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‘I AM’ Hardwired

Through our ‘I AM’, we are hardwired for making decisions inline with our authentic resonance.  Through our ‘I AM’, we are hardwired to follow our authentic life purpose. Whilst for a few, making those decisions to follow our life purpose is as simple as taking a breath, there are times when those decisions are tough, and the path is bumpy.

These tough paths are just a sign that we are working through our life lessons.  However, if we honour our ‘I AM’ through the pursuit of our lessons, then our opportunities will just flow in.  We just have to reach out and grab them.

The first step is connecting to ‘I AM’ and identifying our patterns that seem to suppress ‘I AM’.

So – how can we identify if our I AM is suppressed?

Be Aware of Anything that is Limiting.

Starting to develop an awareness of our thought patterns is key.  Do you have repeating thoughts that are limiting? Do you say limiting things in your conversations in an off-handed way?

Also, start being aware of your behaviour– do you find yourself holding back from an activity that your heart just craves to do?  Do you put yourself last after everyone and everything?

I need to make a really important distinction – There is a difference between being selfish and putting self first :  Being selfish dishonours everyone else; Putting self first honours yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. 

Don’t forget your emotions– do you find yourself continously feeling small or are you triggered to feel emotionally contracted at all on a continuous basis? Maybe an envious feeling of someone else’s success?  Or an indistinguishable tension or clogging of one of your energy centres?

Being subconscious patterns, it might be rather hard for you to pick up or to be aware of, because a lot of times, it slips just under your conscious awareness.   So it is important to get a close trusted loved one to also watch what you say and how you behave initially to help you spot patterns.

Once you have this awareness it’s as though the whole world opens up because now you have the choice to do something about it if it does not serve you or to leave it if it does.

In staying true and working from my ‘I AM’, I AM in full resonance with myself.

I AM authentic.

In being in full resonance with myself, I am slowly opening up to realize that the conditional love that I have been seeking is from myself – the deepest truest part of me.

I Love Myself – Just The Way I AM

In slowly working towards loving myself at the deepest level, self acceptance and self acknowledgement is slowly permeating my being, as rays of joy and freedom slowly seep into my person.

I AM Perfect – Just The Way I AM.

By working from ‘I AM’ and slowly letting go of judgment of self, I find myself taking my first steps towards letting go of judgment of others.

By working from ‘I AM’ in acknowledging and accepting myself for who I AM, I find myself slowing acknowledging and accepting others for who they are.

For They Are as I AM.

‘I AM’ Hardwired to Be ‘I AM’.



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