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Belong to ‘I AM’

Recently, I have read and heard so many souls, including clients, say that they do not feel like they belong. So many people are going through so much right now – pain, fears, chaos, confusion – especially as we are going through so many changes.

During this time of change, as security blankets are unexpectedly being ripped away from all of us, we are all confronted with our inner darkness. We feel so vulnerable, stripped down, exposed. Not necessarily to other people… but to ourselves.

Changes bring things up for us to reflect on. Reflection is confronting… and hard. However reflection is a great way to shed light on everything – both the darkness and the light.

Light works best in the light, and darkness works best in the dark. Light is enhanced by light, and darkness is dissolved by light. So, when we bring our perceived darkness into the light, it takes a lot of power away from it. We are not controlled by it.

This is not about doing anything about or hiding our shadow side. It is about accepting and flowing with it. It is the acceptance and understanding of our shadow side takes so much charge away from it. Once the power goes out from it, we can objectively decide what we are going to do about it – keep it or do something about it.

It is about loving all of ourselves – the light and the shadow – to truly belong.

If we do not belong with some of the souls, we can easily find others that we can belong with.

There are seven billion souls in this world. It is about attracting the small percentage of souls that share a similar resonance with you.

All we have to do is to go within, and embrace both the light and the dark, and honour our ‘I AM’ resonance. Let every choice we make come from our ‘I AM’ selves. Yes – there might be so much out there that is not in resonance with ourselves – where we feel anxious, that makes our stomach anxious and we are not in joy. The beauty is there is so much out there that is – where we feel excited, that makes us dance with glee and makes us feel relaxed and aligned.

Take our power back – we choose how we spend our energy and with whom we spend out time with. As long as we embrace and love both our light and shadow selves, our entire selves, it will not matter what others think about us. It only matters that we find those that we are in resonance with to belong to. Sometimes this takes us out of our comfort zone – a new job, a new ne relationship, a new circle of friends, a new country to move to – but as long as we have chosen, not out of fear, but out of honouring ‘I AM’, we will belong.

It is not about pleasing others to belong. It is about being authentic and honouring our own resonance, to belong to ‘ I AM’.

Belong to ‘I AM’ – and ‘I AM’ will lead us to where we belong, externally.

There is a place for all of us.



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The Gift of ‘I AM’

Every single soul – every single ‘I AM’ – is a gift.

It is a gift that you are here. It is a gift that your presence is touching someone. It is a gift that your love has just warmed the heart of another.

You are the gift – the gift of ‘I AM’.

For some, it is very difficult to believe that they are the gift. This is especially so if they have been conditioned over and over to believe that their unique individuality does not fit into the societal ‘norms’. This is also so when their contribution, efforts and input fall on deaf ears, or go unacknowledged or un-validated.

However, rest assured that everyone is a gift. Everyone’s contribution is a gift to the Wide Web of Consciousness.

There is a common perception that those who can influence the masses are the true gifts. There have been many – who have contributed greatly to the Web of Consciousness – we can all think of a few names. However, each person in this world touches at least one person in his or her lives. Each person is a gift to at least one person in his or her world.

Just imagine that tired, hardworking parent, raising a child, to give that child a better life. How that parent is a gift to that child… or the child who makes the parents’ day just with a smile? There is that lone shopkeeper giving an encouraging smile to a customer who has had a hard day… or the invisible bar tender who lent a generous ear to a sad person.

Every single on of these people is a gift to the other, whether or not they are acknowledged or appreciated.

Then there are the unsung heroes of the farmers, who toil the fields all day, in every kind of weather, whose energy is in the food that we consume. The amazing sanitation workers who clear our bins, and clean our streets, and unclog our sewers whose efforts go largely unnoticed. The list of unacknowledged gift givers go on and on – to put food on our table, to make our living hygienic and clean, to keep us safe and protected.

It is so easy to focus on what is not going right and take for granted the simple gifts that we receive – every single day.

There are so many of us who are unable to see or appreciate our gifts that we give to others, or the gifts that we receive from others. We are so busy waiting for the big moments, that we do not appreciate the simple abundance we receive.

The gift of ‘I AM’ is precious. We are all part of the wider Web of Consciousness, and we are contributing to the Web the entire time. Every single contribution could be a gift, as long as we perceive it to be a gift. All we have to do is embody our ‘I AM’ resonance and just BE. As long as we honour our authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, every contribution is a gift.

