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‘I AM’ Blessed

In this fast paced, high octane life that we seem to lead, stress seems to be the most common state most people constantly find themselves in. Bruce Lipton, in his book, the Biology of Belief, gave an amazing analogy in that the life that we lead is similar being trapped between a hard rock and a hungry tiger, ready to devour us. The funny thing is that we create our own ‘tigers’ by choosing to overload our time and live for the future. We constantly place ourselves under so much duress that in fending off the invisible tiger, we constantly miss the fruit trees just next to us, bursting with nutritious, sweet, juicy goodness.

Instead of focusing on being stressed, why not focus on being blessed?

The lives we lead now keep us anticipating the future. However, what it prevents us from is focusing on the present, and the simple abundance that we have all around us. The gifts of time and energy are truly a blessing, and we choose what we use them for. We have the choice of what and how much we pack into our minutes. So, make the choice to fill the time to feel more blessed. Sometimes changes need to be made to make these choices, but it is up to us to prioritise what is most important for us.

When we keep focusing on how stressed we are, the Universe listens and acquiesces. So, our time and energy will continuously be filled by that, which stresses us out. When we keep focusing
on how blessed and grateful we are, the Universe listens and obliges too. So, our time and energy will be filled by blessings.

‘I AM’ Blessed keeps us in a state of Grace and Calm.

Physiologically, staying calm is so much healthier for us. It keeps us in the present. It helps us be mindful to all the small abundance that is all around us – precious moments with our favourite people, the ability to do what we enjoy, the material comforts that enables us to be, the food that we eat.

‘I AM’ Blessed keeps us focused on what we have. Being stressed keeps us focused on what we lack.

I remember telling a student about this, and her response was that anyone who lives a ‘Blessed’ life is lucky. What she could not fathom is that our most authentic state, our ‘I AM’, is divine and is full of blessings in it’s own right. When we embrace and embody ‘I AM’, we embrace and embody all the miracles and blessings that the divine presents.

Our mental and emotional bodies keep us in a stressful state. ‘I AM’ keeps us in a state of being ‘Blessed’.

So – moving from a state of being stressed to being blessed is just a matter of shifting our
perspective from :

  1. Anticipating the future to Being the in Present 
  2. What we lack to what we have. 
  3. Being forced to spend our time and energy on what makes us stressed to choosing to invest in what fills us with blessings.
  4. Staying in Ego, Mental and Emotional planes to Embracing ‘I AM’.

Move from being stressed to ‘I AM’ Blessed – it is really a choice.



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