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Stamping our ‘I AM’ Imprint

I AM Cast Stamping Imprint‘I AM’ – two most powerful words.

Every time we cast an ‘I AM’ word, thought or deed – even a whisper or sliver – the vibration ripples throughout the cosmic ocean, stamping our I AM imprint.

‘I AM’ is creation.

Every single association with ‘I AM’ forges a link between the ‘I AM’ with the action, description, and identity that is put together with it – creating the energetic imprint for the ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ is vibrational resonance

Every single ‘I AM’ uttered and thought of, creates a vibrational resonance with the energy and intent associated with it. Of course, these resonant strands are also released into the oceanic cosmos – contributing to the vibrational resonance of the greater consciousness.

I Am the Physical Manifestation of the DivineWe have all chosen to exist in this plane at this existing time. It is a time when Earth has chosen to hold two different vibrational planes at the same time. The beauty of this is that we have the free will to choose which plane we wish to BE on. We have all chosen to contribute our energetic imprint into the greater cosmos.

Since embarking on my I AM journey, I have realised just how precious all that exists are. Everything and everyone contributes energetically to the whole, including myself.

I have spent so much of my life hiding within my contracted power, making my ‘I AM’ so small and insignificant. I used to cheapen my ‘I AM’ by limiting it. I used to self deprecate, self criticise everything about me, compare myself to everyone else and live by other people’s rules and expectations. Most of my imprints started with – I am NOT…. and ended with limiting and doubting every facet of my life – including my health, my intelligence, my propensity to attract, my successes, my worth – everything.

Visually, I realised that I have been contributing wispy, jagged tendrils of energetic threads into the cosmos, contributing to the vibrational chaos and dissonance. Until now, I have taken for granted the importance of my existence to the greater Whole. All because I had not stepped into my I AM.

Not anymore….

Every authentic I AM Imprint is so important to the greater whole. I used to say as long as we help or inspire at least one soul, we have made our contribution. But now I say as long as We Are, we fulfil our reason for Being – be it having a global impact, or just to oneself.

I have realised that the important thing is to stay true to my Essence. We are all
I AM Magnificent 2 the physical manifestation of the Divine… all unique and just as crucial to the whole as the other.

What has helped me shift my I AM imprint is my I AM Journal. Every night before I go to bed, I write 5 -10 things that I AM – positive things that I AM. I used to find it difficult to write 3 things, but now …. I am up to about 10 sometimes. The more I write, the more my I AM is embodied in my Being, and the more it is rippling through and being imprinted in the cosmic consciousness.

Slowly, I am coming to the realisation that I AM Good Enough.Accepting my Essence, Honouring Me

In fact – I AM Magnificent!

Accepting my Essence, Honouring my Existence – Just Being in my I AM – I AM contributing to the Whole – I am stamping my I AM imprint.



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