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‘I AM’ Surrounded by Magic

Magic 6In July, I had the extreme pleasure of spending a week with some incredible students during the Advanced Vibrational Techniques in the New Plane retreat. It was an amazing week that was full of fun and laughter, mutual love and respect as well as giving and receiving as we stepped into the New Vibrations and learned a new way of Being in these new times.

It was also a week of wonder and I was reminded every single minute of the day, how we are surrounded by magic, that we just don’t realise.

Just to give you an example, whilst in Mt Shasta, a student and I went to these lovely water falls in the forest. It was an amazing place. This first photo shows what we saw with our naked eyes.

Magic Waterfall

Then, my camera captured these photos of the same waterfall.

Magic Waterfall 3 Magic Waterfall 2

Each person interprets and receives the frequencies carried in these images in their own way, according to their individual resonance. I summarise all these interpretations into one word – Magic – and is everywhere around and within us.

During the course, the one thing that we all realised deeply is that in the world we normally live in, we have blinders and are unaware of the intangible around us. In reality, however – ‘I AM’ Surrounded by Magic.

‘I AM’ is the most subtle part within us, the most intangible, and the most magical. There is magic within all of us…. and when we tap into and embody it, the world reflects the magic from our Essence. Amazing synchronicities occur around us.

For example, when my husband and I moved homes, we knew we had a lovely patio in the back garden that we could use when the weather is nice, and enjoy alfresco meals. We met our new neighbours and saw that they had a specific type of garden furniture that we wanted. We made the intention to purchase a set as soon as we could, after we had set up our home. The next day was beautiful,Magic 4 and as I was preparing dinner, I told my husband “Wouldn’t it be nice to have the furniture so we could have dinner outside.”

Five to ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I answered it, and there was a lovely man who said “Hello. I have this ‘specific’ outdoor furniture and as it is a display set, you could have it at a third of the price.”

I stood there for a second, gawking at him, hardly believing my ears. Then, this poor bewildered man took a step back as I asked him, very excitedly and passionately, who informed him that we wanted this exact furniture, and if our neighbours called him. He stammered and stuttered, that he occasionally came to the area and sold Display furniture door to door – this time it happens to be an entire suite of the specific furniture we require. My husband gave it his approval, after thoroughly looking over the quality of the suite.

That evening, we enjoyed our dinner, outside on the patio, with our new garden furniture.

‘I AM’ Surrounded by Magic.

These are but two of the examples of how magical the world is around us. ThereMagic 2 is magic within and around us all the time. Our Essence is the most magical part
of us, yet the most quiet, and subtle. However, if we can silence our thoughts
and emotions, stay centred and mindful, we will be able to hear and embody ‘I AM’ a lot more.   When we embody and believe in the magic of ‘I AM’, our world will reflect the magic all around us.

‘I AM’ Surrounded by Magic.



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‘I AM’ A Unicorn

Purest Part of OurselvesOur back garden looks out onto a paddock that houses a most majestic white horse that often meanders into our line of sight to graze.  This rather quirky and whimsical blog is inspired by our neighbor’s horse. Everyone whose seen her says she is actually a mythical Unicorn, a figure that I was so fascinated with as a child.

So, just for fun, I looked up the meaning and symbolism of Unicorns and realised that Unicorns are not necessarily a myth – and that in fact, ‘I AM’ a Unicorn.

Unicorns symbolise magic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment. Unicorns bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who see and get in touch with them.

‘I AM’ is the divine spark within us – ‘I AM’ is the God-sence that we carry within. ‘I AM’ is pure, innocent and enchanting. In embodying and acknowledging ‘I AM, we can tap into the deep wisdom of God-sence and draw on its magic to create our own miracles for our lives.

It is said that when we are in the presence of a Unicorn, we are in the presence of a highly spiritual essence that encompasses all realms matter and spirit. ‘I AM’ is the spark of pure Source within – ‘I AM’ is the highly spiritual essence of ourselves, that holds our divine and unique spiritual imprint within our physical / matter selves.

It is said that to kill a Unicorn is to destroy the Divine Incarnation of purity, perfection and wonder. Whilst we are unable to destroy our ‘I AM’ selves, we certainly stifle ‘I AM’ thereby denying ourselves the purest, most perfect and wonderful parts of us.

Unlike the Unicorn, ‘I AM’ is within us. Unlike a Unicorn, ‘I AM’ is real, every day, always there part of ourselves. but only if we acknowledge it…. align with it …. embody it …. Be it.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is to acknowledge ‘I AM all I AM Enchanting 2that I AM’ – and to align with ‘I AM that I AM’. Once we embrace the vibration of our I AM, our pure selves, doors will magically open and all we will see and acknowledge is miracles that we have created.

‘I AM’ as Unicorn.

Since I have been on this journey to embrace and embody my ‘I AM’ self, I have slowly been breaking through conditioned behaviour and limiting beliefs that I have been carrying for so many years. Whilst I have only just begun the journey (in this life anyway) I have seen so many changes which I regard positively honour my ‘I AM’.

  1. I find that I AM standing in my power more, speaking my truth more loudly.
  2. I find that my interests and hobbies have changed significantly and have become more meaningful.
  3. I find that I AM only pursuing areas of work that are fully in resonance with myself, and I am in passion and joy with the work that I do.
  4. I find that I AM grateful most of the day, nearly every day (I am working to getting to be grateful all day, every day).
  5. I find that doors, time and space are opening up for me to embrace my ‘I AM’ and passions that resonate with my deeper self.
  6. I find that my relationships and friendships are changing – and no matter what, I AM attracting people that are in resonance with ‘I AM’ and keep me in Joy.
  7. I find myself honouring me and Being more – it is so relaxing.

I have had people around me saying that embracing the ‘I AM’ path is not I AM Pure Sparkrealistic.   Well, it is real for me, and I AM constantly surrounded by magic, miracles and enchantment.

The magnificent white horse is a constant reminder of my ‘I AM’ self.

‘I AM’ a Unicorn – Are you?



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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