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‘I AM’ In the Moment

Present 1I must admit that being someone with an active mind, Being in the Moment is one of the hardest disciplines for me to Master. When I was a young child, the meditation part of the Religious Class I attended was the most frustrating segment of the week for me. “Still your mind and focus on the flame in front of you….” seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle. How was that even humanly possible? So, being solely in the moment, and not jumping to the past and / or the future, has proved to be a challenge.

However, one thing that my jumbled mind has made me feel is anxious – contemplating so many ‘What If’s’ as opposed to focusing on ‘What Is’.  Looking back, I just cannot believe the amount of energy I’d expanded fretting about the hundreds of pessimistic probabilities that would never come to fruition. What I did to help me get through this daily jumble was to journal my thoughts. Once I got into that habit and organize all my thinking on paper, and I started to Be in the Moment.

Over the years, through the sifting and shifting of buried emotional traumas, I have realised that my head is calming more, and I am more able to Be in the Moment.

Now, I have an added piece of arsenal in my kit – ‘I AM’. Every day, I take some time to connect to and align with ‘I AM’ part, deep within my core. The few seconds that I take to do this helps me Centre and just Be Present. There are times when I fall out of my centre – but all I have to do is to align with ‘I AM’ and I find it again.

Moment 5The investment into the eventual calming of my active mind has paid dividends. I find that I am more at peace now than I ever have been. The battles in my head between ‘What Should Be’ compared to ‘What Is’ or ‘What I Have To’ as opposed ‘What I Want’ have more or less stopped…. When I work from ‘I AM’, I always see the ‘What Is‘ more clearly than before. The millions of probabilities that used to plague me have disappeared – no more ‘ What ifs

‘I AM’ in the Moment makes me focus on What Is.

What Is’ gives me clarity – clarity of mind, emotion and of Being. Life is so much simpler.

What Is’ is tangible, real and what is in front of me now. Decisions are made more easily. There is space to relax and to be in Joy – Life is not cluttered anymore. Thus, it enables me to milk every experience to the fullest – to observe and enjoy every second.

Being in the Moment helps me make the most of my time – which is one of the most precious commodities we all have.

Moment 4Whilst it is a work in progress, ‘I AM’ in the Moment is a calming, freeing and
rather blissful State of existence – It really is the ultimate Spa experience of Being.




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