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Radiant Light Series

The ‘I AM’ Bubble

Our ‘I AM’ holds the resonance of our divine selves within us. When we are able to fully embrace and embody our ‘I AM’, we create a bubble of ‘I AM’ around us.  Within the bubble of ‘I AM’ resides all that is in resonance with our authentic vibration.  The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So, within the bubble of ‘I AM’, our friends, our relationships, our work, even where we live will share the same resonance of ‘I AM’.

However, to fully realise and embody ‘I AM’, we need to transcend our Ego, Physical, Mental and Emotional selves.

Life Between Life regression tells us that when we incarnate
into our physical bodies, we plan to learn life or soul lessons whilst we are in physical bodies.  Some of these may be a combination of emotional, physical, mental or ego based lessons, and we will plan to have situations and relationships to trigger these lessons at various points in our lives, until we learn and evolve from the planned learning.

Whilst we are always able to embody ‘I AM’ whilst we are working through our life lessons, it is slightly more challenging to do so. When our emotional or physical or Ego selves are constantly bombarded or triggered, it takes discipline to transcend that and tap into ‘I AM’.  The more we work through our life lessons, the easier it will be to automatically drop and
stay in ‘I AM’.

Either way, we will be able to create a bubble of ‘I AM’ around us.

How can we create our ‘I AM’ Bubble?

  1. Develop a daily practise of tapping into your ‘I AM’ and allow the energy of ‘I AM’ to flow through your body – this
    can be done via meditation (at the beginning a guided meditation is simple, but any meditation is fine if the intent is made to connect with the divine seat of ‘I AM’ within)
  2. Focus on the energy of ‘I AM’ as it flows through you and
    really familiarise yourself with it – either a feel or a colour or a resonance
  3. The more the energy of ‘I AM’ flows through us and the more we familiarise ourselves with ‘I AM’, the more we will gauge if external agents are in resonance with ‘I AM’.
  4. If something is in resonance with ‘I AM’, we will feel very comfortable about it. If something is not in resonance with ‘I AM’, we will feel very uncomfortable about it or it will feel very wrong.
  5. The more we accept what is in resonance, the more we will attract all that is in resonance with ‘I AM’. All that is in dissonance with ‘I AM’ will fall away

The minute we become aware and keep accepting all that is in resonance with ‘I AM’, we start building the ‘I AM’ bubble.  The more we honour that bubble, the more the bubble will grow until we are fully within the ‘I AM’ bubble.  Then all we will attract is that which is in resonance with ‘I AM’.

Sometimes the acceptance of what is in Resonance with ‘I AM’ would entail us letting go of what is not, which may prove to be difficult as they make the Ego, Emotional, Physical and Mental parts of us feel safe.  These could include relationships, belief systems, cultural conditioning, working conditions that do not suit us, yet we feel obliged to.  However these are false safes because they can disappear as quickly as they come through because they are external.  We become attached and therefore tethered to them.  Much of the time we tether because we are fearful of the uncertainty of change.

Untethering ourselves from these false-safes to honour our ‘I AM’ will take faith, courage and total commitment to honour the resonance of ‘I AM’.  However, once we take that brave step, we start building the ‘I AM’ Bubble, and it will all be worth it.

The bubble of ‘I AM’ – how peaceful and in resonance we will be.



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Radiance of ‘I AM’

We are all Radiant Beings of pure Light, born that way, with the seed of the Divine within us all. We see this sparkle in the eyes and the smile of a baby. As we grow, a latticework is built around ourselves. We are told what is ‘good’, what is ‘evil’, who is our friend, who is not, what we need to aspire to be, what we ought to do. Eventually, we are conditioned to pay more attention to the latticework, as well as believe and operate within the conditioning of the latticework, instead of the seed of the Divine within us.

The more we enmesh with the latticework, the more the Radiance of ‘I AM’ dims. This is not because the light of ‘I AM’ is going out. The light of ‘I AM’ is constant. This is because through our own thoughts, belief systems and choices, we keep shielding our divine light in favour of the external latticework.

