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‘I AM’ Aligned with My Purpose

Having grown up and lived outside the US, I never knew Mr. Fred McFeely Rogers. An icon of American children’s education and entertainment, it was only recently when this video popped up onto my Facebook feed that I was introduced and really paid attention to Mr. Rogers, as he is affectionately known as.

Watching and hearing him speak at the 1969 Senate Subcommittee of Communications gave me goosebumps. Never have I ever seen anyone speak from the deep purpose of their soul, with such humility, gentleness and forthrightness. It was not just his words that captured me, but the depth of the resonance of his ‘I AM’ that touched everyone as deeply in their centres. Even the self professed tough-guy Senator in this video got goose bumps, and did not mind saying so.

What really struck me is that whilst he was speaking from the resonance of his ‘I AM’, he was soft spoken, calm and purposeful. There were no dramatics, no shouting or pounding of the table, just him embodying his ‘I AM’ centre and clearly and authentically communicating his purpose. He also demonstrated humility and graciousness, totally drawing and including the Senator into his purpose, instead of forcible thrusting it upon him.

I found it to be a masterful demonstration of embodying ‘I AM’
and having his thoughts, emotions, physical actions and Ego taking the lead from ‘I AM’ in fulfilling his purpose.

Then, in the interest of finding out more about him, I stumbled upon this video, of his acceptance speech at the 1997 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmy’s. This too gave me chills. On a stage where others take the time to bask in themselves, including some who have used it as a platform to highlight their own pet social causes and agendas, Mr Rogers took the time for ‘you’ – the viewers. He even timed 10 seconds of silence to give everyone ample time to do this.

For me, it was so inspiring to see a soul, who was so deeply aligned to the purpose of his ‘I AM’ that he did not feel the need to grandstand or work from Ego. He just was.

I never did get a chance to watch his television program, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, when I was young. Thanks to modern technology, I have been able to catch snippets on you-tube and I am hooked. I would recommend anyone with children watch his programs. They were charming productions, and the wisdom and education were second to none. Goes to show that there is no need for superficial pomp and splendour when the substance is so deep.

To me, he is the true epitome of a teacher – not through Doing or through Labels, but by Being. He was the living example of what he taught – he was authentically aligned to his purpose, every word full of the integrity and resonance of his ‘I AM’.

Thank you Mr. Rogers, for demonstrating to me the true embodiment of being aligned with the purpose of ‘I AM’.



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‘I AM’ Aligned and Open

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind, a faithful follower. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. – Albert Einstein.

Surf the Waves of ChangeThis last week saw Britain voting to leave the EU after 43 years, the Aboriginals in Australia been given some of the land back, after 47 years, Democrat Senators filibustering and literary sitting down for gun control, and the ongoing US electoral process. Whether or not we agree with the actions and outcomes, one fact cannot be disputed, there is a shift in Global Consciousness and with this comes the shaking of the foundation of establishment, status quo and tangible, real changes manifesting in our world.

Whilst many are feeling the tumultuous shift in consciousness, it’s been fascinating observing the changes taking place, and seeing how far it is taking us into the future. Being aligned with ‘I AM’ and surfing the tidal wave of change, I find is incredibly exciting and calming all at the same time.

‘I AM’ Aligned and Open.

The one thing that happens during these big events of change, regardless the outcome, is that we are exposed to a huge influx of information, and wakes so many people up. Whilst many blame changes in establishment as being the purveyor of civil unrest, I see it as a way to dredge down to the bottom of the barrel, sift out any sediment, sludge or hidden treasures, bringing them to the light, for either keeping, discarding or changing for the better. Only when we know, informed and are aware, can we make fully informed decisions and embrace change fearlessly. To be Aware, one needs to be Open.

Calm and Balanced‘I AM’ Aligned and Open allows for inspiration and wisdom from the seat of our Divine Selves to flow through and merge with the outside information our receptive rational and ego selves, keeping us centred and balanced. The resonance of Joy and calm allows us to be more open, whereas the resonance of fear, contracts and closes us.

‘I AM’ Aligned and Open.

Another fact that cannot be disputed though, is that change is destabilising. Whether one is going through an individual change (like moving house, changing job or a death of a loved one, for example) or at a macro level (like changes in government or policy or natural events like weather changes or earthquakes) change can rock the foundations of our selves and those around us.

Being open to and aligned with ‘I AM’ and all that is around us allows us to weigh the discomfort of change against the consequences with the Divine Wisdom of our deeper selves, and steers us to our true path and resonance, without the interference of Ego, Fear and Conditioned Believes.

‘I AM’ Aligned and Open.

Borrowing the wise words from Robert Francis Kennedy: “Some men see the world and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”

These waves of real changes that affect us are getting more intense, as the Global Consciousness shifts into a new way of Being. As I see it, we have two choices: We can choose to BE in a resonance of contraction and fear and paddle furiously against the flow; Or we can BE aligned with ‘I AM’ and BE Open Hope and Joyto and manifest within the incredible possibilities that this new shift is bringing to us as we ride the train of change to a shifting consciousness calmly into a future of hope and joy.

The choice is ours.

I have made available my guided meditation on Embracing Change with Grace. I hope that this helps and carries everyone through these periods of change with more comfort and ease.




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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