It is time we all start appreciating ourselves for what we really are – a unique and special gift.

Give the Gift of ‘I AM’.



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‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey

This journey called ‘life’ is never a really straightforward one. It is complicated and convoluted and can seem very messy. The downs can be the pits, and the highs can be just incredible. We can sometimes feel the deepest possible hurt and pain, and sometimes we feel absolute bliss.

Normally, the shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line, and sometimes wouldn’t it just be easier for it to be so? However, despite our best intentions and wishes, in life that line gets diverted, divergent and moves all over the place – sometimes in messy curly wurlys that leave us dizzy and in a tizz.

However, at every point of our journey, and at every step, we can find moments in which to enjoy the journey. In fact, it might be in our highest interest to find a perspective that brings pleasure to our journey – little triggers that will change anxiety into excitement.

We always focus on our destination, on our goals, and sometimes on our deadlines. Whilst we are focused on the goal, we curse the times that divert or delay us meeting the goals, and we celebrate the events that get us closer. However, when we focus so much on the goal, we do not see the little gifts of the moment – the gifts of the journey.

The fact of the matter is that each step we take is a gift. Each step is a victory. Sometimes no matter how hard some days are, the fact that we wake up and brush our teeth is a victory. When we fall into a hole, it is an opportunity to grow and develop to find our way out of it. When we find ourselves out of the hole, we can celebrate this victory. When we are at a peak, we can relax into the joy and celebrate.

‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey.

Every decision we make, every choice – no matter how much pain or joy we feel, contributes to the involution and evolution of ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is the seat of the infinite divine within each of us – and ‘I AM’ continues on incorporating and growing from the experiences of our experiences.

The Bigger Picture does not end with us reaching the goal or the destination. The journey of ‘I AM’ is infinite. Enjoying the journey is key in enabling us to continue our growth.

We can start the process of enjoyment by starting a daily gratitude journal – in which we start to develop habits of seeing the positives of our day. Writing five things that we are grateful for really helps ground us into the moments of the journey that we have enjoyed.

When we start enjoying the journey, we are also more likely to push through the hard times, to embody the light.

‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon


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‘I AM’ Excited

Excitement and anxiety stem from the same physiological response to an external stimulus. They are both aroused emotions. In both, the heart beats faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action. In other words, they’re “arousal congruent.” The only difference is that excitement is a positive emotion‚ focused on all the ways something could go well. Who attributes an emotion to be positive or negative? We do. Our thoughts can define the same physiological reponse as either excitement or anxiety.

So we have the power to perceive the external stimulus that caused these physiological responses as an opportunity that is exciting or a challenge that is to be feared.

Let’s take a change for example. Getting married, getting a new job, moving out of home, breaking up, changing jobs, moving countries – the list goes on and on. We are confronted with change so many times in our lives. Change helps us learn and grow. Routine, especially those that are not stimulating, keeps us in a rut – stagnant. When we stagnate, we are board – comfortable but board. Change pushes us out of the rut and out of our comfort zone – to grow and develop. Change is a fact of life.

When there is a change, there are plenty of new opportunities and avenues that are open to us. However, we can mask these opportunities as challenges – something to be feared, to be anxious about. Sometimes our overactive minds can create so many waste case scenarios about the future that we fear it – we fear the unknown.

What happens if I can’t make enough money in my dream job to pay the bills? What happens if this relationship does not work out? What happens if moving countries is the worst mistake I make and that I am miserable?

These are some of the thoughts we create to twist an opportunity into a challenge. The more challenging, the more scary and sometimes we build our fears so much, it paralyses us from ever moving forwards – even though we are bored where we are.

Here is a simple coaching technique we can use to move us forward – when we are feeling anxious about something, twist that thinking so we look at the opportunities instead of the challenges. That same physiological response will automatically become one of excitement.

When we shift our focus to being excited, we start to manifest all the opportunities we want, and we open the door to creating our reality.

For example, when we get a new car – change “I am going to have to pay a lot to upkeep this car” to “This car is going to take me places”. Immediately, that anxiety will change to excitement – just by the power of our thoughts – and will propel us forward.

It is a simple method, but one that takes discipline and conscious practise.

Is it not amazing how one physiological response can be interpreted as two extreme emotions : excitement which can propel us forward or anxiety which can hold us back? The power to seize the opportunities or be burdened by the challenges is in our hands. Never the external stimulus – always how we perceive it.

The choice is ours.

What will you choose?

