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‘I AM’ The Observer

observer-2As we are besieged with wave after wave of New Consciousness coming in thick and fast, the Shift is shaking so much up, which is manifesting into upheaval and chaos, as the old makes way for the new. Before the upheaval took place in places far away from where we live. However, as we are approaching the tipping point, there are but a tiny minority that is not impacted by the waves that are coming our way. Change is hitting home. The closer it is to home, the more we become participants, the more emotion is stirred up within us, the more entrenched we become in the drama of the change.

This does not necessarily have to be so.

We have the choice to just sit and observe.

Whilst we are on our path, as we drift through our lessons through life, our ‘I AM’ sits within our core. ‘I AM’ does not participate in the dramas of the Ego, Mental and Emotional bodies. Instead, ‘I AM’ just observes, holds and steers us down our course. Staying anchored and aligned to ‘I AM’ enables us to be Observers of the dramas of change.


One of the best ways of doing this is to switch our perception of the chaos and drama that the change is bringing in, from one of destruction to one of renewed growth. Like a Phoenix that is reborn after being burnt into ashes, we can hold the Vision that will emerge as a result of the change, as opposed to reacting to the actual change itself. When we are aligned to ‘I AM’ and hold the vision for the outcome, we can then move into the role of the Observer, as opposed to the Participant.

‘I AM’ the

The closer the change hits home, the more volatile the impact of the change will be, and the stronger our desire will be to be pulled into and participate one way or another. We have to careful to transcend our Ego of upholding our own personal agenda, transcend our own emotions and fears of change and stay rooted and anchored in ‘I AM’ and hold the space for change to take place.

Holding Space entails us to detach from the outcome. Once we are attached to the outcome of the change, we are automatically participants of the drama. Once we are attached, we will be affected mentally and emotionally by the events of change. Then we will be swayed by the choices and judgement of our Ego. By embodying ‘I AM’ and staying detached, we will be able to stay objective and observe.

Through observation, we are able to learn and see the change for what it is. And when we can see ‘What Is’, we will be able to illuminate our light. Even in illuminating our light, we need to suspend our judgement. Our personal judgements that are born from our Ego will dim the light of ‘I AM’, which will stop us from seeing clearly and from holding a clean space for what is to come.

As we align with the resonance of ‘I AM’, we will continue to be aligned with our path of continued growth and evolution in the shifting world. Together we can
ride the wave of shifting vibration to the new consciousness that is coming in.

observer-4Detach …. Observe …. Illuminate …. Flow.

‘I AM’ the Observer.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ in Flow

I Am in Flow I AM JoyChange – that word that sends shivers through one’s spine – sometimes shivers of excitement, and sometimes shivers of dread.

Change – a time when what is comfortable is yanked from under one’s feet, security blankets fall away and we are left in a place of new – wandering and wondering – what have I done?

In the past weeks, my husband and I have moved houses. There is a saying that after heart attacks and divorces, house moves is one of the most stressful times in our lives – where we uproot ourselves from what is routine, familiar, normal – to the unfamiliar, unusual, new.

Through out this entire time of unsettled unfamiliarity, as much as possible, I stayed within the ‘I AM’ space and held to the affirmation of ‘I AM’ in Flow.

And so ‘I AM’.

Change, though seems uncomfortable at first, presents us with such opportunities to grow and to evolve. It gives us the chance to purge what is unwanted and unneeded, and pursue new, fresh paths and avenues – that rare opportunity to paint on a blank canvas.Change with Ease and Grace

In Between Lives Spiritual Regression, 2 of the greatest life changing events we all go through is the birth and demise of a physical body. Our spirit has gone through this cycle of change countless times and becomes stronger for it. Whilst physically change can seem tough and overwhelming, the ‘I AM’ thrives and is enhanced by it. To flow with our ‘I AM’ is to flow with our true purpose of Being, and change is the first step to embracing and living from ‘I AM’.

By embracing and embodying ‘I AM’ in Flow, no matter what was thrown at me, I felt calm, comfortable and excited.

‘I AM’ in Flow.

When we were packing our old house, my husband and I had many cathartic instances, when we purged the old and sometimes unwanted – paperwork from yester-decade, material possessions, and items that link us to toxic relationships – that final letting go. Sigh… how much lighter and better we feel after getting rid of this burden.

On the flip side, there are plenty enhancements to our lives that I do miss. Again, ‘I AM’ in Flow helped me through because when we finally moved to our new house, not only did we find many elements that accorded to us the same essence that we missed, but in a different form, but there was so many other pleasant elements that this new experience offers.

‘I AM’ in Flow has really set the energy for the move for me. Even when things were not seamless, it did not seem that difficult or challenging. And now that we are here, everything seems so exciting – a new adventure is about to begin, and the world is a shiny pearl within the oyster of possibilities.

The house move is not the only change we are going through. Due to energetic shifts and the waves of new alignments coming in, we are all besieged with change. Some of these changes may wear the mask of fear or distress; where some may wear the mask of opportunities and adventure. Whichever the mask, embracing ‘I AM’ allows us to flow with the change in peace, calm and comfort.Flow for Calm Change

As I sit here, gazing at the seemingly thousands of stars sparkling in the calm velvety night sky, on the other side of this upheaval, I feel blessed for every opportunity that the Universe has thrown at me.

‘I AM’ in Flow has led to ‘I AM’ Joy.

‘I AM’ Grateful.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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