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The Gift of ‘I AM’

Every single soul – every single ‘I AM’ – is a gift.

It is a gift that you are here. It is a gift that your presence is touching someone. It is a gift that your love has just warmed the heart of another.

You are the gift – the gift of ‘I AM’.

For some, it is very difficult to believe that they are the gift. This is especially so if they have been conditioned over and over to believe that their unique individuality does not fit into the societal ‘norms’. This is also so when their contribution, efforts and input fall on deaf ears, or go unacknowledged or un-validated.

However, rest assured that everyone is a gift. Everyone’s contribution is a gift to the Wide Web of Consciousness.

There is a common perception that those who can influence the masses are the true gifts. There have been many – who have contributed greatly to the Web of Consciousness – we can all think of a few names. However, each person in this world touches at least one person in his or her lives. Each person is a gift to at least one person in his or her world.

Just imagine that tired, hardworking parent, raising a child, to give that child a better life. How that parent is a gift to that child… or the child who makes the parents’ day just with a smile? There is that lone shopkeeper giving an encouraging smile to a customer who has had a hard day… or the invisible bar tender who lent a generous ear to a sad person.

Every single on of these people is a gift to the other, whether or not they are acknowledged or appreciated.

Then there are the unsung heroes of the farmers, who toil the fields all day, in every kind of weather, whose energy is in the food that we consume. The amazing sanitation workers who clear our bins, and clean our streets, and unclog our sewers whose efforts go largely unnoticed. The list of unacknowledged gift givers go on and on – to put food on our table, to make our living hygienic and clean, to keep us safe and protected.

It is so easy to focus on what is not going right and take for granted the simple gifts that we receive – every single day.

There are so many of us who are unable to see or appreciate our gifts that we give to others, or the gifts that we receive from others. We are so busy waiting for the big moments, that we do not appreciate the simple abundance we receive.

The gift of ‘I AM’ is precious. We are all part of the wider Web of Consciousness, and we are contributing to the Web the entire time. Every single contribution could be a gift, as long as we perceive it to be a gift. All we have to do is embody our ‘I AM’ resonance and just BE. As long as we honour our authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, every contribution is a gift.

It is time we all start appreciating ourselves for what we really are – a unique and special gift.

Give the Gift of ‘I AM’.



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