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‘I AM’ The Beginning

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by Him. In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of Man (John 1)

These are such beautiful words from the Bible, especially when we apply it to the context of ‘I AM’, the Divine within. In the beginning, there was ‘I AM’ – sparks of divine essence, or Source, or God – whatever you wish to call this – and is within every natural being with a consciousness. In ‘I AM’ is Life and the Divine Light and Radiance of All. This beautiful saying just reminds me of the Divinity of everyone and All, and how radiantly beautiful All is. It allows me to tune in and to connect to the magic of All around me. More importantly, this saying reminds me that we are indeed One – United through our pure essence.

At an intangible energetic level, there is no separation between us. Whilst our resonance may be different, we are all inextricably linked through the Fabric of Consciousness. At a tangible level, however, with our external selves, there is separation. The moment we are born and leave our mother’s womb, we experience our first big physical separation. Then we are taught we are better than animals and plants and all the other natural wonders. This is the start of a mental separation. Then we are taught the gender roles, religious differences, racial differences, academic differences, socioeconomic differences – cultural conditioning that sows the seeds of Ego separation. The Ego then leads to judgemental belief systems – what is good, what is bad, all the different sorts of ‘Rights’, the opposing Wrongs – leading to Duality and conflict – the ultimate Separation.

However, at the beginning, at the core, there is still ‘I AM’ – vibrating subtly, quietly through the Web of Consciousness – connected and united.

All the while, our resonance is different – which is perfect. Through the different resonance comes balance. Balance is important to maintain healthy Web. Extremism is the anthesis of balance, and separates. Balance anchors us in wisdom, and grounds us in stability. Balance is about coming to the centre.

Duality is two sides working in Separation, for personal goal. Balance is two sides working in Unity, for a common goal.

So, if we can bring everything back to ‘I AM’ and sit quietly, absorbing the wisdom of this deep well, then we can see at our core the Light of All. ‘I AM’ united with All. ‘I AM’ One with All. Though different, always equal. Always in Balance. Always One.

Together, collectively in ‘I AM’, should we feel inclined to do so, we are able to weave the Fabric of Consciousness to the New Vibrations. Or maintain the Fabric as is.

Whatever the choice, it all begins with ‘I AM’.

So, as we say Goodbye to this current year, and approach the New Year, embrace the Beginning. Make a resolution to embrace and embody ‘I AM’ and see what unfolds.

‘I AM’ the Beginning.




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