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‘I AM’ Detached

As more and more changes, guised as chaos, washes over us, it could feel very discombobulating. That which is familiar continues to crumble – for some, this includes belief systems, ways of life, material matters, relationships, work and maybe even change of homes.

For some, these changes may seem alarming. It may seem that their life is ‘being taken away’ or ‘disappearing’, that it is ‘unjust’ and ‘rules are being broken’. However, from a more intangible perspective, these changes are just evidence of a falling structure, breaking away to make way for the new.

During this time of change, it may be helpful to remember that the eternal flame of ‘I AM’ within us has gone through many changes, and still remains glowing strongly. Our birth, eventually our death, and if you believe it, the many lives that we have lived, or even existing in the form of Spirit – the Flame of ‘I AM’ continues burning brightly.

In order to move through change seamlessly, the Divine Seat of ‘I AM’ remains detached of any outcome or expectation. ‘I AM’ sets the example of how to navigate these choppy waters of change. Remaining detached from any outcome, will make this seemingly chaotic time more manageable.

When we are detached, we will :

  1. Flow smoothly with the changes
  2. Be open to all options that are presented to us
  3. Be filled with child like wonder and hope at anything that is in resonance with ‘I AM’

When we are attached, we will :

  1. Be resistant and will fight against the changes
  2. Be closed to all options that are presented to us.
  3. Be filled with fear and frustration at anything, without checking the resonance with ‘I AM’

Being detached, especially if we identify with and invest in our belief systems, way of life, job, etc, can be a challenging feat. When we put in much time and energy, and associate our self worth and ego state with what we have and what we are, we automatically attach. However, if we could look at it as an opportunity to grow, we could start the process of detachment with relative ease.

The process of detachment includes :

  1. Embracing and embodying ‘I AM’ – for ‘I AM’ is our authentic vibration, transcending any mental, physical, ego or mental hold on the old
  2. Be observers
  3. Trust in ‘I AM’ to help us find what is resonant with ourselves
  4. Consciously create our lives by manifesting aspects that are in resonance with ‘I AM’
  5. Hold onto Hope
  6. Expect the Unexpected

Physics teaches us that Energy transmutes and modulates consistently. As we are going through this shift, it is just another process of transmutation and modulation. Being detached and open enables us to flow with the shifting tides with much more ease.

‘I AM’ Detached.

Just keep with the flow.



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