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‘I AM’ Being

Recently, I was asked this very good question during an interview and I thought I would share the question and my answer here. I was talking about ‘I AM’, and the interviewer very astutely asked me what is the difference between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’? Does ‘Being’ means just sitting around and waiting passively, whiling the time away?

‘Being’ is a matter of focusing on our internal work and aligning and centering with the divine resonance of ‘I AM’. ‘Being’ is also focusing on flowing the resonance of ‘I AM’ through our mental, emotional, physical and Ego selves – constantly aligning with ‘I AM’. Once we put in the effort of constantly embracing, embodying and aligning with ‘I AM’, this process will become natural to us, much like breathing.

In this state, we can just Be in the resonance of ‘I AM’, and attract to us what is in our vibration. We will not need to work, fight and struggle to get what is our resonance. All we have to do is ‘Be’.

Allow me to give you a simple example. This is by no means a Soul Calling, but it illustrates my point of ‘Being’ quite well. As I have shared before, one of my hobbies involves using these beautiful hand made products from a company based in Belgium. Hand made and highly in demand, these products fly off the shelves during the infrequent restock. So, many customers are left empty handed and wanting, needing to wait a year for restock of specific individual items. So, there are plenty of complaints and rants in this company’s fan page. I, on the other hand, have only been involved in this for six months and have managed to collect all the items that I needed. I have never had to stalk the site – I have always been at the right place, at the right time – heeding an intuitive call. Being in ‘I AM’, I did not have to struggle. I could just attract.

Using the principle of this example, we can apply it to our soul calling. For example, by Being in ‘I AM’, we can attract our soul partner instead of going out and finding them. ‘Going out’ and ‘finding’ is ‘Doing’. Attracting is ‘Being’.

So, we can apply this principle to any part of our lives, and we can Be – happy, joyful and in love. By embracing and embodying ‘I AM’, we will be in our Divine Resonance, flowing with our Soul Path and Plan.

What we do have to be aware of is constantly staying and Being in that resonance. We need to detach from the dramas of what is happening around us, observe but not participate. We have to be careful to not allow any external forces to shift us out of our alignment.

Sometimes, moving into our alignment means that our world around us will change and shift – there will be the dropping away of what does not fit our resonance, sometimes unexpected, and the bringing in of the New. This is especially pertinent in this New Consciousness.

Have faith in ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Being.



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