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‘I AM’ Loving the Moment

Like the sacred drops of life that course through our Being, every moment of everyday is precious. Once these moments go, they can never be reclaimed.

We live in a world where we experience trillions of moments – and as there are so many, we take each of these precious moments for granted. In this seemingly linear progression of moments, we either wallow in the past or worry about the future. And the present passes by with no notice.

The ‘Present’ – I love that word – it is very apt. For each Moment in the Present is a Present – a Gift. A Gift to cherish, to mould into our own, to create, to make ours. Yet how many times do we allow this Present to leave our grasp – denied and forgotten. Each Present is an opportunity to fulfil our purpose, to create, to rest, to enjoy, to Be – and yet it drifts on by, ignored.

If we took a snapshot of that moment – that one moment in the Present – what could we savour? What could we appreciate? If we could take a snapshot for each of the millions of moments that drift past, what would we see? How have we made use of them?

If we could do that for every single moment, it would just be amazing. Unfortunately, with the lifestyle that we lead, it would be slightly difficult – but not impossible. The way we are wired to live, we constantly keep Doing – chasing our tails, putting out fires, wrapping ourselves up in the mundane – filling the charging moments to maximum capacity. However, when we take the time to Be, then we could catch and appreciate each moment that trickles by. Being in ‘I AM’ allows us to love the moment.

As the Ego, Mental and Emotional States either languish in the past or race on to the future, the ‘I AM’ self savours the present. In savouring the present, we are then able to live every moment with awareness. Only then can we truly absorb the beauty of the moment.

Only then can we truly embrace and appreciate this that we call Life.

How can we start to Love the Moments?

  1. Pause – as many times as possible during the day, close the eyes and take a deep breath
  2. Embrace and Embody ‘I AM’, and allow the ‘I AM’ energy to flow through every crevice of the body
  3. Open the eyes and view the world through the ‘I AM’ self.
  4. Breath deep, savouring every little minutia detail
  5. Relax, and resume what was being done

It is best to start with moments that you love and you feel joy in. It is easy to just pause and savour these times, taking in every detail. It is the best time to practise seeing the moment through the eyes of ‘I AM’.

Once this part has been mastered, then move onto moments that are challenging and stressful. During a stressful meeting, for example, or a quarrel, go through the exercise above. Become aware of the situation through the eyes of ‘I AM’. More often than not, a different perspective – a higher perspective – will register and filter through our awareness. We will start seeing things in a different light.

We will start perceiving Life through the Light of the Divine.

‘I AM’ Loving Every Moment.




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