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‘I AM’ Accountable

Reading the media today, social media included, there is so much demonising and smearing, name calling and blaming those whose beliefs, decisions and actions are contrary to one’s own. It seems that the media’s portrayal of Duality is that it is getting more intense and extreme. Whilst this intensity is not shared by individuals whom I have spoken, who seem to be finding a way towards Oneness, it does raise a really important point – how did we get to a society where there are there so many who are ready to point the finger and vilify someone else instead of actually taking the time to look inwards at ourselves, and ask ourselves, “How can I make a positive difference? What am I doing to create this?”

Take for example the time President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The backlash seemed intense and people all over the world, vilified him, for not caring and single handedly destroying the environment. However, how many of
us of us own clothes made from Polyester, Polyamide, and Fleece – which are derived from non biodegradable plastic and petroleum derivatives that end up in landfills? How many of us work and live in towns or city centres, devoid of vegetation apart for recreational or attractive purposes? How many of us own and use vehicles that are Gas Guzzlers, creating our own intense carbon footprint? How many of us support the building and running of factories that contributed to the intense deforestation and smog pollution in China by purchasing products and brands that are made in China?

These are some examples of how most of the seven billion
people on the planet are collectively responsible for the state of the Environment. If seven billion people made individual changes with their choices to be more responsible to the Environment, would we even need a Paris Climate Agreement?

Whilst I have used the Paris Climate Agreement as an
example, I just wanted to emphasise that this can be applied to every aspect of our lives.

At the end of the day, ‘I AM’ Accountable. We are all accountable for the life that we have constructed – through the choices we make, the belief systems we hold, our cultural conditioning, and behaviour. If we do not like or are uncomfortable with what we see happening around us, it is just best to look inwards and reflect on how we participated in the creation of our external. This is equally applicable to our own individual lives as well as the Macro – because we have all contributed to the creation of the Mass Consciousness.

Embrace our true authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, allow the frequencies of ‘I AM’ flow through and guide our emotional, mental, physical and Ego selves, and we will see our external reflect our authentic Divinity.

We have the unique opportunity to shift into the New Consciousness at this time. What do we want embodied in this New World? What do we want to create?

‘I AM’ Accountable – Be Aware, Be Reflective and Be the Change that We Want to See.



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