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‘I AM’ Leaving it in the Rearview Mirror

During any times of change, what used to work before may not work for us now. As this is a massive changing of times, things are have been buried deep are being dug up and flung to the surface for us to sift through and decide whether it still works for us or not.

Leave what does not work behind.

Letting go of relationships can be very painful. But keeping one that is toxic, negative, does not serve and does not let you shine is even more painful. Being in relationships that enables your ‘I AM’ to shine bigger and brighter than the previous day is the most precious gift anyone can give you. Any relationship that dims your divine light does not belong in the new. So it is time to sift and filter through whom we want in our new life as well.

Those who are part of our history are not necessarily part of our destiny.

Why hand onto the old when there are so many new adventures to explore and pursue ahead? One of the most liberating things is to break all unwanted ties and freely moving forward with what resonates with ‘I AM’, without any dead weight dragging us down. This includes toxic thoughts and noxious emotions, old grudges and obsolete belief systems.

Leave what does not resonate with our authentic selves behind, including the painful dramas and bitter wounds.

As we prepare to forge forward, is it not freeing to drop obligations and ‘shoulds’. People try to hold one another to so many things, just to satisfy their own agenda, without even considering how it impacts the other. Is it not freeing to break away from this and just create a life of what we can, what we can and what we love?

Yes – choices have to be made. Some of these choices can seem very painful at that point. However, when these choices are made by embodying and honouring the ‘I AM’ resonance, we are choosing to acknowledge our soul path, and what is in our highest interest. At the end of the day, it is the most loving thing that we can do for ourselves.

Imagine that you are going on a road trip that is full of joy and excitement and that you can pack whatever you want in your car for that exhilarating adventure. Destination – the New Consciousness. What would you choose to pack? What music would you choose to listen to? Who would you want to take that journey with you? What would you like to do on that journey?

Now that you have packed everything you want with you for this road trip, it is as simple as getting into that car and driving off, leaving all that you don’t want, and does not serve you in your review view mirror.

It’s about forward momentum.

No Baggage.

‘I AM’ leaving it in the rear view mirror.



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