‘I AM’ Excited.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon


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‘I AM’ Involving and Evolving

The process by which the creation rises to higher states of consciousness is the evolution. Involution prepares us for that soul growth and the big shift; evolution continues from that point forward. The term involution comes from the idea that the divine involves itself in creation.

One of the authors of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali wrote that Yoga is about the control of thought waves in the mind.  Involution attenuates painful and hurting impressions to the finest degree possible, resulting to non-painful thought waves. Thus, when the mind is liberated from painful impressions, one-pointed mind is achieved. One-pointed mind is the foundation “super-consciousness”.

Involution is about turning inwards and focusing on our ‘I AM’ selves. It is about involving the ‘I AM’ resonance within us in everything that we do. It is about really immersing ourselves in ‘I AM’ and bringing that resonance out into everything that we feel, think and do.

Involution is the time devoted to going into ‘I AM’ for the attainment of self-consciousness of our divine. It is also a discipline and a move towards the delight on our Being – where we can attain peace and acceptance of Being.

It is the process of Divine life involving itself in substance in order to express itself in matter. Matter is spirit that is dense. Matter packs more energy tightly into one space than Spirit does. Evolution is the process whereby the spark of life, after having been planted into substance, so to speak, uses the form to make it a perfect expression of the indwelling life. So part of the idea of involution-evolution is to perfect the relationship between “life and form.”

‘I AM’ is the seat of divine within us – our Divine Spark. The purpose of life is to allow the divine life, to allow Divine Essence to express itself in form. The ‘I AM’ within us pushes us on to express this essence in our daily life, whether we realize it or not. What we say, how we feel, what we think – when it comes from the embodiment of our ‘I AM’ selves, when it carries the resonance of the divine within – will help create on the outside, the reflection of our ‘I AM’ and will carry us into the new consciousness.

The process of involution and evolution is an ongoing one. We can dip into ‘I AM’, and evolve outwards with the resonance of ‘I AM’, all the time creating our external reality in the resonance of ‘I AM’.

Going deep within and involving into ‘I AM’ will bring us refuge during this time of the seeming chaos, as the New and the Old vibrations converge. This will help us evolve and create our new reality when the dust settles – a reality of our own manifestation.

We are so used to focusing outwards – just on reacting
and evolving on everything that happens externally. Involving is about moving within, embodying our divine resonance and consciously creating our external reality based on our ‘I AM’ selves.

‘I AM’ Involving and Evolving – moving into the new consciousness.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Flowing with Faith

When we are faced with choices – small ones or big ones – it is best to gauge the decisions we make by asking : is this the deepest part of me trying to express myself or is this the dark part of me trying to take me down?

This will then help us reflect on whether we are flowing with faith or whether we are flowing with fear.

When the floodgates of change hit us, we have three choices :

  1. Sink – physiologically, fear makes us very tense. The more tense and tight we feel, the more dense we become. The more dense we become, the more we will sink. This simple law of physics can also be applied to emotions – the more fear we carry, the more dense we get, the lower our vibrations. So, when the floodgates, the fear makes it harder to float on the waves of change.
  2. Swim – we can take control of the situation, and we can stretch the muscles on our arms and legs and swim, kicking around and expending energy keeping our heads above water. Sometimes there is ease when we swim with the tide, and sometimes there is struggle when we swim against the tide. We can take pride that we are swimming.
  3. Surf – we can go with the flow, letting the energy of the wave carry us to opportunities that we have manifested. This is a place of Being, where we are relaxed and free, and move freely with the waves that come through, flowing with faith that we will reach the place that we have manifested with ease.

When we embody and embrace ‘I AM’, we can rely on our natural resonance of ‘I AM’ to surf anything that comes our way. As long as we acknowledge and honour the resonance of ‘I AM’, and follow our light, we will be able to move through any change that comes our way with ease and grace.

Have faith in ‘I AM’ and flow with the authentic being. When we flow with purpose, there is a lot of joy and ease in what we do. Sometimes the conscious knowing of what our purpose is comes in pieces and layers. However, the full knowing lies in ‘ I AM’. As long as we flow with ‘I AM’ the pieces will fall into place, and our purpose will unfold.

When the floodgates of change opens, it is up to each of us to make the best choice for us at the time – sink, swim or surf. There are no right or wrong choices.

However, it is best to consider – is this the deepest part of me trying to express myself or is this the dark part of me trying to take me down?

