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Honouring ‘I AM’

‘I AM’ is our own unique divine resonance, deep within the core of our Being. It is from this unique resonance flows the influence of our thoughts, choices, decisions and actions. This is especially pertinent in silence, when we can hear the whispered deep wisdom of ‘I AM’, or in dramatic bursts when ‘I AM’ really wants to get your attention.

In the society that we are in now that are so many people who try to control or change or sometimes even hijack our path and / or light, for their own agenda or gain. This form of control does not serve our ‘I AM’, or their ‘I AM’ – only serves their Ego. It’s interesting to note how their Ego selves try to absorb the light of those around them, and even worse, reflect it out as their own. In allowing them to do so, we choose to stifle and dim our own light, and sometimes ignore our own path, and ‘I AM’ calling.

Many forms of manipulative techniques, disguised as virtuous, caring intentions, are used to do this. A sense of obligation or duty can be emphasised, playing the victim, emotional black mail, gas lighting as only just a fraction of methods employed to control someone to follow another soul’s Ego agenda, at the expense of the Light of ‘I AM’.

A friend of mine and her mother have a very complicated relationship as she is very skilled in manipulating others to follow her agenda.

Just to give you an example – the culture that her mother grew up in dictated that women must get married and start a family the minute they left University. So, she proceeded to organise matches for an arranged marriage for my friend. My friend, on the other hand, did not subscribe to both the cultural thinking or arranged marriage. Her mother never wanted to have an adult conversation with my friend about her choices needs or wants. Instead the mother wanted to control my friend. On two occasions when my friend refused her plan, the mother threatened suicide. Feeling guilty and afraid, my friend complied, only to pull out at the last minute because she felt stifled, controlled and knew it was so wrong for her.

On the third occasion, the mother threatened suicide again when my friend refused. My friend called her bluff. Her mother never tried manipulating her in that way again (and is still alive). My friend did get married, in her own time, to her own choice – following and honouring the resonance of her ‘I AM’.

Sometimes we have trusted colleagues or co-workers who plagiarise our work or ideas, or claim credit for it. This is especially prevalent in very competitive environments. These people are also working at dimming our light. Sometimes we have friends or trusted confidants who make small but many chiding, disrespectful comments, slowly grating and scrapping at our light.

However, the good news is that no body can snuff out our light, without our permission. The only person who can make that choice, make that decision, is ourselves.

The only way to stop these people is to have and enforce boundaries. Anybody who constantly tries to dim your light or highjack your path or disrespects your decision to honour and follow the resonance of ‘I AM’ is not worth having to close in your life. It is our choice though of when and how hard the boundary has to be in order for us to honour ‘I AM’.

In an ideal world, everybody can honour their ‘I AM’ selves, as well as everyone else’s. In the mean time, we need to make hard decisions, sometimes, and strong action, to honour ‘I AM’.

Honour ‘I AM’ for ‘I AM’ holds the most unique and divine resonance and purpose of ourselves.

Honour ‘I AM’ for ‘I AM’ is our most authentic blueprint or template of our existence.



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