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‘I AM’ in the Golden Age

Spiritual pundits are heralding this time to the dawn of the Golden Age. Whilst there is definitely a different vibration coming through, it is actually up to all of us to create that Golden Age – no matter what is happening around us. It is up to us to create our individual versions of the Golden Age, that is in resonance with our respective ‘I AM’.

The brutally honest truth is that we can create the Golden Age whenever we choose to. It is just easier at this time because the new vibrations that are coming through are creating a fresh brand new canvas for us to paint on. We get to choose what colours we use and what pictures to create.

When we start creating with the resonance of ‘I AM’, the automatic colour that we use is gold.

It is up to us to discard the colours that are no in resonance with ‘I AM’. Any toxicity, drama, wounds and grudges do not need to be part of the paint palate. Obsolete conditioning and out dated belief systems are also not part of the hues.

What we can do to get rid of the energy of the unwanted is to write it all down on one piece or several pieces of paper. Once everything has been penned to paper, burn it – and as your let the smoke and ashes blow in the wind, allow what in unwanted to go up in smoke as well. Just let it go.

It is up to us to see past what is on the superficial levels
and move deeper into what is more real. It is up to us to move past the illusions and expand our energy on what is ‘real’. That does mean being guided by ‘I AM’.

Taking time to align with the resonance of ‘I AM’ is so
important to pursue our own individual ‘Golden Age’. No soul is created the same. So no interpretation of the ‘Golden Age’ is going to be the same. As long as we understand and respect that, move forward in our respective direction to embrace the Golden Age that is in resonance with our individual ‘I AM’, that is what matters.

It is time to put duality to bed, and embrace oneness.

It is up to us to create and live in the Golden Age, with no judgement to how others live in their own Golden Age.

It is up to us to stop making everything and everyone else outside us accountable for what we disagree with or we think is not working in our lives. We need to be accountable for our own choices and creations. If what we see is not in resonance with ourselves, create what we wish to see.

It is up to us to pursue what we want and dream of instead of making excuses and being victims of our circumstances. We have all got choices. We can choose to pursue what we want, instead of what we are obligated to be.

The truth is that no matter what our circumstances are,
what we make of the Golden Age is up to us.

‘I AM’ In the Golden Age.

It’s a good thing that gold is the colour at the moment.



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‘I AM’ Awakening

Awakening is a difficult process. Some many even go as far to say that it is a destructive process. Long held belief systems come crashing down, and our rose coloured glasses get flung away. We are jolted awake to see that what we are used to is no more, and we are left drifting in a sea of uncertainty.

Rapid awakening can be even more uncertain it means waking up to find ourselves surfing the tsunami of change, and seeing what we are used to left far behind, and a white hazy blanket of the horizon ahead of us.

For some this is thrilling, and for others this is scary.

The illusions that we anchor ourselves to suddenly crumble. We are slapped with a dose of reality, and the realisation that what we thought was real is not can be quite discombobulating. As such, we awaken to our own vulnerabilities and shortcomings. In that lies the opportunity to awaken to our strengths and hidden resources that we did not know existed.

This is the greatest gift that Awakening gives to us.

If we continuously justify and are enslaved to our shortcomings, we will not ever grow. Check the narrative that keeps playing in our minds. Is it just on playback that has emerged from pride and fear? If we hang on to our pride and our fears, we give up one of the greatest opportunities we will have to evolve. Although they may feel safe and secure, pride and fear are crutches that do not give us the opportunity to grow and heal.

How would Pride stop us from moving forward? Not accepting a helping hand, or being closed to genuine, well intentioned suggestions given by loved ones, or not allowing anyone in, or not seeing the light of another’s ‘I AM’ due to being blinded by own belief systems and narrative.

How would Fear stop us from moving forward? Not letting go of your safety blanket – income, relationship, home. Not pursuing your dreams due to uncertainty and change. Not pursuing a healthy relationship for the fear of rejection.

Whilst others move forward, pride and fear hold us back. Are they really worth it?

Only you can answer that question.

If your answer is no, break from fear and pride, and tap into ‘I AM’. Listen to the voice of ‘I AM’ and let that voice lead you to open your eyes to a vision in that white hazy blanket of the horizon ahead, that you can create. Once our eyes open, there is no going back – it is a one way street forward.

Hold onto ‘I AM’ and be true to our resonance, as we awaken.

Whilst the road to change may be bumpy, reaching the 
shores of the New Consciousness completed embodied in the resonance of ‘I AM’ will be totally worth it.

‘I AM’ Awakening….

Good morning.



