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‘I AM’ Becoming

‘I AM’ – Two of the most powerful words – for whatever you put after them, shapes your reality.

Quantum physics theorists postulate that a physical system exists in all the possible variations. Likewise, all the possible variations of ourselves lie within ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is resourceful, and carries our authentic resonance, our blue print, if you will.

When we embrace and embody the resonance of ‘I AM’, we can become all that we are and more, making the best of any situation that we are in. After all, ‘I AM’ is Divine – and so if we embrace our radiant divinity, so to can we anything that we put our energy towards.

‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ is not reality, but an illusion that lies in our
Egos. When we are in a situation where everything goes wrong, or against our expectation, we feel like we are in a variation of ‘Hell’ – and we manifest it so. However, when everything goes right, according to our expectations, and we
are happy, we feel like we are in a variation of ‘Heaven’. Heaven or Hell is there is depended on our expectations, which are tied to our Ego. When Ego’s expectations are not met, we are fearful, anxious, upset or angry. When Ego’s expectations are met, we are happy, delighted, at ease.

Yet Ego holds the illusion. 

‘I AM’ holds Reality.

When we embody the resonance of ‘I AM”, we can become whatever and whomever we want to be. Better yet, we will hold our most authentic resonance in all that we manifest.

This authentic resonance then flows through to The Will to push through, that is held in our mental body, the heart, in our emotional body, and the Ego plays its equally important role as the external facing executor of the authentic resonance of ‘I AM’.

One key aspect to pay attention to here is to be detached from the form that our manifestation will take place. For example, if we would like to manifest love, release the attachment of the form that love will come through – love may come in the form of a new born child, a puppy, or a life long partner. If we manifest security, it may come in the form of inheritance, good work, or our own change of behaviour of renouncing all worldly wealth and moving to a commune or a spiritual establishment – like a nunnery or an ashram.

As long as we embody ‘I AM’ and manifest from our authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, what manifests is in line with ‘I AM’. Many a time, what is in line with ‘I AM’ many not meet the expectations of Ego. As long as we are anchored to ‘I AM’, it will feel right for us.

Hold faith in ‘I AM’.

Like a chrysalis becoming a butterfly, break through old belief systems and move through to the new. Let us resolve to fly free and become our true authentic selves, shining the light of ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Becoming exactly who ‘I AM’.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Resonance

“The harmonies of life lie dormant within the soul of man, and by his attunement to be divine harmonies, so the soul of man sounds a clear and true note in the universal harmony.”

White Eagle


Ancient Vedic scriptures say that the Universe hangs on a cosmic vibration so massive and subtle and all encompassing, that everything seen and unseen is filled with it. Through the development of String Theory, modern science is slowly catching up with the ancient scriptures in proving that the source of all existence is energy. The most simple principal of this theory is that the fundamental building block of creation is oscillating or vibrating energy that look like string.

Calm Contentment in I AMThis theory lays claim that everything within and around us is energy – our and everyone’s physical, mental, emotional aspects; our and everyone’s words, thoughts, emotions and deeds. To Be in and work predominantly within these energies leave us exposed to turbulent, chaotic storm of vibrational dips and troughs, upward spirals and downward plunges, unpredictable twists and chaotic turns.

On the other hand, the frequency of Unconditional Love, Soul, Spirit and Source never waver – ever. ‘I AM’ is unconditional love … Source. Hence our ‘I AM’ resonance emerges from the deepest most pure place within our Being, carrying the same pure, consistent vibration. It is within the steady, deep pulse of our ‘I AM’ resonance we find peace. It is within the flow of our ‘I AM’ do we find calm contentment.

Coming from the deepest, purest place within us, ‘I AM’ holds our most authenticResonance with Authentic Being vibration. ‘I AM’ is pristine, untouched by social and cultural conditioning, unaffected by life’s experiences, uncaring of the perceived success and failures of the Ego. ‘I AM’ just is – the pure, steady, gentle resonance of authenticity.

That which is in resonance with our ‘I AM’ is in harmony with our authentic Being – bringing balance, peace and joy. That which is not, is in dissonance with our pure Selves.

Vibration that is in dissonance within our Being causes disharmony. This could comprise of disharmony between physical cells and organs, and also between thoughts and emotions, emotions and behaviour, even between thoughts and physical cells. Disharmony within the persons occurs where there is a lack of truth or authenticity within ourselves and between people and their environment.

Take for example, a person who despises her work, yet goes in everyday to earn money to pay bills. Or say that there is this person who is in a loveless, abusive or neglectful relationship for the sake of the wellbeing of the children, though hating every minute of it. These are two examples where the ‘I AM’ is in disharmony with the outer circumstances. Continuous disharmony causes the depletion of energy levels and leads to an inevitable suppression of the ‘I AM’.

Dissonance is uncomfortable, yet serves us by bringing disharmony to our conscious awareness so that we can deal with them and enables the vibrations of our whole to be in harmony with our ‘I AM’.

I AM holds our Authentic VibrationEmbodying and working from our ‘I AM’ consistently, not only brings us profound peace of Being in purity, harmony and authenticity, but also keeps our overall vibration high.

Barbara Marciniak, in Bringers of the Dawn, channelled that when the entire Planet can create a harmonic of thought and emotion, in the physical and subtle planes, the entire Planet will change.

Imagine what could happen when we all embraced and embodied our deepest, purest ‘I AM’ resonance?



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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