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‘I AM’ Hibernating

Sometimes we need to take our cues from Nature. This winter I have been taking my cue to join some of my fellow critter friends to hibernate.

Hibernating is one of the most loving things that I have done for myself.

When I say Hibernate, I do not mean physically going into a deep sleep, to slow my heart and metabolic rates down. Although there are people who do immerse themselves into meditation cycles that are so deep, for prolonged periods of time, that is physically similar to being in a hibernation like state.

I go into a more emotional and metal hibernation state. It is a time that I block out for no one else but myself. The only two souls that I let in are my two beautiful fluffy dogs, Petal and Angel.

It is when I give to myself the luxurious gift of time – to
just BE. If I wish for more sleep, I indulge. If I wish for more cuddles from the fluffies, I spoil myself. If I wish for quiet, solitude or reading or journaling, I give myself permission. Yes, and I have been known to take the time and indulge in movie marathons.

It is real time that I block out in my planner or diary. I make an appointment with myself, as I would for any client or interaction with anyone else. It is time that I take for myself and no one else.

I use this time to reflect, digest and process the hectic proceedings that happened before. It is a pause moment.

It is a time that I can just let go and let loose. It is a time that I can receive input as opposed to just giving output. It is the time that I am most inspired.

Most importantly it is the time that I take to really be in touch with ‘I AM’. It is the time I take to strengthen my connection with my pure resonance, and where I strengthen the embodiment of ‘I AM’ throughout my whole being.

Contrary to popular belief, doing nothing is actually doing something. Our entire self needs time to process, and hibernating brings the external doing to a halt, and allows our internal selves to go through the process of sorting and discarding. It is time for our internal and sometimes intangible selves to have a clear out.

I have had people tell me what I am wasting my time not being productive when I hibernate. In fact, once I have had my hibernation, I find that I am not only the most productive, but also totally thriving. I am totally rested, my batteries are charged, the small stuff do not bother me, I am more energised and I can be a lot more present and attentive.

I find that if people are either truly in your resonance, or if they love and respect you, they will understand and give you that space. They can see how this time is valuable for you, and they will appreciate you having it. If they do not, it is just worth thinking about whether their presence is needed in your space, and if so, it is then worth thinking about strengthening your boundaries for what you want. It is your choice at the end of the day.

Hibernating time includes not taking any calls, making
appointments, participating on social media, emails and meetings. It is not about going on vacation to an exotic far away land (although it does help greatly). It can be organised as a staycation – at home, surrounded by everything you love or nothing at all.

Take the time to hibernate and tap into ‘I AM’.

Gift yourself the luxury of hibernating once in a while.

It is worth it.



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