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Ego Is The External Expression of ‘I AM’

Our Ego is, in my opinion, a severely misunderstood part of ourselves. Popular belief refers to the Ego as a sense of self-importance or self-conceit. In psychoanalysis however, the Ego is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing, and represents the personal identity. In short, the Ego is the part of our consciousness that interacts with our external world.

Our Ego is a part of us, just like our legs are a part of us, or our emotional and mental bodies are a part of us. Every part of us has a function. We could not walk without legs. We could not feel without emotions. We could not think without our mental facilities. It would be challenging to interact with our external world without our Egos.

What has gone awry is that somewhere along the way, our Ego stopped being aligned with our core, our ‘I AM’, and just focuses on reacting to our the external environment. The external is much louder and much more tangible than the soft whisperings of our ‘I AM’ – and so it is easier to ignore ‘I AM’ and focus solely and align with the external. So we are influenced by the latest trends, our external circle of friends and family – what they think, how they react to us. Our sense of self is slowly based on material wealth and what we do for a living.

All the while, the whispers of ‘I AM’ gets forgotten, and the link between ‘I AM’ and Ego weakens
– until ultimately all that is left is a personal identity based on the external, and very little else. This superficial expression of the Ego then leads to all sorts of undesirable states, namely envy and jealousy – of seeing someone else have something we do not, of watching someone else succeed, of tearing someone down, for example – and pride, self inflation based on external circumstances and actions, instead of being in complete alignment within.

In my opinion, I do not think that filtering Ego from our lives is the answer. I think that instead of fighting Ego, it would be easier to adjust our own perceptions about what the Ego does, and adjust our own relationship with our Egos.

Allow Ego to be the External Expression of ‘I AM’ – our Divine Selves.

In the very loud external world, which is getting louder with the proliferation of social media, it takes discipline to quiet ourselves and go within to embrace and embody our ‘I AM’ selves :

  1. It is best to establish a practise of meditation to by intent go within and connect with our Divine Essence, and soak up our true resonance.
  2. Then align our emotional, mental and ego selves with ‘I AM’, allowing the energy of ‘I AM’ to imbue all these difference bodies

The more this is practised, the more it becomes an automatic process of our daily lives. So when we go about our days, we will always be fully aligned with our ‘I AM’ selves. This alignment and strong relationship with ‘I AM’ will then influence our Ego selves to express our ‘I
AM’ resonance. Whether it is what we say or do or dress, our personal identity carry the resonance of our ‘I AM’. Then, everything that is in resonance with ‘I AM’ will be attracted to us, and everything that is in dissonance will fall away.

Finally – peace.

It all starts from within.

Allow Ego to be the External Expression of ‘I AM’.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Relax Into ‘I AM’

One of my friends has a very stressful and responsible job in high finance in one of the busiest financial centres. During a particularly stressful time, she was virtually berating herself for not being ‘spiritual’ enough as she was navigating this period.

This made me think. Spirituality is not meant to be dogmatic. Spirituality is not about ‘Have Tos’ and ‘Shoulds’. There are no hard and fast rules. Spirituality is about the journey to embrace our spirit, to embrace the divine – and each path is as individual as the soul walking it. It is about the journey to Being in our true resonance.

Although we are all perfect, the road to realisation of our divinity can be long and arduous. Acknowledging those challenging conditions and flowing with those emotions is important. It is ok to be scared because it is signal for us to be cautious. It is ok to be angry because it is a signal for us to embrace our power and forge forward. It is ok to be sad because it is a signal for us to grieve something that we have lost.

What is not ok is for us to suppress all these emotions and put up an artificial positive and happy front. The more we suppress our emotions, the more it will build up within us, the bigger the dysfunctional blow up will be.

This was illustrated so beautifully and simply in the Pixar animation Inside Out. It is a movie about how emotions interact within the brain. There is this overenthusiastic happy part that kept suppressing all the other emotions – grief, disgust, anger, and fear – thinking that she was protecting her person. However, the emotional centre shut down, and sent her person into an emotional tailspin, until all the emotions had the space to express themselves.

Being Positive is a state of authentic being. Forcing oneself to try to be positive even though one is going through a heart break is just as extreme as wallowing in a negative state for a prolonged period of time. Both are equally unhealthy. Flow with your emotions and flush them out. Only then, can we learn and grow and attain authentic positivity – that flows from the core of our Being. Only then can we establish an open pathway to journey into and embrace the true resonance of ‘I AM’.

So, just relax as we are going through this journey. Spirituality is flowing with the authentic
expression of spirit. To tap into the authentic spirit of ‘I AM’, just relax into ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is the
best guide for our individual path. It whispers very quietly, more quietly than the loud voices of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’. It is quieter than the thundering force of emotions and constant chatter of the mental. But ‘I AM’ is there for us, anytime we want it.

