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‘I AM’ Awakening

Awakening is a difficult process. Some many even go as far to say that it is a destructive process. Long held belief systems come crashing down, and our rose coloured glasses get flung away. We are jolted awake to see that what we are used to is no more, and we are left drifting in a sea of uncertainty.

Rapid awakening can be even more uncertain it means waking up to find ourselves surfing the tsunami of change, and seeing what we are used to left far behind, and a white hazy blanket of the horizon ahead of us.

For some this is thrilling, and for others this is scary.

The illusions that we anchor ourselves to suddenly crumble. We are slapped with a dose of reality, and the realisation that what we thought was real is not can be quite discombobulating. As such, we awaken to our own vulnerabilities and shortcomings. In that lies the opportunity to awaken to our strengths and hidden resources that we did not know existed.

This is the greatest gift that Awakening gives to us.

If we continuously justify and are enslaved to our shortcomings, we will not ever grow. Check the narrative that keeps playing in our minds. Is it just on playback that has emerged from pride and fear? If we hang on to our pride and our fears, we give up one of the greatest opportunities we will have to evolve. Although they may feel safe and secure, pride and fear are crutches that do not give us the opportunity to grow and heal.

How would Pride stop us from moving forward? Not accepting a helping hand, or being closed to genuine, well intentioned suggestions given by loved ones, or not allowing anyone in, or not seeing the light of another’s ‘I AM’ due to being blinded by own belief systems and narrative.

How would Fear stop us from moving forward? Not letting go of your safety blanket – income, relationship, home. Not pursuing your dreams due to uncertainty and change. Not pursuing a healthy relationship for the fear of rejection.

Whilst others move forward, pride and fear hold us back. Are they really worth it?

Only you can answer that question.

If your answer is no, break from fear and pride, and tap into ‘I AM’. Listen to the voice of ‘I AM’ and let that voice lead you to open your eyes to a vision in that white hazy blanket of the horizon ahead, that you can create. Once our eyes open, there is no going back – it is a one way street forward.

Hold onto ‘I AM’ and be true to our resonance, as we awaken.

Whilst the road to change may be bumpy, reaching the 
shores of the New Consciousness completed embodied in the resonance of ‘I AM’ will be totally worth it.

‘I AM’ Awakening….

Good morning.



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Ego Is The External Expression of ‘I AM’

Our Ego is, in my opinion, a severely misunderstood part of ourselves. Popular belief refers to the Ego as a sense of self-importance or self-conceit. In psychoanalysis however, the Ego is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing, and represents the personal identity. In short, the Ego is the part of our consciousness that interacts with our external world.

Our Ego is a part of us, just like our legs are a part of us, or our emotional and mental bodies are a part of us. Every part of us has a function. We could not walk without legs. We could not feel without emotions. We could not think without our mental facilities. It would be challenging to interact with our external world without our Egos.

What has gone awry is that somewhere along the way, our Ego stopped being aligned with our core, our ‘I AM’, and just focuses on reacting to our the external environment. The external is much louder and much more tangible than the soft whisperings of our ‘I AM’ – and so it is easier to ignore ‘I AM’ and focus solely and align with the external. So we are influenced by the latest trends, our external circle of friends and family – what they think, how they react to us. Our sense of self is slowly based on material wealth and what we do for a living.

All the while, the whispers of ‘I AM’ gets forgotten, and the link between ‘I AM’ and Ego weakens
– until ultimately all that is left is a personal identity based on the external, and very little else. This superficial expression of the Ego then leads to all sorts of undesirable states, namely envy and jealousy – of seeing someone else have something we do not, of watching someone else succeed, of tearing someone down, for example – and pride, self inflation based on external circumstances and actions, instead of being in complete alignment within.

In my opinion, I do not think that filtering Ego from our lives is the answer. I think that instead of fighting Ego, it would be easier to adjust our own perceptions about what the Ego does, and adjust our own relationship with our Egos.

Allow Ego to be the External Expression of ‘I AM’ – our Divine Selves.

In the very loud external world, which is getting louder with the proliferation of social media, it takes discipline to quiet ourselves and go within to embrace and embody our ‘I AM’ selves :

  1. It is best to establish a practise of meditation to by intent go within and connect with our Divine Essence, and soak up our true resonance.
  2. Then align our emotional, mental and ego selves with ‘I AM’, allowing the energy of ‘I AM’ to imbue all these difference bodies

The more this is practised, the more it becomes an automatic process of our daily lives. So when we go about our days, we will always be fully aligned with our ‘I AM’ selves. This alignment and strong relationship with ‘I AM’ will then influence our Ego selves to express our ‘I
AM’ resonance. Whether it is what we say or do or dress, our personal identity carry the resonance of our ‘I AM’. Then, everything that is in resonance with ‘I AM’ will be attracted to us, and everything that is in dissonance will fall away.

Finally – peace.

It all starts from within.

Allow Ego to be the External Expression of ‘I AM’.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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