We become burdened with meeting external expectations. We make choices that satisfy our external voices whilst ignoring our internal voices. We then start following the guidance of fear of behaving within the confines of our latticework, because the unknown is far too uncertain to consider. To protect ourselves from all the other fear based behaviours and actions, we build a strong shell around ourselves, separating ourselves from everything and everyone, so that we can operate and survive within the confines of this latticework.

All the while, the Radiance of ‘I AM’ keeps dimming.

The practise of embodying and embracing ‘I AM’ is all about disentangling ourselves from the latticework and coming back within to reconnect to that seed of Divine within us all. It is going within and embracing the Radiant Beings of pure Light that we have been conditioned to forget. It is about choosing to work from the light of ‘I AM’ in all aspects of our lives. It is also about acknowledging the Radiant Beings of pure light in everyone around us.

When we move past our own entanglements of the latticework, and align ourselves to our Divine ‘I AM’, our perspective changes dramatically. We become more detached from the latticework. It stops owning and controlling us.

We become more connected to ourselves and to the Radiant Light Beings around us. We see ourselves for who we really are, and others for who they really are. One of the greatest gifts we can give any person, any soul, is seeing that Radiance of their pure soul.

We free ourselves from the lens of prejudice and preconceived belief systems of the latticework. We are still of this world but experience it from ‘I AM’

When we break free from our latticework, we are then aware of our unencumbered connection to the Web of Consciousness – being totally aware of the ripples of our thoughts, actions and emotions on this Web. With the awareness comes the constant practise of embodying the divine resonance of ‘I AM’ in everything that we do, say, think and feel.

Keep shining the Radiance of ‘I AM’ and allow our unique
imprint to ripple through the Web of Consciousness.

Thank you for being the Radiant Beings that you are.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ An Original

In a world of seven billion people, so many people are trying to be heard above the din. So many people are trying to be an original. The perception is that originality guarantees one to be seen and heard. Originality helps one to matter.

The delightful open secret is that each ‘I AM’ is an original. Being an original is an inherent state of being. The divine seed of ‘I AM’ within us carries our original resonance. We all bring something unique into this world through our ‘I AM’. So everyone is fully equipped to make unique and original contributions into this world.

When we embrace and embody the resonance our ‘I AM’, our divine essence, we will automatically Be original.

Our originality enables us to all be contributors into the Web of Consciousness.

Once we see and recognise the ‘I AM’ in ourselves and in those around us, we will also be able to sense how we fit into the Web, both as individuals as well as the Collective. Once we see our unique place in the Web, collaboration with one another will follow easily. Gradually, we will move from the ‘I’ to the ‘I AM’.

Collaboration encourages the building of Originality.

Competitiveness encourages stripping away of Originality.

By embodying the resonance of ‘I AM’, we will be able to collaborate and cooperate. With collaboration comes acknowledgement and appreciation.

Embrace our originality – we don’t have to do or be anyone else. We can express our originality in any way that we want – in the way we communicate, the way we express ourselves, the way we choose to live our lifestyle.

When we follow the authentic resonance of ‘I AM’, we will be sure to attract that which is in resonance for us. Eventually, we will be able to move away from obligations that we are forced to endure to working on aspects that we are passionate about.

Obligations are a form of control – especially when they are not something that we are in resonance with. Freedom is about moving away from obligations to something that makes us excited.

For example we do need to earn a living to be able to pay our bills. We have a choice of working in a role that does not feed our souls or we could choose to work on a project that feeds our passions. Those who have made the transition do not even consider their passion to be work. They feel fulfilled when they express the originality of ‘I AM’ through their work.

Yes – it does take a great deal to courage to make that
transition – and here lies the importance of the choice we make. Do we pursue the calling of ‘I AM’ or do we succumb to our fears. Do we choose obligations or originality? There are no right or wrong answers. We have to make the best choice for ourselves and pursue what is in most resonance with ourselves.

Celebrate the original resonance we are in the world.

Celebrate our originality.

‘I AM’ an Original.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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