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‘I AM’ Equal

These days, I hear so much about equality – gender equality, equality in sexual orientation, racial equality, economic and monetary equality, equality in opportunities. All these demands in equality then open the doors to ‘rights’ – women’s rights, animal rights, gay rights, aboriginal / indigenous rights and so on. If a person does not subscribe to one of these rights, they are dealt a vast array of condemnation from those who do.

The interesting thing is that these ‘rights’ highlight the inequalities and divisions more. ‘Rights’ separate.  ‘Rights’ exacerbates Duality. ‘Rights’ are also based on Ego led motivations. At the core, we are all inherently equal. ‘I AM’ is different but equal.

Our collective belief system has created a fixed structure around ourselves that we operate in. We have participated in the building of it, and we keep repeating the patterns of inequality within this structure – almost like an energetic prison – that perpetuates this behavioural loop of inequality.

Let’s take gender inequality as an example. For a long time, as a unified consciousness, we have created and lived in structure with Gender Inequality. The reality is that nature has provided to us Gender Equality and Balance.

Males and Females are created differently as an equal balance. A child is conceived through equal parts of one ovum provided by a woman, and one sperm, provided by the man. Without the equal measure of ovum or sperm, the child would not exist. The Mother (females) come with the anatomical structures to nurture the child, through the womb and breast milk. And the father (males) are built brawny, to provide a secure environment for the mother and child. Both mom and dad produce oxytocin and prolactin to facilitate bonding with the child, amongst other things.  Just as Yin and Yang, Nature needs both to bring about balance.  We see this equality in nature, and in humans.

However, for some reason, we have constructed a structure of identity inequality like a cage around us by the belief systems of our Ego selves – and we continue to persist to exist within this cage.  The more we engage within this cage – be it fighting against it or subscribing to it, we feed energy into this belief system, strengthening the structures of this cage.  The stronger the structures, the more enmeshed within the Mass Consciousness, the harder to change.  The more we feed this belief system, the more extreme it can get, the more divided we become and strengthen to the Duality.

‘I AM’, the Divine Essence that is within all of us, is equal – and transcends colour, gender, sexual orientation and so forth, which are after all external trappings that embrace our true selves, ‘I AM’. We are all equal in the eyes of ‘I AM’. Whilst each ‘I AM’ resonance is different, thereby enabling us to fulfil our individual soul journeys and purposes, every single ‘I AM’ is equal – for the fulfilment of the Whole.

With this in mind, we all have a conscious choice of either :

  1. Staying within the current established structure of beliefs of inequality and maintaining status quo
  2. Staying within the current established structure of beliefs of inequality and fighting it from within
  3. Moving out of the current established structure and developing an new Awareness and Consciousness of Equality from ‘I AM’, and inspiring through behavioural examples.

With the new vibrations and energies that are coming through, we have the luxury of creating this new consciousness. Tap into ‘I AM” and allow this resonance to guide and motivate us to true equality and balance in embracing the differences of our resonance.

This may involve difficult decisions and actions of moving away from status quo or what is familiar. The more souls move into this New Consciousness of true equality via seeing and operating with ‘I AM’, the more we will be able to see that we are sum part of the Whole. Only in seeing the Fabric of Consciousness as a whole, can we appreciate the balance in these differences. Duality ceases to exist and we become

‘I AM’ Equal.



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