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‘I AM’ In Flow

Surfing – a sport that I have always admired from afar. Just watching the surfers – paddling out to sea, with nothing between them and the deep ocean waters but a board made of plastic (in one form or another) and fibreglass, catching these enormous, powerful waves, standing on their boards and riding this swirling, swelling mass of water to shore – leaves me breathless.

One of the secrets to surfing, as I have been told by a surfer, is to be relaxed. The more relaxed they are, the easier it is for them to feel and flow with the wave, ending gracefully on shore. The more tense, the more resistant to the flow, the more certain the unceremonious wipe out.

If we could apply the same secret to ourselves, flowing with the waves of change that have been and are still to come, we will find ourselves easily navigating through the changes and unpredictability that we are faced with. Resisting these waves of change, based on our Ego, mental or emotional triggers will result in either a wipe out or staying stagnant in the ‘Old’.

At the end of the day, life will always throw us some curve balls, and unexpected changes. Whilst we may judge, from our narrow perspective, that the changes to be positive or negative, good or bad, desirable or undesirable, all these changes are there propel us to learn, grow and evolve. Given time, once the Ego settles down and the mental and emotional parts have expressed themselves, the deep wisdom of ‘I AM’ will illuminate the benefits of growth that our soul goes through.

‘I AM’ in Flow.

As we ride these waves of change, it’s worth bearing in mind that the main skill that surfers demonstrate is balance. We balance by finding our centre. The more centred we are, the greater our balance. The bigger our base of support, the easier it is to centre ourselves, the greater our balance.

Think about when you’re standing still and you slowly lean forward. The point at which you lose balance and have to step forward is the point at which your centre of mass is no longer over your base of support (the area between your feet). The bigger the base of support, the easier it is to balance (eg standing on one leg or two legs) The closer the centre of mass is to the base of support, the easier it is to balance. (eg laying down on the surf board compared to standing).

The greater our balance, the more confident we will be at surfing any waves that come our way. When we are not properly centred, our balance is thrown by a multitude of factors from the outside. Our adrenaline, our emotional reactions, our mental thoughts, our ego can easily slip us out of being centred. Extremism of any form will cause us to lose balance and for the board to tip into the wave, as opposed to flow with it. So staying centred is key.

‘I AM’, the eternal seat of the Divine within us, is our strongest base of support. ‘I AM’ carries our most authentic resonance. The more we embrace and embody ‘I AM’, the stronger we are in our Centre, the more Balanced we are – no matter what the circumstance – and the more confidently we are able to deal with whatever that is thrown our way.

‘I AM’ in Flow.

Enjoy the journey.




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