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Shift in Consciousness

Being ‘I AM’

For some reason, in our current state of existence, the majority of us have been focusing more on ‘I’ and not so much our ‘I AM’. Most things that we do focuses on appeasing our Egos – for some through material wealth, some others through intellectual acuity and career achievements, a few through innate talents and physical ability, and some through a show of virtuosity and spirituality. We are driven by our Egos and spend a majority of our time satisfying our ‘I’ self.

More ancient civilisations, like ancient Egypt and Celts, and native tribes, though, have been more focused on ‘I AM’. If we look at the Aborigines in Australia, or the Native American Indians or the indigenous tribes in South East Asia, most of them focus on the journey of the souls, primarily, community secondarily and individual Ego selves last. However, as we have evolved and introduced more and more technology, we have shafted these native tribes and shifted into embracing a life of ‘I’. For many, this shift is now complete, where the ‘I AM’ does not even exist anymore, in the pursuit of just satisfying the ‘I’.

When the majority embraces the ‘I’, the mass consciousness moves towards one of manipulation and control. In fact, much of the manipulation and control is masked behind righteous or virtuous narratives. However, there is a firm element of control, and when slightly scrapped, the truth of the manipulation is uncovered. When we embrace ‘I AM’, we can feel the authenticity of these narratives – we get a sense of the undercurrents of what is being said or done. There is a knowing. Any narrative that is dissonant with ‘I AM’, we can walk away from.

The good news is that with the new vibrations coming through, the ‘I AM’ knowing is growing stronger and stronger. More and more souls are getting reacquainted with, embodying and embracing their ‘I AM’ selves. The voice of ‘I’ is getting softer and softer, being drowned out by the quiet, yet resolute whispers of ‘I AM’.

In this new consciousness, more and more souls are embracing their authentic resonance of ‘I AM’ selves, and changing their lives to suit their deeper knowing. Inauthentic relationships are being let go, dissonant career choices changing to ones that people can embrace heart and soul, disrespectful and manipulative institutions are being left behind. There is more focus on respecting the authenticity of one another, a move towards a fairer, more open community existence. As the shift gears up, so is the shedding of the ‘I’ for the ‘I AM’.

The new frequencies and vibrations are making way for the opportunity of a new way of Being – well…. it is actually an ancient forgotten way of Being – where we can live and work from, as well as Be in ‘I AM’. It also enables us to be conscious and mindful of everyone else’s ‘I AM’ as well as the wider Web or fabric that we are living in, including co-existing in harmony with Mother Earth in her entirety.

‘I AM’ makes us more consciously aware of Oneness of all.

During this time of change, the journey from ‘I’ to ‘I AM’ can be a much shorter, more meaningful, albeit intense one.

How blessed are we to be part of this exciting ride?



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