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Divine Aspect

The Many Aspects of ‘I AM’

So, someone asked me if everyone’s ‘I AM’ is embodied in the solar plexus.

The answer is no.
I AM WHOLE aI AM is the Whole, housed in the entire vessel that is the physical body.

What we do is develop subconscious patterning that relates to various energetic centres of the body that suppresses or hides our I AM.

For example thoughts like :

  1. I AM not good enough – heart or solar plexus
  2. I AM unlovable – stored in the heart
  3. I AM not smart – stored in the head

Basically our I AM can be suppressed in any part of the body.

Thoughts are linked to emotions and when suppressed, the emotions are stored in the body. The more the subconscious patterning is repeated and affirmed, the more energy is suppressed and stored, the deeper the I AM aspect in that part of the body is buried.

Also, the number of energetic centres in which our I AM is suppressed is not limited to just one. Depending on our subconscious patterning, we could have multiple points. The depth of the suppressed I AM depends on the amount of conditioning that the thought or emotion has had.

So – how can we identify if our I AM is suppressed?

Be Aware of Anything that is Limiting.

Starting to develop an awareness of your thought patterns is key. Do you have repeating thoughts that are limiting? Do you say limiting things in your conversations in an off-handed way?Selfish, Selfless, Self First 2

Also, start being aware of your behaviour – do you find yourself holding back from an activity that your heart just craves to do? Do you put yourself last after everyone and everything

Don’t forget your emotions – do you find yourself continously feeling small or are you triggered to feel emotionally contracted at all on a continuous basis? Maybe an envious feeling of someone else’s success? Or an indistinguishable tension or clogging of one of your energy centres?

Being subconscious patterns, it might be rather hard for you to pick up or to be aware of, because a lot of times, it slips just under your conscious awareness.   So it is important to get a close trusted loved one to also watch what you say and how you behave initially to help you spot patterns.

Once you have this awareness it’s as though the whole world opens up because now you have the choice to do something about it if it does not serve you or to leave it if it does.

There are many therapies to get to the bottom of these thoughts, emotions and behaviour that do not serve (Regression Therapy, psychotherapy, talk therapy and different forms of energy healing )… but we can start the process by ourselves. I call this basic method the CAB method – Create, Affirm, Believe.

Create – Create strong I AM affirmations that counters your subconscious patterning that does not serve. :

Eg: If your subconscious patterning is I AM ugly – your affirmation is I AM beautiful!

Also, make sure your affirmations are phrased in the positive :I AM As Above So Within

Eg : Use I AM beautiful as opposed to I AM not ugly.

Affirm – repeatedly using the A E I O U method with positive emotion.

Believe – Believe in what you are affirming – this takes time – you may have to fake it until you make it. It is about building new neural pathways, and this takes time until it is reconditioned. Believing is the first step toward embodiment.

The beauty is once we have embodied all the different aspects of I AM within,
we can just BE I AM.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Embodying my ‘I AM’

So I thought that discovering my I AM was the difficult part of the journey – but boy was I mistaken!

Embodying and integrating this new, powerful aspect is like a baby learning to walk for the first time – all thumbs, stumbling around in a familiar, yet simultaneously unfamiliar territory, finding my way around the changes in my reality.

When I was getting my degree in psychology almost half a lifetime ago, one of my favourite subjects was social psychology. One of the main premises of the subject is that an absolute reality dI AM THE REFLECTIONoes not exist – ‘reality’ is created by the perception of the person and solidified by personal and social conditioning.

This basically means that we have the power to create our reality via thoughts and perceptions.

We are not ‘stuck’ in the ‘reality’ we are in – we have the power and choice to change our reality and / or our perception of it.

Now that I have discovered my ‘I AM’ within myself, I have consciously chosen to change my reality to totally embody this aspect of me.

For example, second only to the Advanced Vibrational Techniques to bring about this change, was an Inner Child regression session, where I went to a memory as new born baby, hearing my parents fight. Not understanding what was happening, yet feeling extremely uncomfortable with the negativity, and I started crying. My parents did not hear me and continued fighting. It was at this time when I developed my first subconscious defining pattern – I do not exist.

The awareness and transformation of this memory was a powerful change for me.

Change is unfamiliar. So, as I am toddling around, acclimatising myself to my new reality, I developed the A E I O U framework help myself navigate this new territory.

A – Affirm : I developed short and sweet I AM affirmations

E – Embody : I physically embodied these affirmations using these steps every morning and evening

  • looking at myself in the mirror
  • standing with me feet planted hip width apart, knees unlocked
  • stared myself in the eye and
  • repeated the affirmations out loud at least 10 times with as much belief in them that I could muster.

Now, I am not going to kid you – I felt downright silly doing it at first. However the more I did it, the more I believed, the more I embodied, the more normal it felt.

I – Integrate : I stuck post it notes everywhere I live to remind myself of these affirmations (luckily I have an extremely understanding husband).

O – Own : I own my affirmations. I walk and talk them. ThI Am Hereey
ooze from my presence – Fake it until you make it, I always say. Eventually, through conscious   re-conditioning and re-alignment of my neural pathways, what I believe in becomes reality.

All this led to – U – Unlock and Understand my I AM

The beauty is once we have embodied all the different aspects of I AM within, we can just BE – I AM.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Discovering my ‘I AM’

There is a belief that each of us is the incarnation of the individualised presence of Source – the I AM Presence. The mighty I AM is defined as our unique and immortal true identity.

According to the wisdom of the Ascended Masters, our I AM Presence is a part of our being right now; it is not removed, it is not separated from us. The only separation we have is our own human consciousness, our sense of limitation, and the accumulation of vibrations from this, and previous lifetimes, that are less than the highest qualities of your Real Self.

I would take this further to say that our ‘I AM’ presence is held within us, within our bodies.

Divine I AM with Saying 1a

For as long as I can remember, I have always had awareness of a tightness in my upper belly – where the 3rd Chakra is held. It made my breathing very shallow, caused indigestion at times, but more than that, during times of stress, it tightened and squeezed my diaphragm, making me dizzy and nauseous.

The first time I tried doing anything about this tension was when I went for a Jin Shin Jytsu session with a good friend of mine who is a healer. Jin Shin is an ancient art of healing by harmonising the life energy in the body. I had first gone to her for healing microplasma. Once that was shifted, we started on my Solar Plexus.

Little did I know at that point that this was going to be a life long journey.

I was then drawn to Regression Therapy and now am a practising regression therapist and train other regression therapists. In the years of my training as a regression therapist, and through swap sessions with other talented therapists, I kept working on getting to the source of the tightness in my Solar Plexus. I visited countless past lives, current life events and even frozen Inner Child parts, peeling back the layers of the source of this tightness.

In the middle of 2015, in both running and participating in the inaugral Advanced Techniques in the New Vibrational Plane Retreat in Mount Shasta with my husband, these energy techniques were used on the remaining layers and nub of my tightness, where the source of the issue was discovered and shifted.

Hidden underneath that seemingly impenetrable rock of energy in my solar plexus was my I AM presence, waiting to be discovered.

Discovering my I AM

I AM my I AM presence.

There is nothing more powerful than the embodiment of that realisation.




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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