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Shrouded Truth

‘I AM’ the Christ Consciousness

Within the spiritual community, there is an anticipation of the heralding of the Christ Consciousness coming back in. This can be interpreted in so many ways – the religious community wait for the second coming of Christ that precedes Judgement Day. Within the New Age community, this means attaining the highest level of spiritual and intellectual development. For some esoteric mystics, the “Christ” is the “particle” of the Formless that is placed in the womb of Shakti, the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Mother, mater, matter.

What I learned working on my new book, Shrouded Truth, for four years is that Christ Consciousness is within all of us – steeped in ‘I AM’.

Shrouded Truth takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period. Emotional, and at times dramatic, readers are given an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus. Shrouded Truth also reveals little known events of information of what happened before, during and after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Backed with oral tradition and documentary evidence, Shrouded Truth provides little known information that provides yet another perspective to this timeless story, answers some questions and raises a few new ones.

What came through very strongly with James, the brother of Jesus, Paul the Acolyte, Mary Magdalene and her sister, Martha, Disciple Thomas, and some surprising members of the next generation, is how everyone tapped into their inner resources to navigate an incredible challenging period of shifting Consciousness more than 2000 years ago.

We are going through the same shifting of Consciousness now. As we move through the end of the Piscean towards the beginning of the Aquarian age, once again we see the shifting of status quo, power and control. We are also going through an immense change now, as these souls did more than 2000 years ago. Whilst the narrative may be different, the lessons, challenges, growth and evolution are very much similar. We can learn so much from stories and accounts in Shrouded Truth to help navigate our own path through these tumultuous times and accelerate our own growth and evolution.

For years, our ‘I AM’ selves have been muted, censored, ignored and forgotten. So many of us have been driven by our mental and emotional selves, by pride and fear. The New Vibrations that is coming in gives us an opportunity to start anew to embrace the Christ Consciousness within – our ‘I AM’ selves.

It is now the time for the dawning of the Christ Consciousness.

It is time for the Christ within to ascend and shine.

‘I AM’ the Christ Consciousness – it is the biggest lesson I learned from my book Shrouded Truth. I hope you enjoy it too.



PS : Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on  Amazon

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Radiant Light Series Special Announcement : Shrouded Truth in Watkins and Kindred Spirit

Good Sunday!

I am so excited to share that one of the premier spiritual magazines in the UK, Kindred Spirit, has run an article on Shrouded Truth.  Thank you so much to the team of Kindred Spirit.  I am so deeply grateful.

Here is the link to the article for your interest.

Book Release: Shrouded Truth – Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys

Also, I am so excited to share that Watkins Books, the oldest esoteric bookshop in London, has agreed to distribute Shrouded Truth.  I could spend days walking the aisles of Watkins Books, thumbing through the wisdom contained on those shelves and staring at fascinating esoteric memorabilia.  I feel so blessed that Shrouded Truth will share a space on such hallowed shelves. 🙂

Available next week, 5 March 2018, Shrouded Truth is also distributed on Amazon worldwide, in paperback and kindle format, iBooks worldwide, and Waterstones online in the UK.

Thank you for sharing my excitement with me.




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

Radiant Light Series Special Announcement : Articles on release of Shrouded Truth

Good Sunday everyone

I just wanted to share some of the articles that the release of Shrouded Truth, the first book of the Radiant Light Series, has been getting.

I am so grateful to all the interviewers and publications who have expressed an interest and run articles about Radiant Light Series and Shrouded Truth.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Interview by Marit Fisher for the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

Interview ST SRTA Newsletter


Blog by Dr. Heather Rivera on PLR Institute

Interview with Author/Regressionist, Reena Kumarsingham

Much Love


Book 1 of the Radiant Light Series, Shrouded Truth, is available on Amazon  on 5 March 2018

This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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