Am I flowing with faith? Or am I flowing with fear?

‘I AM’ flowing with Faith.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth is available on Amazon


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‘I AM’ Hibernating

Sometimes we need to take our cues from Nature. This winter I have been taking my cue to join some of my fellow critter friends to hibernate.

Hibernating is one of the most loving things that I have done for myself.

When I say Hibernate, I do not mean physically going into a deep sleep, to slow my heart and metabolic rates down. Although there are people who do immerse themselves into meditation cycles that are so deep, for prolonged periods of time, that is physically similar to being in a hibernation like state.

I go into a more emotional and metal hibernation state. It is a time that I block out for no one else but myself. The only two souls that I let in are my two beautiful fluffy dogs, Petal and Angel.

It is when I give to myself the luxurious gift of time – to
just BE. If I wish for more sleep, I indulge. If I wish for more cuddles from the fluffies, I spoil myself. If I wish for quiet, solitude or reading or journaling, I give myself permission. Yes, and I have been known to take the time and indulge in movie marathons.

It is real time that I block out in my planner or diary. I make an appointment with myself, as I would for any client or interaction with anyone else. It is time that I take for myself and no one else.

I use this time to reflect, digest and process the hectic proceedings that happened before. It is a pause moment.

It is a time that I can just let go and let loose. It is a time that I can receive input as opposed to just giving output. It is the time that I am most inspired.

Most importantly it is the time that I take to really be in touch with ‘I AM’. It is the time I take to strengthen my connection with my pure resonance, and where I strengthen the embodiment of ‘I AM’ throughout my whole being.

Contrary to popular belief, doing nothing is actually doing something. Our entire self needs time to process, and hibernating brings the external doing to a halt, and allows our internal selves to go through the process of sorting and discarding. It is time for our internal and sometimes intangible selves to have a clear out.

I have had people tell me what I am wasting my time not being productive when I hibernate. In fact, once I have had my hibernation, I find that I am not only the most productive, but also totally thriving. I am totally rested, my batteries are charged, the small stuff do not bother me, I am more energised and I can be a lot more present and attentive.

I find that if people are either truly in your resonance, or if they love and respect you, they will understand and give you that space. They can see how this time is valuable for you, and they will appreciate you having it. If they do not, it is just worth thinking about whether their presence is needed in your space, and if so, it is then worth thinking about strengthening your boundaries for what you want. It is your choice at the end of the day.

Hibernating time includes not taking any calls, making
appointments, participating on social media, emails and meetings. It is not about going on vacation to an exotic far away land (although it does help greatly). It can be organised as a staycation – at home, surrounded by everything you love or nothing at all.

Take the time to hibernate and tap into ‘I AM’.

Gift yourself the luxury of hibernating once in a while.

It is worth it.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ Leaving it in the Rearview Mirror

During any times of change, what used to work before may not work for us now. As this is a massive changing of times, things are have been buried deep are being dug up and flung to the surface for us to sift through and decide whether it still works for us or not.

Leave what does not work behind.

Letting go of relationships can be very painful. But keeping one that is toxic, negative, does not serve and does not let you shine is even more painful. Being in relationships that enables your ‘I AM’ to shine bigger and brighter than the previous day is the most precious gift anyone can give you. Any relationship that dims your divine light does not belong in the new. So it is time to sift and filter through whom we want in our new life as well.

Those who are part of our history are not necessarily part of our destiny.

Why hand onto the old when there are so many new adventures to explore and pursue ahead? One of the most liberating things is to break all unwanted ties and freely moving forward with what resonates with ‘I AM’, without any dead weight dragging us down. This includes toxic thoughts and noxious emotions, old grudges and obsolete belief systems.

Leave what does not resonate with our authentic selves behind, including the painful dramas and bitter wounds.

As we prepare to forge forward, is it not freeing to drop obligations and ‘shoulds’. People try to hold one another to so many things, just to satisfy their own agenda, without even considering how it impacts the other. Is it not freeing to break away from this and just create a life of what we can, what we can and what we love?

Yes – choices have to be made. Some of these choices can seem very painful at that point. However, when these choices are made by embodying and honouring the ‘I AM’ resonance, we are choosing to acknowledge our soul path, and what is in our highest interest. At the end of the day, it is the most loving thing that we can do for ourselves.

Imagine that you are going on a road trip that is full of joy and excitement and that you can pack whatever you want in your car for that exhilarating adventure. Destination – the New Consciousness. What would you choose to pack? What music would you choose to listen to? Who would you want to take that journey with you? What would you like to do on that journey?