Relax into ‘I AM’ and journey on.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ On My Way

We are all born perfect, with a divine spark within our core, our ‘I AM’ selves. It is our own realisation of our perfection and divinity that takes the time. It is understandable why it takes time. The shedding of layers of belief systems, conditioning and the incessant seeking validation from the outside to fill an imaginary hole within, all takes time.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are all seeking that realisation of our own perfection. We are all heading back to ‘I AM’. It really does not matter how much time it takes, as long as we begin the journey. It is about setting a goal in mind and taking one step at a time to ‘I AM’ – on their way to ‘I AM’.

It first starts with making time everyday to access ‘I AM’. This takes discipline and focus. During this time, where everything external fades away, it is about making ‘I AM’ a habit and a priority – using intent to embrace, embody and getting in touch with our ‘I AM’ essence. This can be done  via meditation, journaling, doing art, music, and quiet inner reflection – there is no fixed process. That is the beauty of getting in touch with our ‘I AM’ – each person’s journey is as personal and unique as they are. The important thing is that each person makes time and consciously makes the effort to seek the divine within – that each person is on his or her way.

It matters not how long it takes to realise our perfection. It is not a race. Some souls will get it almost immediately, and some souls will take their time working through their various layers. There will always be plenty of chances and opportunities to do so – as ‘I AM’ is eternal. Even if our physical vessel stops functioning, ‘I AM’ will transit, and we will be provided with even more opportunities to realise the perfection of us.

What does matter is that we need to be authentic and real, and face up to all that is stopping us from realising our divine spark, and working through it. A whole myriad of emotions and experiences can get in the way – and sometimes it feels like we have an unsharpened machete to use to laboriously hack ourselves out of the tangled layers and vines, to reach our goal. This is where faith and perseverance are needed – faith that our divine spark really is there to be realised, and perseverance to keep going, even though it may take hard work, or a long time, or we face challenges to get there.

It may not be today, or tomorrow. There are no deadlines, or pressure. All that matters is that we
know that we are on our way; and that we know that ‘I AM’ will always, always be there at the end, waiting.

‘I AM’ on My Way.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Determined

Stories of people pursuing and achieving their goals with passion despite all the odds are incredibly heart warming. People who have risen to the top of their chosen profession despite difficult conditions, people who have battled near fatal diseases to become healthy and those who have survived and overcome horrific traumatic conditions to continue leading normal lives. The irrepressible human spirit really has overcome so much over time.

Each soul on earth has come with a mission or a purpose. It is the fire of ‘I AM’ that burns through and drives us forward to fulfil our purpose. This is determination. It is the unquenchable thirst of ‘I AM’ that gets us up in the morning to plough through to execute our mission. This is determination.

Determination is not just for those who make an earth shattering difference. It applies just as much to the tired mother who gets on and about her chores, or the grieving employee who chugs along his routine, getting through the day. I know several souls who were ill who embraced their role to uplift everyone around them, including their caretakers. I also know several artists (not limited to visual arts) who overcome pain everyday and pour light into their work to touch their fans. All this takes determination.

Determination is the fuel that enables all of us to chug along on the road to fulfilling our purpose.

It is prudent to point out that determination can stem from ‘I AM’, which is a soul calling in a sense. This is a deep drive from the core of our being to fulfil our soul’s purpose. Determination can also stem from our Ego – a drive to fulfil more external achievements that appease our personal sense of identity. Sometimes the purposes of Ego and the Soul are harmoniously aligned and the determination drives us towards a cohesive, unified goal that is wholly satisfying. However, there are times when the purposes of Ego and the Soul are so dichotomous and just tears us apart. It is our choice in the end, to choose which voice we follow between the louder voice of the Ego, and the subtle whispers of the ‘I AM’. Whichever choice we make, there will be consequences.

I have personally found that when I choose the needs of Ego over the needs of ‘I AM’, I feel so physically and emotionally uncomfortable that I am pushed to choose ‘I AM’. I went through this when I was at a forked path, deciding whether to pack up my Corporate job to pursue a career as a therapist. My back, which was strong due to the daily swimming I used to do, started to inexplicable ache out of the blue, and kept aching until I tendered in my resignation. Then, just as quickly as it came, the back ache disappeared. My physical body was clearly siding with ‘I AM’, and the determination from ‘I AM’ helped me forge forward through the changes and
uncertainty that I went through, building my practise and expertise. All the while, I felt totally fulfilled.

