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‘I AM’ Solstice Reflections

I AM transcends Light and Dark 1Winter Solstice has held a special significance since the Neolithic period. The most common tradition held on this day is one of rebirth.

As the longest velvety night of winter descends, it sparkles with renewed hope of the promise of the coming light and the anticipation of a new year beckoning around the corner. December 25, in the days of yore, was a pagan celebration of the birth of light as the days become longer.

This poetic significance got me thinking of the ‘I AM’ within the concept of duality – of light and dark, desired and undesired. My whole life, I have been conditioned and strived to follow the path of light and good. Woe betide should I embody, intentionally or naively, anything that is remotely perceived to be dark or not good. Embrace the positive and discard the negative – that has been my motto.

However, as I have just started to embody ‘I AM’, my perception is slowly shifting.   Duality is shimmering away, and what is showing behind is a glimmer of unity. Long held beliefs and judgement of what is good and is not good, seems to fade into oblivion.

I am learning that light and dark are two extremes that coexist harmoniously together. It is within the inky depths of darkness that stars shine the brightest. Shadow only exists where there is light. To deny one, would be to deny the other. To acknowledge both is to accept and flow in peace with either.

‘I AM’ transcends both dark and light.

Whilst on the journey to embrace ‘I AM’, I realize that I am the make up of both the shadow and the light sides of myself. To deny one is to deny a big part of oneself. To embrace both is to love oneself wholly and unconditionally.

I am learning that what differs between a positive emotion, thought or action andI AM Shadow and Light a negative one is Judgement. For example, anger has acquired a terrible reputation as a negative emotion. However, as a therapist, when I am working with clients who have been abused emotionally, sexually and / or physically, the emotion that enables them to break through powerlessness and helplessness is anger. Once the anger is acknowledged, allowed to flow and released, peace descends.

Any emotion or thought that have been repressed or suppressed for long periods of time ultimately becomes destructive. ‘Inside Out’, a wonderful Pixar production, illustrates this so simply and elegantly. When Joy tried to suppress Sadness (and to a certain extent Disgust, Fear and Anger) chaos descended within the person. However, in coexisting harmoniously together, the person had a healthier and more peaceful existence.

Our conditioned beliefs have created a dual reality, to feed our insecure Ego state. Through the illusion of Judgement, we created separation – good vs evil; dark vs light. There are always two sides to every story, and Judgement only sees the one side we stand on.

Who am I to pass judgement on what is light and what is dark; what is good and what is evil? More importantly, what is it within my ego state that I am trying to feed with the judgements I pass?

‘I AM’ suspends judgement. ‘I AM’ just IS

Embrace I AM Duality ShimmersI am reminded today that whilst it is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Where there is Night, there is always Light. Whether it is the Eternal Night or the Eternal Light depends on our perspective of where we are on Earth. From the perspective of Earth – Solstice (both Summer and Winter) just IS, and she continues on her journey.

‘I AM’ is neither light nor dark.

‘I AM’ is All.

Happy Solstice Everybody.



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What Is ‘I AM’?

No SeparationA few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Mandy Heath, whose opinions I respect tremendously, asked me, “What is ‘I AM’?” Great question.

The Torah says that when Moses asked God’s name, God answered “ehyeh aver ehyeh”, literally translated “I Will Be What I Will Be”. Since the King James version of the bible was released, it was translated to “I AM that I AM”.

Whilst some interpretations within the three organized religions see ‘GOD’ as different from us, the Ancient Scriptures (Vedic and Hermetic) agree with the more mystical branches of organized religion (Gnosticism, Sufi-ism, Kabbalah) that there is no separation between God and ourselves.

In the Vedanta school of Hinduism, Ātman, is the true self or essence of an individual beyond identification. In order to attain liberation (nirvana), one must acquire self-knowledge (atma jnana), which is to realize that one’s true self (Ātman) is identical with the transcendent self (Brahman)

Basically, there is no difference or separation between One Self and God Self. There is no difference or separation between One Self and Any Other Selves.

‘I AM’ is One.

The Hermetic teachings say that while All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All. A simple analogy can illustrate this better – take Romeo and Juliet for example. Whilst they existed in the mind of Shakespeare at the time of their creation, Shakespeare also existed within each of these characters, giving

them their vitality, spirit, and action.Autumn mandala

There is no separation between the spirit of the creator and all that is created.

“For what is inside of you is what is outside of you,

and the one who fashions you on the outside

is the one who shaped the inside of you”

The Nag Hammadi Library – The Thunder, The Perfect Mind.


In a metaphor written by Sufi Teacher, Ibn-Arabi in Fusus al Hikam, he illustrates that God’s essence is seen in the existent human being, as God is the object and humans being the mirrors. Since we are mere reflections of God there can be no distinction or separation between the two and without God the creatures would be non- existent. When individuals understand that there is no separation between them and God they begin on the path of ultimate oneness.

‘I AM’ is divine

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is a modern day ‘I AM’ teacher. He was asked by his Teacher to sit back into his state of I AM.

“I simply followed his (Teacher’s) instruction, which was to focus the mind on pure being, “I am,” and stay in it. I used to sit for hours together, with nothing but the “I am” in my mind and soon the peace and joy and deep all-embracing love became my normal state.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

‘I AM’ is liberation.

To me – ‘I AM’ is simply a state of Being, that looks past “What Should Be” and “What Needs to Be” to “What Is”. It is about breaking through the illusions of conditioned beliefs and being free of expectations.  It is about embracing that our nature is divine. It is the understanding that ‘I AM’ transcends the physical, mental, emotional and even the spiritual – ‘I AM’ is our Divine Essence – the most subtle, yet the most powerful, the most intangible yet the most real part of us.

Whilst esoteric knowledge provides a helpful foundation, I found thLearn Who we Areat the true understanding of ‘I AM’ ultimately comes from personal experience. For me, it was through the exploration of my various different lives and in depth reflection of my Current Life. For others, it is via meditation and / or other spiritual practices. Some will even realize their ‘I AM’ by pursuing non spiritual paths.

Different people take different paths to Being ‘I AM’.

My ‘I AM’ journey started with learning what ‘I AM’ Not.

Now, I look forward to developing a relationship with Being ‘I AM’ all that ‘I AM’.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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