Now that you have packed everything you want with you for this road trip, it is as simple as getting into that car and driving off, leaving all that you don’t want, and does not serve you in your review view mirror.

It’s about forward momentum.

No Baggage.

‘I AM’ leaving it in the rear view mirror.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ True to My Voice

One of the bravest things that we can do – that I have seen people do – is to be true to our voice, even with so much push back, pressure and conflict from the outside world. What is concerning is that if a voice raises to dispute the illusion, that is voice is misquoted, misunderstood, lied about and bullied into submission.

Sometimes standing up for our voice means standing up against everyone else. However, breaking free from conditioning and the control of other people’s agendas can be one of the hardest things we can do, but it is also one of the most empowering. Like the boy who broke the illusion and shouted that the Emperor has no clothes, it is liberating when we can stand by our voice.

Our challenge though is to ensure that our voice comes from ‘I AM’ and not so much for our fears and pride, or what we have absorbed from the external world. When we indulge our fears and pride and the outside world, we project our own insecurities and judgements through our voice, and weave a web of negativity. However, when we
are aligned to ‘I AM’, we can flow with our own authentic resonance, we can rise above the external illusion and allow the voice of ‘I AM’ to flow through.

It is time for established structures to come crashing down. We have been seeing this play out on a macro level fairly publically, but it also applies to our individual personal lives too. So this is the time for us to truly align with ‘I AM’ and stand by the voice of ‘I AM’ for us to be propelled on a path that is in sync with our divine self. In order to do so, sometimes we need to be that lone voice that shouts through the illusion that the Emperor has no clothes on.

It is important to be guided by the voice of ‘I AM’ to pick through the pieces and forge a path down what is in resonant with ourselves. The more we align and embrace with the voice of ‘I AM’, the more those who are in resonance with ourselves with chime in. Together, the collective voices of ‘I AM’ can rise up in a chorus that is resonant with the New Consciousness.

Once we leave the entanglements of the old, it is so liberating to be true to your voice. At this point, if others do not support you, does it really matter? At the end of the day, the path that you are walking on is not their path – it is yours. The most important voice on that path is yours – no one else’s.

Let your voice rise up to be heard.

‘I AM’ True to My Voice.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

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‘I AM’ the Christ Consciousness

Within the spiritual community, there is an anticipation of the heralding of the Christ Consciousness coming back in. This can be interpreted in so many ways – the religious community wait for the second coming of Christ that precedes Judgement Day. Within the New Age community, this means attaining the highest level of spiritual and intellectual development. For some esoteric mystics, the “Christ” is the “particle” of the Formless that is placed in the womb of Shakti, the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Mother, mater, matter.

What I learned working on my new book, Shrouded Truth, for four years is that Christ Consciousness is within all of us – steeped in ‘I AM’.

Shrouded Truth takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period. Emotional, and at times dramatic, readers are given an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus. Shrouded Truth also reveals little known events of information of what happened before, during and after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Backed with oral tradition and documentary evidence, Shrouded Truth provides little known information that provides yet another perspective to this timeless story, answers some questions and raises a few new ones.

What came through very strongly with James, the brother of Jesus, Paul the Acolyte, Mary Magdalene and her sister, Martha, Disciple Thomas, and some surprising members of the next generation, is how everyone tapped into their inner resources to navigate an incredible challenging period of shifting Consciousness more than 2000 years ago.

We are going through the same shifting of Consciousness now. As we move through the end of the Piscean towards the beginning of the Aquarian age, once again we see the shifting of status quo, power and control. We are also going through an immense change now, as these souls did more than 2000 years ago. Whilst the narrative may be different, the lessons, challenges, growth and evolution are very much similar. We can learn so much from stories and accounts in Shrouded Truth to help navigate our own path through these tumultuous times and accelerate our own growth and evolution.

For years, our ‘I AM’ selves have been muted, censored, ignored and forgotten. So many of us have been driven by our mental and emotional selves, by pride and fear. The New Vibrations that is coming in gives us an opportunity to start anew to embrace the Christ Consciousness within – our ‘I AM’ selves.

It is now the time for the dawning of the Christ Consciousness.

It is time for the Christ within to ascend and shine.

‘I AM’ the Christ Consciousness – it is the biggest lesson I learned from my book Shrouded Truth. I hope you enjoy it too.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on  Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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