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‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey

This journey called ‘life’ is never a really straightforward one. It is complicated and convoluted and can seem very messy. The downs can be the pits, and the highs can be just incredible. We can sometimes feel the deepest possible hurt and pain, and sometimes we feel absolute bliss.

Normally, the shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line, and sometimes wouldn’t it just be easier for it to be so? However, despite our best intentions and wishes, in life that line gets diverted, divergent and moves all over the place – sometimes in messy curly wurlys that leave us dizzy and in a tizz.

However, at every point of our journey, and at every step, we can find moments in which to enjoy the journey. In fact, it might be in our highest interest to find a perspective that brings pleasure to our journey – little triggers that will change anxiety into excitement.

We always focus on our destination, on our goals, and sometimes on our deadlines. Whilst we are focused on the goal, we curse the times that divert or delay us meeting the goals, and we celebrate the events that get us closer. However, when we focus so much on the goal, we do not see the little gifts of the moment – the gifts of the journey.

The fact of the matter is that each step we take is a gift. Each step is a victory. Sometimes no matter how hard some days are, the fact that we wake up and brush our teeth is a victory. When we fall into a hole, it is an opportunity to grow and develop to find our way out of it. When we find ourselves out of the hole, we can celebrate this victory. When we are at a peak, we can relax into the joy and celebrate.

‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey.

Every decision we make, every choice – no matter how much pain or joy we feel, contributes to the involution and evolution of ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is the seat of the infinite divine within each of us – and ‘I AM’ continues on incorporating and growing from the experiences of our experiences.

The Bigger Picture does not end with us reaching the goal or the destination. The journey of ‘I AM’ is infinite. Enjoying the journey is key in enabling us to continue our growth.

We can start the process of enjoyment by starting a daily gratitude journal – in which we start to develop habits of seeing the positives of our day. Writing five things that we are grateful for really helps ground us into the moments of the journey that we have enjoyed.

When we start enjoying the journey, we are also more likely to push through the hard times, to embody the light.

‘I AM’ Enjoying the Journey.



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