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‘I AM’ The Secret

This seems to be an age where so many are searching and seeking for the ‘Secret’ – the elusive formula or knowledge that helps them in a myriad of areas in their lives – the secret of success, the secret of manifestation, the secret of immortality, the constant quest for that elusive peace, the secret of a nice work / life balance. There just seems to be this never ending search for this secret.

‘I AM’ is the secret. ‘I AM’ holds the blue print of our purpose. When we are steered by ‘I AM’, we will hold true to our course. And ultimately, we will be successful in meeting that purpose.

The Ego, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies are all aspects of ourselves that will fulfil our purpose. They are all important. However, the secret is for the Ego, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies to be aligned with ‘I AM’, and for ‘I AM’ to navigate and captain ourselves. The secret is to move from inside out, as opposed to outside in. The minute we are motivated by Ego, we break our link with ‘ I AM’ and may be steered off course.

It is worth pointing out though, that sometimes what is defined as success by ‘I AM’ is very different to the success of ‘Ego’. It is best to be clear about this. The Ego self measures itself with the external world, whereas ‘I AM’ just is and if there is any measure, it is from within. So what is considered to be successful in the external world, may not necessarily meet the course that is set by ‘I AM’, and vice versa.

So, when we are seeking the Secret, it is best to determine the Secret of the Ego Success or the Secret of the ‘I AM’ Success.

The Secret is also to not be attached to the material outcome of the path. It is best to be detached. In our conscious state, we sometimes do not know or understand the full measure of the purpose that we have incarnated. Nor do we have a full grasp of the Whole and how we impact it. Clinging onto an outcome when we don’t know the Whole is premature and unproductive. So, as long as we embody and embrace ‘I AM’ and are true to it’s resonance, we can be assured of being privy to the secrets of ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ is the Secret of Success – Follow the resonance of ‘I AM’ to meet the growth and evolution goals of the Divine seat within.

‘I AM’ is the Secret of Manifestation – when we are totally aligned with ‘I AM’ and our Divine Purpose, we will manifest all that we need in our lives.

‘I AM’ is the Secret of Immortality – whilst our physical bodies are the vessels that house and enables ‘I AM’ to function on this plane, it is temporary. ‘I AM’, however, is eternal and continues journeying for different experiences.

‘I AM’ is the Secret to Finding Love – when we meet our chosen life partner/s, our ‘I AM’ will recognise the resonance of this soul, and will tell us very quietly but firmly that it is them. As long as we tune into the resonance of ‘I AM’, and not the Ego, we will find that love for that experience.

‘I AM’ the Secret

Shhhhh….. 😉



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‘I AM’ Loving Myself

Beloved Child of UniverseI need to ask – when is it that we stopped loving ourselves – really caring and nuturing, appreciating ourselves? When did we start taking ourselves for granted, pushing ourselves to our limits – and then some? When did we stop taking the time to pat ourselves on the back for achieving something? When we get a little run down why do we curse our limitations instead of seeing it as a way that our body is crying out for rest and nurturing?

When did we start accepting that working in jobs that we are not happy in or do not satisfy our souls’ longing to pay our bills is what we deserve? When did we start accepting that staying in a relationship or keeping a friendship that is not in our resonance is the best thing for us?

The more important question is why?

I’ve heard all the reasons – we have responsibilities, we don’t have the luxury of doing what we want, we do this to survive, it’s just the way it is, what other choice have I got?

‘I AM’ Loving Myselfthat’s a choice we have.

Do I need more time for self reflection? Take it – the laundry can wait another day.

Do I need a more fulfilling job, that stirs my passion? Find it – no employer or job is indispensable.

Do I need a life partner who is more in resonance with my vibration and loves me for who I am? Go for it – do not settle for less.

‘I AM’ Loving Myself.

Our ‘I AM’ holds our individual divine imprint and vibration of Universal Source. This is our unique make up and resonance. When our outside is in dissonance with our ‘I AM’ within, we are sent warning signals from our ‘I AM’ – starting Deeply Accept Myselfgently at first, and growing more acute if the dissonance gets stronger or continues for long periods of time :

  1. Feeling Dissatisfied with everything in life
  2. General feeling of malaise or lethargy
  3. No joy or passion for life – leading to low moods, and even depression
  4. Insomnia
  5. Mental unrest – leading to anxiety
  6. Physical pains or diseases (acute or chronic)
  7. Not feeling comfortable in own skin

The worse it gets, the louder the signals become – self harm, destructive
behaviour, feelings of wanting to end life.

‘I AM’ Loving Myself.

What can we do to start loving ourselves more?

  1. Develop a relationship with and get to know our ‘I AM’ selves.
    1. Find some time daily to make a date and connect with ‘I AM’
    2. Journal, go for a walk alone, meditate to connect and embody ‘I AM’

To connect with ‘I AM’ within, one has to disconnect from everything else outside. Is it not worth it and important to make time for the most important relationship in our lives – our selves?

  1. Check continuously to make sure that the vibration of everything outside of us is in resonance with our vibration within. Whatever fills us with passion and joy and enables us to be and express who we are is in resonance.
  2. If something is not in resonance ‘I AM’, it is time for a change. Sometimes change maybe the ‘harder’ path on the outside, but is the most fulfilling one within.

I have heard people scoff and say realistically it is not feasible to pursue their ‘I AM’ resonance. I say, we create our reality via our choices, beliefs, thoughts, actions, and reactions to change.I Am not for Me

‘I AM’ Loving Myself.

Choose ‘I AM’.

Choose to honour and nurture ourselves.




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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