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‘I AM’ My Beliefs

beliefs-2We live in a busy world, constantly inundated with noise – from the time we are born until the time that we pass on. These days, with the increased use of Social Media, the noise around us is very nearly deafening. So much of this noise, especially those that we are exposed to at a young age, translates into our conditioned belief systems, which we hang on to as we are progress through life. Vibrationally, these conditioned beliefs flow through all parts of us – emotional, mental and physical bodies, and are ensconced in our Ego selves.

Where these conditioned beliefs stop short at is at our ‘I AM’ selves. The ‘I AM’ holds our true, pure, divine resonance so strongly, that it does not waver. Our ‘I AM’ vibrates at a much higher frequency than any of the external noise, that ‘I AM’ is not impacted by the noise at all.

We have this glorious resource within us – and the only way to access the resonance of ‘I AM’ is through silence and stillness. ‘I AM’ holds our divine resonance yet just speaks in the softest and most fleeting of whispers, easily overwhelmed by the pomp and fireworks of the loud, noisy external world. However, in silent stillness, the pure true tones can be heard, and be integrated – and then we can embody our divine resonance – divine beliefs.

When our beliefs originate from ‘I AM’, it feels right – it feel authentic. As the beleif-6vibration of our ‘I AM’ beliefs ripple outwards through our emotional, mental and physical bodies, we feel a sense of peace. Ensconced in our Ego selves, we are then aligned and whole – our inner voice matching the resonance of outer noise that we expose ourselves to – no matter what the situation is.

When we work from the resonance of ‘I AM’, our beliefs, and therefore decisions and actions, are free of insecurity and fear. We are able to flow with our divine resonance, and things will fall into place swiftly – whether they are opportunities for growth or experiences that we create for ourselves.

We are and create around us what we believe within us. So, why not embrace and embody the resonance and the beliefs of the ‘I AM’? What is stopping us from turning to still silence and listening closely to ‘I AM’? What excuses, disguised as reasons do we tell ourselves, that keeps us in the busy of the external and opposed to the serenity of the internal.

Every action and decision we make is a choice – free will. So, shall we choose to be tethered to the outside and work inwards OR shall we choose to embrace ‘I AM’ and allow our pure resonance to flow outwards?

These are choices that we need to make – there are no right or wrong ones – just what are best for us. In choosing our beliefs, and where they originate from, belief-4we need to take responsibility for the outcome of our choices, and what experiences and situations our choices create for us.

‘I AM’ my Beliefs.



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