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‘I AM’ With Grace

Grace – spiritual traditions for around the world share a similar understanding of this word. In Sanskrit, ‘Grace’ means to call or invoke God. In Christian terms, it means the infinite love, mercy, favour and goodwill shown by God. In Judaism, Grace means loving kindness. Grace is the energy that comes from the Divine Source. Grace is the recognition that everything and everyone is connected and sacred – the more we are in touch with the natural abundance of life, the less we need.

How do we achieve Grace in our lives? It begins with our journey of awakening and being aware. Whilst most people look for this Higher Power outside of ourselves to help with this journey, I say, turn inwards and look towards ‘I AM’. After all, ‘I AM’ is the seat in which the divine that resides within us. As we move from the Ego Self to the Divine ‘I AM’ Self, we commit to the process of awakening and being aware that everything is connected and sacred and abundant. We commit to embracing unconditional and non-judgemental loving kindness. We invoke the Divine within and radiate it out, touching all that we meet in an incomprehensible and marvellous way.

‘I AM’ with Grace.

I have been doing energy work with a long time client now, who has had a tough life. We have been dredging deep, sifting and filtering out years of trauma and abuse that has resulted in many suicidal tendencies. However, he is now ready to confront them, and he is bravely seeing and revisiting many memories and negative states that he has suppressed for a long time. He has said many times, that awakening is a difficult process, but he appreciates it because as he is confronting and exorcising his emotional and mental demons, his eyes are opening to a different reality around him. In overcoming his deepest fears, not only is he seeing anew, he is taking with him such deep wisdom that filters his new perception of the world.

In moving from his Ego Self to his Divine Self, he is moving with an appreciation of life, and sees the interconnectivity and magic that life brings. He is moving through his transformation with Grace – not disparaging (for sometimes it is really hard), not judging – just moving with love. Not only that, now he exudes Grace with his closest loved ones, when before he would give his power away. It is just wonderful to behold.

‘I AM’ with Grace.

In an era, where people are seen to be moving separately and disparately, there is more emphasis on the individual Ego-Self. There is also an increase in a sense of Entitlement. Separation of Individuals from the Whole has taken away collaboration and mutual respect. We are losing that sense of community. So, when the Ego does not get what the Ego thinks it is Entitled to, the Ego throws a tantrum. The Ego faces the fear of missing out, of not being good enough, and so Ego lashes out, separating itself further, through any negative thought, emotion or act.

As we move from Ego to ‘I AM’, we are moving from Being Entitled to Being with Grace. As we embody more and more of ‘I AM’, we start seeing the Divine in all and we appreciate life for all that is. We start moving through life with a deep calm. In Grace, we move closer towards acknowledging our link and connection to the Web and Fabric of Consciousness. In Grace, we reach that elusive peace.

‘I AM’ with Grace.




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