The fires of determination of ‘I AM’ will get us through anything. Trust in it.

‘I AM’ Determined.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Ready

2017 has proven to be an intense year. Powerful astrological activities have compounded what has been a tumultuous year. The ebb and flow of the Cycle of change has caused high peaks and deep troughs for us all – both in our personal lives, as well as on a Macro level, with the Collective Consciousness. These are all symptoms of the big vibrational change that we are going through – taking us from the old frequency to the new.

In 2017, there was a general agreement that the world had gone topsy turvy. What many consider as topsy turvy is just the turning over and intense clearing out of the illusion – everything that is not authentic, not real, will not exist in the New World, and will remain in the old. As individual consciousness, this gave us the opportunity to be exposed to everything, to follow the resonance of ‘I AM’ and determine for ourselves what is illusion and what is real for us.

2018 is a brand new year. With a brand new year comes a brand new canvas to paint on. So, please allow me to make a suggestion, to start the year with :

  1. Embodying and embracing ‘I AM’
  2. Anchoring to ‘I AM’
  3. Working from ‘I AM’
  4. Following and honouring the resonance of ‘I AM’
  5. Being in ‘I AM’

During this time of change, the ‘I AM’ presence is especially strong and prevalent. We are able to have full access to our authentic Being, and the infinite amount of resources our ‘I AM’ selves hold. We can be resolute in moving forward embodied and radiating our ‘I AM’ presence, having aligned our mental, physical, emotional and Ego selves with ‘I AM’.

We can be resolute in having ‘I AM’ be the guiding force of all we do and are in 2018.

It is uncertain if the reverberations of the changes in 2017 will carry into 2018. It is also uncertain if there will be new surprises coming through in 2018. However, as long are guided by integrate the five steps that I have listed above, I am certain that we can flow and observe, in a detached manner, as we move to the Consciousness that we choose to fully resonate and engage with.

At the end of the day, ‘I AM’ is in control – and we can create our lives from the resonance of our ‘I AM’ – what is it that we really want, or need? We can manifest it.

Step into the new consciousness or stay in the old – ultimately that is each individual’s choice. Just flow with what resonates with our individual ‘I AM’ selves. There are consequences for both, and as long as we can be accountable for them, we can then create the life we want, with those that we resonate with, drawing and attracting what works for us.
Everyday is a chance to start afresh. Every year is a chance to start afresh.

2018 – ‘I AM’ Ready.

Happy New Year to all!



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Blooming

What extraordinary times we are living in currently – being able to witness a transition in Consciousness, to participate the move to a different Vibration. For many, these seems a scary place to be in – seeing the storm of changing raging through and ripping apart everything that is familiar. However, the best place to be in, in any storm, is the Eye. It is the calmest place to – until the energy dissipates.

By being centred and aligned with ‘I AM’, we can stay in the Eye of the storm, and watch, detached, the transition taking place.

In the meantime, in that calm, secure place, we can tune into the new energies coming in and work on our own growth. These new energies that are coming through is like fresh pure water, drenching us in opportunities to grow and bloom, from a soul perspective.

Like a flower, we will bloom and open ourselves to our external world, fully embodied in our authenticity. Our authenticity allows us to break through the belief structures and cultural conditioning, and tap into the Fabric of Consciousness. This allows us to Be in our Full Glory.

Like a flower, we need to be nurtured by the roots of ‘I AM’, and nourished by the Sun of Source. In order for us to truly Bloom and Be in our full glory, we need to be anchored in ‘I AM’ and aligned to Spirit. This also enables us to stay within the eye of the storm, detached from what is happening around us.

Beginning with ‘I AM’, is it not time now to fully bloom into our true Being?

Is it not time for us to Bloom and become the manifestation of our dreams?

Is it not time for us to Bloom into our Magnificence?

We are living through extraordinary time where not only can we help shape and shift the Mass Consciousness to a New Vibration, but we can shape and shift our own reality and create the exact life we wish to lead, in our chosen Dimension of Consciousness.

Like any flower or young born, we may feel a little wobbly, but we will undoubtedly grow into our ‘I AM’ abilities and the choices we make in the resonance of ‘I AM’. Some of us may choose to lead quieter lives, and some of us may step into the spotlight. Some of us may choose to change jobs, and some of us may choose to stay put. Some of us may choose to settle down, and some of us may choose to explore far and wide.

Whatever the choice, as long as it is in the resonance of ‘I AM’, that is all that matters.

Bloom, and allow your ‘I AM’ resonance to shine. Give ourselves a chance to show everyone who we are. It’s time to step out of the closest, in our Magnificence.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Becoming

‘I AM’ – Two of the most powerful words – for whatever you put after them, shapes your reality.

