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Unveiling ‘I AM’

The miracle of life is everywhere. The birth of a baby, the dawning of a new day, the blooms in the garden, the sprouting of a new plant, the loving gaze of our beloved pets – the list is endless. We are constantly surrounded by miracles. However, the constant exposure to these miracles makes us take the simple abundance for granted – including ‘I AM’.

The divine seat of ‘I AM’, that is, and is in, every being with a consciousness, is a miracle. It does not matter what the physical vessel is that is carrying ‘I AM’ – what species, how wealthy, what race, religion or any other factor that differentiates a being with Consciousness.  The one common aspect that we all have is ‘I AM’. Whilst the Eternal Flame of ‘I AM’ carries a unique resonance for each individual, it is equally divine and miraculous in everyone.

When we embody and embrace ‘I AM’, everything that emerges from this divine aspect is a miracle – everything is a process of conscious creation – regardless of whether we are aware of it. During this time of shift, the pulling back the veil of illusion is also helping enable us to consciously unveil ‘I AM’.

Our entire Being is challenged now – every single aspect of us that we identify with, that we invest in – thinking, emotions, beliefs, etc – are being tested. When all these layers are challenged, there inevitably is a breaking down of the illusion of ‘reality’ that we hold onto to, and the revelation of ‘I AM’, our authentic resonance.

The breaking down of the illusion, though may seem to be overwhelming or frightening at times, is actually a positive sign of our evolution. The breaking down will drudge up buried sludge, repressed emotions and memories, unknown dissonant conditioned beliefs, at the ready for release. Once released, the vibrations of our Being raises, and we can clearly be in touch, embrace and embody ‘I AM’. Then, we can radiate our authentic light – a beacon of hope and divinity in a changing world, a shifting consciousness.

Allow for the breaking down to occur. Step out of Ego, free ourselves from conditioned mental and emotion needs, and allow ‘I AM’ to prevail. Once we shed what is in dissonant with ‘I AM’, we are able to recreate and rebuild our Being, with the authenticity of ‘I AM’.

Unveiling ‘I AM’ enables us to learn and master one of the greatest Mysteries there is- the miracles of ‘I AM’. Once we connect with ‘I AM’, we will then be able to communicate with the miracles of ‘I AM’ in every other Being, and connect to the deepest parts of everyone. Imagine a world where we all hold our authentic resonance, where we see and connect to the divine aspect of all of Consciousness.

Unveiling ‘I AM’.

What a miracle this time is for us.



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