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‘I AM’ The Sculptor

Life is seems to just move in cycles – the cycle of day and night, the year’s cycle around the sun, the seasonal cycles, and so on and ultimately, the cycle of life and death. As we live through these cycles, it can be so easy to fall into the routine doldrums and sleep walk through life, constantly running on the hamster wheel, expelling much energy, not going anywhere, in caged existence.

However, we are not in a caged existence, except that which is created in our own minds. We are free and empowered Beings, able to choose the direction we go on, and the goals we wish to reach. We can carve out our futures with just our thoughts, emotions, and deeds, all anchored in the resonance of ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ the Sculptor of my Life.

In Life Between Lives Regression, we learn that we are the ultimate architect of our lives. We plan and structure the bigger picture of the life that we come down to live. We choose both the main people and events in our lives, those that have the biggest impact. We also choose the lessons we wish to work through, the methods we wish to work through them, and the spiritual work that we choose to pursue whilst being in a physical body.

‘I AM’ the Sculptor of my Life.

Once we are incarnated on Earth, we can then continue to sculpt our existence. At each point, we have free will. Every time we choose a path, including choosing to give away our choice, we are sculpting our lives, creating our existence. Every choice comes with consequences, and when we choose, we are embracing one set of consequences and forsaking another. So ultimately, what we go through in our lives is our responsibility. If we look back on our lives, we will be able to see the path that we have carved out for ourselves that enabled us to end up right where we are.

The powerful thing that we can do moving forward is to leave the past behind and carve out our future. 

‘I AM’ the Sculptor of my Life.

As the cycle of life rolls on, we can live with intent and sculpt the direction and path that we choose to take. Living with intent simply means living each day with a purpose and a vision. The more we live with intent, the stronger our artistry in creating our life will be.

How do we start live a life with intent :

  1. Every morning, embody the resonance of ‘I AM’ – this can be done via meditation or with intent, for those who are practised in embracing their ‘I AM’ Resonance.
  2. Once in the resonance of ‘I AM’ make an intent on how you would like your day to go. It is also possible to focus on the specific highlights of the day and create an intent for those highlights (eg: interviews, performances, presentations, etc…)
  3. Once the intent is made, release it with the resonance of ‘I AM’ into the Universe. Sending it out with the resonance of ‘I AM’ ensures that what you create and receive is aligned with the vibrations of your true essence. Also, there is no place for fear in the ‘I AM’ resonance, thereby ensuring that your vibrations will not fall.

This process can be repeated as many in a day as possible providing that there is a consistency in the intent. If there is an inconsistency in the intent, or contradictory intent, they cancel one another. There must be a strong conscious awareness of emotions, thoughts, Ego self and ‘I AM’ self when creating these intents that will work for us.

‘I AM’ the Sculptor of my Life.

It is time to move away meandering through life with a metaphorical begging bowl – hoping and wishing we could get some alms through some good fortune. It is time to sculpt our lives according to the resonance of ‘I AM’ and create our lives to be what we would like it to be.

Enjoy the artistry of ‘I AM’.



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