Quantum physics theorists postulate that a physical system exists in all the possible variations. Likewise, all the possible variations of ourselves lie within ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is resourceful, and carries our authentic resonance, our blue print, if you will.

When we embrace and embody the resonance of ‘I AM’, we can become all that we are and more, making the best of any situation that we are in. After all, ‘I AM’ is Divine – and so if we embrace our radiant divinity, so to can we anything that we put our energy towards.

‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ is not reality, but an illusion that lies in our
Egos. When we are in a situation where everything goes wrong, or against our expectation, we feel like we are in a variation of ‘Hell’ – and we manifest it so. However, when everything goes right, according to our expectations, and we
are happy, we feel like we are in a variation of ‘Heaven’. Heaven or Hell is there is depended on our expectations, which are tied to our Ego. When Ego’s expectations are not met, we are fearful, anxious, upset or angry. When Ego’s expectations are met, we are happy, delighted, at ease.

Yet Ego holds the illusion. 

‘I AM’ holds Reality.

When we embody the resonance of ‘I AM”, we can become whatever and whomever we want to be. Better yet, we will hold our most authentic resonance in all that we manifest.

This authentic resonance then flows through to The Will to push through, that is held in our mental body, the heart, in our emotional body, and the Ego plays its equally important role as the external facing executor of the authentic resonance of ‘I AM’.

One key aspect to pay attention to here is to be detached from the form that our manifestation will take place. For example, if we would like to manifest love, release the attachment of the form that love will come through – love may come in the form of a new born child, a puppy, or a life long partner. If we manifest security, it may come in the form of inheritance, good work, or our own change of behaviour of renouncing all worldly wealth and moving to a commune or a spiritual establishment – like a nunnery or an ashram.

As long as we embody ‘I AM’ and manifest from our authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, what manifests is in line with ‘I AM’. Many a time, what is in line with ‘I AM’ many not meet the expectations of Ego. As long as we are anchored to ‘I AM’, it will feel right for us.

Hold faith in ‘I AM’.

Like a chrysalis becoming a butterfly, break through old belief systems and move through to the new. Let us resolve to fly free and become our true authentic selves, shining the light of ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Becoming exactly who ‘I AM’.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Being

Recently, I was asked this very good question during an interview and I thought I would share the question and my answer here. I was talking about ‘I AM’, and the interviewer very astutely asked me what is the difference between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’? Does ‘Being’ means just sitting around and waiting passively, whiling the time away?

‘Being’ is a matter of focusing on our internal work and aligning and centering with the divine resonance of ‘I AM’. ‘Being’ is also focusing on flowing the resonance of ‘I AM’ through our mental, emotional, physical and Ego selves – constantly aligning with ‘I AM’. Once we put in the effort of constantly embracing, embodying and aligning with ‘I AM’, this process will become natural to us, much like breathing.

In this state, we can just Be in the resonance of ‘I AM’, and attract to us what is in our vibration. We will not need to work, fight and struggle to get what is our resonance. All we have to do is ‘Be’.

Allow me to give you a simple example. This is by no means a Soul Calling, but it illustrates my point of ‘Being’ quite well. As I have shared before, one of my hobbies involves using these beautiful hand made products from a company based in Belgium. Hand made and highly in demand, these products fly off the shelves during the infrequent restock. So, many customers are left empty handed and wanting, needing to wait a year for restock of specific individual items. So, there are plenty of complaints and rants in this company’s fan page. I, on the other hand, have only been involved in this for six months and have managed to collect all the items that I needed. I have never had to stalk the site – I have always been at the right place, at the right time – heeding an intuitive call. Being in ‘I AM’, I did not have to struggle. I could just attract.

Using the principle of this example, we can apply it to our soul calling. For example, by Being in ‘I AM’, we can attract our soul partner instead of going out and finding them. ‘Going out’ and ‘finding’ is ‘Doing’. Attracting is ‘Being’.

So, we can apply this principle to any part of our lives, and we can Be – happy, joyful and in love. By embracing and embodying ‘I AM’, we will be in our Divine Resonance, flowing with our Soul Path and Plan.

What we do have to be aware of is constantly staying and Being in that resonance. We need to detach from the dramas of what is happening around us, observe but not participate. We have to be careful to not allow any external forces to shift us out of our alignment.

Sometimes, moving into our alignment means that our world around us will change and shift – there will be the dropping away of what does not fit our resonance, sometimes unexpected, and the bringing in of the New. This is especially pertinent in this New Consciousness.

Have faith in ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Being.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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