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Belong to ‘I AM’

Recently, I have read and heard so many souls, including clients, say that they do not feel like they belong. So many people are going through so much right now – pain, fears, chaos, confusion – especially as we are going through so many changes.

During this time of change, as security blankets are unexpectedly being ripped away from all of us, we are all confronted with our inner darkness. We feel so vulnerable, stripped down, exposed. Not necessarily to other people… but to ourselves.

Changes bring things up for us to reflect on. Reflection is confronting… and hard. However reflection is a great way to shed light on everything – both the darkness and the light.

Light works best in the light, and darkness works best in the dark. Light is enhanced by light, and darkness is dissolved by light. So, when we bring our perceived darkness into the light, it takes a lot of power away from it. We are not controlled by it.

This is not about doing anything about or hiding our shadow side. It is about accepting and flowing with it. It is the acceptance and understanding of our shadow side takes so much charge away from it. Once the power goes out from it, we can objectively decide what we are going to do about it – keep it or do something about it.

It is about loving all of ourselves – the light and the shadow – to truly belong.

If we do not belong with some of the souls, we can easily find others that we can belong with.

There are seven billion souls in this world. It is about attracting the small percentage of souls that share a similar resonance with you.

All we have to do is to go within, and embrace both the light and the dark, and honour our ‘I AM’ resonance. Let every choice we make come from our ‘I AM’ selves. Yes – there might be so much out there that is not in resonance with ourselves – where we feel anxious, that makes our stomach anxious and we are not in joy. The beauty is there is so much out there that is – where we feel excited, that makes us dance with glee and makes us feel relaxed and aligned.

Take our power back – we choose how we spend our energy and with whom we spend out time with. As long as we embrace and love both our light and shadow selves, our entire selves, it will not matter what others think about us. It only matters that we find those that we are in resonance with to belong to. Sometimes this takes us out of our comfort zone – a new job, a new ne relationship, a new circle of friends, a new country to move to – but as long as we have chosen, not out of fear, but out of honouring ‘I AM’, we will belong.

It is not about pleasing others to belong. It is about being authentic and honouring our own resonance, to belong to ‘ I AM’.

Belong to ‘I AM’ – and ‘I AM’ will lead us to where we belong, externally.

There is a place for all of us.



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