just familiarise ourselves with them consciously, as we would do with anyone, and we will have a member of our ‘I AM’ family close to us.

In Between Lives Spiritual Regression sessions, we find out that when we incarnate we choose the souls to become members of our genetic, extended or love family.   These could be souls of difference resonance who have come down to help us with lessons or soul evolution.  Many times, this could be a vibration that make us feel uncomfortable, but will help propel us forward.  Some souls, on the other hand, could be of similar resonance as us, and we will feel comfortable with them as we seek support to help us continue on with our journey.

How do we find members of our ‘I AM’ family?  The good news is that we do not have to ‘find’ one another.  Once we have tapped into our own ‘I AM’ resonance and embrace it, our ‘I AM’ world will open up.  Once we embrace our authentic resonance, we will be drawn to anyone who shares that resonance with us. We will also draw opportunities that will help fulfil our authentic purpose.

For some of us, tapping into our ‘I AM’ will involve working concurrently through our life lessons to evolve.  The more we work through and shed our emotional lessons, the more we will be clear enough to embrace our authentic resonance. That opportunity to connect with who we really are is a sweet result of working on ourselves.

The connection with those who are in or in similar resonance to
ours will compound that sweetness of embracing our authentic selves…. when those who are drawn to us are able to accept us for who we are.

This is one of the most wonderful gifts that we have – being accepted for our true resonance.

Our ‘I AM’ Family – the sweetest of gifts.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon


This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

The ‘I AM’ Bubble

Our ‘I AM’ holds the resonance of our divine selves within us. When we are able to fully embrace and embody our ‘I AM’, we create a bubble of ‘I AM’ around us.  Within the bubble of ‘I AM’ resides all that is in resonance with our authentic vibration.  The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So, within the bubble of ‘I AM’, our friends, our relationships, our work, even where we live will share the same resonance of ‘I AM’.

However, to fully realise and embody ‘I AM’, we need to transcend our Ego, Physical, Mental and Emotional selves.

Life Between Life regression tells us that when we incarnate
into our physical bodies, we plan to learn life or soul lessons whilst we are in physical bodies.  Some of these may be a combination of emotional, physical, mental or ego based lessons, and we will plan to have situations and relationships to trigger these lessons at various points in our lives, until we learn and evolve from the planned learning.

Whilst we are always able to embody ‘I AM’ whilst we are working through our life lessons, it is slightly more challenging to do so. When our emotional or physical or Ego selves are constantly bombarded or triggered, it takes discipline to transcend that and tap into ‘I AM’.  The more we work through our life lessons, the easier it will be to automatically drop and
stay in ‘I AM’.

Either way, we will be able to create a bubble of ‘I AM’ around us.

How can we create our ‘I AM’ Bubble?

  1. Develop a daily practise of tapping into your ‘I AM’ and allow the energy of ‘I AM’ to flow through your body – this
    can be done via meditation (at the beginning a guided meditation is simple, but any meditation is fine if the intent is made to connect with the divine seat of ‘I AM’ within)
  2. Focus on the energy of ‘I AM’ as it flows through you and
    really familiarise yourself with it – either a feel or a colour or a resonance
  3. The more the energy of ‘I AM’ flows through us and the more we familiarise ourselves with ‘I AM’, the more we will gauge if external agents are in resonance with ‘I AM’.
  4. If something is in resonance with ‘I AM’, we will feel very comfortable about it. If something is not in resonance with ‘I AM’, we will feel very uncomfortable about it or it will feel very wrong.
  5. The more we accept what is in resonance, the more we will attract all that is in resonance with ‘I AM’. All that is in dissonance with ‘I AM’ will fall away

The minute we become aware and keep accepting all that is in resonance with ‘I AM’, we start building the ‘I AM’ bubble.  The more we honour that bubble, the more the bubble will grow until we are fully within the ‘I AM’ bubble.  Then all we will attract is that which is in resonance with ‘I AM’.

Sometimes the acceptance of what is in Resonance with ‘I AM’ would entail us letting go of what is not, which may prove to be difficult as they make the Ego, Emotional, Physical and Mental parts of us feel safe.  These could include relationships, belief systems, cultural conditioning, working conditions that do not suit us, yet we feel obliged to.  However these are false safes because they can disappear as quickly as they come through because they are external.  We become attached and therefore tethered to them.  Much of the time we tether because we are fearful of the uncertainty of change.

Untethering ourselves from these false-safes to honour our ‘I AM’ will take faith, courage and total commitment to honour the resonance of ‘I AM’.  However, once we take that brave step, we start building the ‘I AM’ Bubble, and it will all be worth it.

The bubble of ‘I AM’ – how peaceful and in resonance we will be.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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