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Relax Into ‘I AM’

One of my friends has a very stressful and responsible job in high finance in one of the busiest financial centres. During a particularly stressful time, she was virtually berating herself for not being ‘spiritual’ enough as she was navigating this period.

This made me think. Spirituality is not meant to be dogmatic. Spirituality is not about ‘Have Tos’ and ‘Shoulds’. There are no hard and fast rules. Spirituality is about the journey to embrace our spirit, to embrace the divine – and each path is as individual as the soul walking it. It is about the journey to Being in our true resonance.

Although we are all perfect, the road to realisation of our divinity can be long and arduous. Acknowledging those challenging conditions and flowing with those emotions is important. It is ok to be scared because it is signal for us to be cautious. It is ok to be angry because it is a signal for us to embrace our power and forge forward. It is ok to be sad because it is a signal for us to grieve something that we have lost.

What is not ok is for us to suppress all these emotions and put up an artificial positive and happy front. The more we suppress our emotions, the more it will build up within us, the bigger the dysfunctional blow up will be.

This was illustrated so beautifully and simply in the Pixar animation Inside Out. It is a movie about how emotions interact within the brain. There is this overenthusiastic happy part that kept suppressing all the other emotions – grief, disgust, anger, and fear – thinking that she was protecting her person. However, the emotional centre shut down, and sent her person into an emotional tailspin, until all the emotions had the space to express themselves.

Being Positive is a state of authentic being. Forcing oneself to try to be positive even though one is going through a heart break is just as extreme as wallowing in a negative state for a prolonged period of time. Both are equally unhealthy. Flow with your emotions and flush them out. Only then, can we learn and grow and attain authentic positivity – that flows from the core of our Being. Only then can we establish an open pathway to journey into and embrace the true resonance of ‘I AM’.

So, just relax as we are going through this journey. Spirituality is flowing with the authentic
expression of spirit. To tap into the authentic spirit of ‘I AM’, just relax into ‘I AM’. ‘I AM’ is the
best guide for our individual path. It whispers very quietly, more quietly than the loud voices of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’. It is quieter than the thundering force of emotions and constant chatter of the mental. But ‘I AM’ is there for us, anytime we want it.

Relax into ‘I AM’ and journey on.



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