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Non Judgement

‘I AM’ Purposeful

One undeniable fact is that every single one of us has our divine seat of ‘I AM’ nuzzled firmly within us, that holds our own unique purpose for being here – no matter how broken or down trodden, and no matter how many judgements are passed.

At times, we all have strong opinions. Unfortunately sometimes those strong opinions can translate to judgements. Judgements are made from the very limited perspective of the person who has made the judgement. Whilst they may have a snap shot view of what another is going through currently, they have no idea of what has happened the in the past or going to happen in the future. So the judgements are not only made from a limited perspective. Also, the person who judges normally is triggered by emotions. Whilst it may seem that judgements come from Ego of ‘I know best’, when digging a little deeper, they actually masquerade the fear, lack of self love or hurt of the deliverer.

There are only two outcomes of judgements:

  1. The purpose of ‘I AM’ will trump any judgement and persist in achieving their purpose


2.  The light of ‘I AM’ will be dimmed and it takes longer for    that soul to fulfil their purpose, possibly giving way to the whims of their Ego

Either way, judgements are ineffective at best, and undermine
the soul’s purpose at worst – and from the perspective of ‘I AM’, there really no need for it as we are all equal, regardless of what Ego insists on.

This is a reminder that before we pass judgement – look deeper. Try to see the ‘I AM’ aspect within the other, even if they cannot see it themselves. Try to look within ourselves and see what is it within us that has pushing us to judge. Can we not disagree without passing judgement?

This is also a reminder that when we are judged, even by ourselves, it is so important to see past or above judgements and hold true to the purpose of our own ‘I AM’. The goals of ‘I AM’ are important to the sum whole of the purpose and state of the entire Consciousness. What is right or wrong that is perceived by Ego does not even cover the purpose of ‘I AM’ as a whole.

The purpose of ‘I AM’ transcends the judgements of other people’s Ego. We have all come here for a reason. It does not matter how big or small that reason is, as the big or small is a judgement from Ego. ‘I AM’ is the seat of divine within all of us, and therefore from the perspective, we are all equal – no matter what our purpose. We are all an important link in the web – no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

We all have a purpose – no matter what stand strong in the purpose of ‘I AM’. Embody and embrace ‘I AM’ so that we do not capitulate to the opinions and judgements from the Ego of others. ‘I AM’ is eternal, whereas the judgements are merely nano drops in the ocean. Hold strong to the purpose of ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ Purposeful.



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The Light of ‘I AM’

light-3Sitting within our core, deep within the many layers we have built around our sacred Being, is our ‘I AM’ self. The light that glows from the seat of ‘I AM’ is divine and inextinguishable. The Light of ‘I AM’ will shine as brightly as we allow ourselves to shine. In embracing ‘I AM’, we give ourselves permission to shine as brightly as we are – illuminating the world.

Sometimes Being the Light is to tackle the task of illuminating the dense and the dark, piercing through and beneath the veil to shed light on the cobwebs and dust covering what is kept hidden. We have chosen to participate on this plane where there is much that is swept under the rug. ‘What is’ is not always as appreciated as opposed to what is perceived or conditioned to be for the best to fulfil Egos and personal agendas. However, the light of ‘I AM’ can dismiss the shadows and bring ‘What is’ to light. When the veil is lifted from ‘What Is’, only then will change be affected – on then the shift into a new consciousness will occur.

Examples of the amazing Illuminators of our times include the Suffragettes, who shed light on the importance of women’s rights; Abraham Lincoln in the US or Lord Mansfield in the UK who shed light on the atrocities of slavery; Jesus Christ who stood up against the injustices of the Establishment (Pharisees and Saducees) and stood for peace 2000 years ago; Mother Theresa who shone her light on the conditions of the very poor and sick in Calcutta, and Malala Yousafzai who is shedding light on educating women in certain societies.

There are many more celebrated unsung Illuminators that I have not mentioned, but what they have uncovered and working towards, in their personal, professional and societal spheres is just as important.

light-7The one thing they all have in common is that they go into the dark and dense (whether it is their own personal battle, or into an actual community) and through sheer force of will and the light of their own ‘I AM’ they have effected change to that situation. Many a time, even at the expense of family, reputation and sometimes their own lives, they stayed true and strong to their ‘I AM’ and bravely shone their light through the challenges and sacrifice.

There are times when Shining the Light from ‘I AM’ is uncomfortable – especially when it goes against conditioned beliefs and perceptions, or when it goes against the agenda of those in power. Not everyone is ready for illumination, especially if they are happy and comfortable within the illusion. In such events, there can moments when those shining their lights are shunned, ridiculed, slandered, or even snuffed out.

However, in these challenging moments know that the light of ‘I AM’ is eternal and inextinguishable. The art is not to force others to accept what is unveiled. The art is to just illuminate – against all odds. Eventually the light of ‘I AM’ will reign supreme and true, and the illusion will dissolve and disappear into the new consciousness.

Stay within the resonance of ‘I AM’ and shine your light. There may be fear as light-2the dust and dirt are cleaned away. There even may be fear of the unknown that the change that the shift and unveiling brings forth. However, when we stay in and honour the resonance of ‘I AM’, as well as shine the light from ‘I AM’, then we know that we can weather anything and come through the other side glowing and fully aligned with the shift of consciousness.



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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