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‘I AM’ Not ‘I’

Recently, I was having a chat with some people about the ‘I AM’, and they asked, what I thought was, a very pertinent question. Although conceptually they understood the difference between ‘I AM’ and I, they wondered how they know that practically speaking, in their everyday lives, they are respecting the needs of ‘I AM’ as opposed to ‘I’. Our ensuing discussion, I thought, made a compelling blog.

‘I AM’ is the seat of Divine within us, our eternal self. ‘I’ is our superfluous Ego state, our current self. Though short in terms of distance, the journey from ‘I’ to ‘I AM’ can be some of the longest journeys that we choose to embark on.

How do we know if we are embracing and working from ‘I AM’ rather than ‘I’?

  1. The voice of ‘I AM’ normally guides us to think outside the box, and gives us the gift of being a visionary, and enabling us to boldly pursue our visions. The voice of ‘I’ works within the box, and focuses on what is in the immediate vicinity for comfort.
  2. Actions taken from ‘I AM’ can seem to be seamless, with   very few obstacles working against us on our true soul’s path. ‘I’ on the other hand, could be full of obstacles, strange illnesses, best laid plans mysteriously not working out – especially if it is in dissonance with our soul’s path.
  3. There is no competition or judgement with ‘I AM’. There is a subtle change in perspective and understanding that everyone is following their path and their own individual resonance. So there is no judgement over who has the better or worse resonance. Everything and everyone just is.   The ‘I’ is full of judgement and competition for everything is measured against the Ego self – right / wrong, good / bad, shadow / light etc.. is the Ego’s vocabulary when measured against perspective of Ego self.
  4. When embracing ‘I AM’, one pursues a path of the unknown comfortably for everything is unknown and limitless. ‘I AM’ enables us to enjoy the journey regardless of destination. There is more flow with ‘I AM’. ‘I’, on the other hand, focuses on the destination and not the journey. So, the journey can be quite fearful, and there is the anxiety that the destination is unreachable or may change. There is more control with ‘I’
  5. ‘I AM’ works for the highest good of the soul, and thus is more focused on the growth and evolution of the internal soul. However, ‘I AM’ is free with validating another as there is no envy or jealousy for everyone’s path is individual. ‘I’, on the other hand, requires the external validation to feed the Ego and make one feel better. Therefore the actions come from an agenda of pleasing or gaining attention. Very little acknowledgement or credit is given away as absorbing due credit just keeps feeding the ever hungry ego.
  6. Every decision or action made from ‘I AM’ is followed by a sense of peace and calm, even when it makes illogical sense. Decisions or actions taken purely from ‘I’ is besieged by anxiety, doubts or continuous gnawing in the heart or belly.

These 6 examples are by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, the more we embrace, embody and work from ‘I AM’, there stronger the differences will be between ‘I AM’ and ‘I’.

In fact, moving from ‘I’ to ‘I AM’ is a matter of realising the difference and shifting subtle perspective. I am sure that the majority of us actually are subconsciously aware of the difference of working from ‘I AM’ and ‘I’. However, whether we consciously want to make that shift is a choice – our choice. When we are comfortable in the ‘I’ or Ego state, very few will make that leap.

But I ask you – how much better would it be to embrace and
work from our true, authentic resonance – our ‘I AM’ state?



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

‘I AM’ Pure Consciousness

I AM EternalThey say when the student is ready, the teacher will come. My teacher came in the form of a client.

My client came to me to get over thanatophobia, or a phobia of death. Second only to the phobia of public speaking, thanatophobia can be debilitating and basically comes about due to the fear of the unknown, fear of retribution or the fear of the end.

In order to overcome this fear, my client chose to visit multiple past lives over several sessions – some with very peaceful deaths, and so not so, to desensitize herself against dying. We also had a session in Between Lives Spiritual Regression just to learn about the soul’s journeys understand the eternal nature of the soul and that there is no such thing as judgement, retribution or punishment.

Reflecting on these sessions recently, the deep realisation that I came to is that ‘I AM’ is consciousness – not created, not destroyed. It just exists.

Vedic scriptures teach that ‘I AM’ is neither slain nor is reborn – ‘I AM’ is eternal, donning on different costumes of body and personality. Whilst death is a term that recognises an end of the physical, mental and perhaps even the emotional state, ‘I AM’ continues to exist as is. This is corroborated by countless Between Lives Spiritual Regression sessions, where clients remember the choosing of body and emotional and mental energy that they wish to learn from whilst incarnated.

Incarnation is just the temporary physical manifestation of ‘I AM’ at that specific point in time. At death, ‘I AM’ sheds the physical, mental and emotional and continues to exist.

‘I AM’ is eternal.

What these series of sessions also helped me realise is that there is no suchI AM Equal thing as young souls vs old souls, advanced souls vs beginner souls. Hierarchy is a creation of the Ego State. When the Ego State ceases to exist, so to does hierarchy.

There is no hierarchy or separation with ‘I AM’.

‘I AM’ just is; and we are all on our individual journeys.

Through regression, I have experienced for myself, and facilitated, regressions to the loftiest of lives as kings, queens, priestesses and teachers, as well as the simplest of lives of everyday people. In my experience, no one life is more powerful than another, no one soul more important than another. Each soul is an important thread in the glorious tapestry of All. Without one thread, the entire tapestry risks unravelling.

Every individual ‘I AM’ Consciousness makes a significant contribution in the greater Collective Consciousness.

What contribution we choose to make is up to our individual free will.

What this has taught me is that there is no soul in incarnation that is more or less important than another. Our entire Being is equal. The fact that we are of different socio-economic status, speak a different language or a different species even does not preclude inequality in the form of thought, behaviour or action.

‘I AM’ is equal.

Life is BlissfulBasking in the eternal glow of the non-judgemental, non-hierarchical ‘I AM’, we truly embody unconditional love for ourselves, for others and for existence as a whole.

Life then becomes a Blissful expression of pure ‘I AM’ consciousness.

Ahhhhh ….




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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