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Create from ‘I AM’

In this ever changing and convoluted world, we can regain our power to navigate our own lives. When we embrace and honour ‘I AM’, and finally belong to ‘I AM’, we can draw of our authentic resonance and create the world around us.

Reacting to the external circumstances outside of us makes us feel like we are out of control. Sometimes it feels like we are moving from one change to another, caught in a riptide that we cannot control. Sometimes it also feels like we are stonewalled when we are trying to breakthrough. Nothing can be more frustrating – and sometimes feel disempowering.

However, we are in control of how we react to the extenuating circumstances. Once we embrace and embody our authentic resonance, we can then take control of how we can create our lives moving forward.

For example, if we are stonewalled, we can either move around it, or break it down totally, drawing on the strength of ‘I AM’. If we are caught in a riptide, we can draw on the strength of ‘I AM’ and keep our head above water until we can swim towards where we would like to head towards, or kick and try to swim away from the riptide.

All it takes is embodying our ‘I AM’ and having the strength and courage to create from our authentic resonance.

When we create our lives from ‘I AM’, we are incredibly empowered. We embrace our own inner power. Because we belong to ‘I AM’, we are surrounded by those resonant with ourselves and what we do and we will have a strong support group.

This sometimes does involve us making a lot of courageous decisions. We need to :

  1. Give up the temporary illusions of what makes us secure – like work, relationships and the like.
  2. Step out of our comfort zone into our light and shine brightly
  3. Work through our inhibitions and put ourselves out there to be seen
  4. Let any vicious critics wash over ourselves, and accept and take notes from those who have our best and resonant interest at heart
  5. Surf any changes, twists and turns, and grab any opportunities that are in resonance with us, even though we are uncertain of the outcome, whilst having faith that we will reach our destination

Creating from ‘I AM’ takes a lot of courage. The road may not seem to be as safe as the more secure but dissonant path. Sometimes it may seem that we are making illogical decisions that do not make sense at that time. However, we are following our hearts and ‘I AM’. This will make sense and make it all worth while in the end.

We just have to keep the faith and keep creating from ‘I AM’.

The fire of ‘I AM’ that burns within will keep our dreams alive. When it bears fruit, all those brave steps will be worth it. We would have fulfilled our soul purpose. We would have gone through involution and evolution.

Create from ‘I AM’.

Look out world – here we come.



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