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‘I AM’ The Guru

guru-5We are all unique beings, walking our own individual paths. Whilst we may be solitary, we are not necessarily alone. At each milestone we meet others who may join our walk either fleetingly or significantly longer – holding our hands, our hearts or just our space, as we simultaneously return the favour, whilst we share parts of journey with others.

However, this camaraderie is not a distraction from the fact that there is never one true path for all of us. We each walk our own paths – following our own individual calls of our ‘I AM’ selves.

At various points in our journey, we will meet and bump into souls who teach us. These are souls who can help guide us on our evolutionary paths. Those who teach us are not limited to teachers – they can be anyone…a stranger on the street, beloved pets, loved ones, friends, colleagues – literally anyone. I have learned so much about being present and the joys of giving and receiving unconditional love just from observing our little pet Maltese Terriers.

However, our true Gurus are our individual ‘I AM’ selves. ‘I AM’ is the seat of the divine within – and thus only our ‘I AM’ can light the entire path of our individual journeys. ‘I AM’ is, and has, the most intimate relationship with us – and is the guru-2deepest and most pure essence of ourselves, and thus holds the deepest yearnings, knowledge and abilities that We Are. No other part of us, nor is there anyone else outside of us, more qualified of being our Guru, and leading us down a path to fulfil our evolutionary goals.

The challenge that we face in this modern world though is hearing ‘I AM’. In the
din of the external noise – social media, mainstream media, books, experts,
conditioning – we are constantly bombarded by what we ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘have to’ do, follow, think, be. Within ourselves, our Ego state and desires shout louder than all the other parts of us put together.

‘I AM’ on the other hand, whispers softly and speaks to us through our intuition or gut feel. Sometimes the soft whispers of ‘I AM’ may seem irrational, rebellious or may even take us down a scarily unknown path. Sometimes the whispers of ‘I AM’ seems counterintuitive to our desires. However, ‘I AM’ has the knowing of our entire path, that has not quite filtered to our mental, emotional, and ego states.

‘I AM’ may not always make sense at that particular snap shot in time, but as the movie of our lives plays on, the pieces start making sense to us and comes together to slowly give a picture of the WHOLE that is our path. Our individual ‘I AM’ selves is the only Guru that we need to guide us down our unique individual paths.

As we embark on a daily practise to embody our ‘I AM’ selves, and tune to the guru-1guidance of ‘I AM’, slowly, the external noise starts to dim and the ‘I AM’ resonance becomes clearer and sharper – like tuning into a radio frequency.
The more we tune into ‘I AM’, the more our own vibrations shift and resonate with the frequency of ‘I AM’ and the more we will embrace our individual evolutionary path.

‘I AM’ is The Guru.




This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you

My Greatest ‘I AM’ Teachers

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

H. Davies


This is a favourite poem of mine when I first read it in school as a teenager. It just reminds me to slow down and pause once in awhile in the rush of daily life.

A few days ago, I took Davies’s words to heart and I just sat and watched my two fluffy loves of my lives (Petal and Angel) cavorting and playing for a few moments.

Petal and Angel
Petal and Angel – The Apples of our Heart

Petal and Angel are our two very adorable maltese terrier dogs who are about 3 years old this year, but act like they are still about 6 months. At the risk of sounding like a gushing mummy, which I am, we are incredibly fortunate and blessed to have such enriching souls that have come into our lives to be our teachers.

As I watched them play a few days ago, I was struck by how they completely embody their I AM, and have always been authentic to their Being.

I Am A Christmas Present Petal
Petal taking her rightful place for much needed sleep after X’mas morning….

Petal was the first to come into our lives – she is an effervescent, fearless soul who throws herself into life with such joy and enthusiasm. Everything she does, she gives 100%. Angel, on the other hand, is the perfect Yin to Petal’s Yang. She is timid and quiet, and so sweet that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Petal is always gregarious, happy with a strong mind of her own; where as Angel is always cautious, quiet and introverted. Neither pretend to be something they are not.

They teach me that Being or coming from my ‘I AM’ is liberating and peaceful.

The other thing that struck me is that by them Being from their ‘I AM’ they automatically exude pure unconditional love. Despite being so different, they do not judge their own or the other’s limitations. In fact they embrace it and help one another through.

I AM hugging a tree - Angel
Angel Saw Mummy Hugging a Tree and Thought She Would Try it Too…

Petal, knowing Angel’s fears, has always sought to protect and take care of her, lick her to comfort her or place her head or paw on Angel when Angel feels nervous. Angel has always given Petal space to be enthusiastic and gregarious, and been accepting of her ‘in your face’ affections, where other dogs have lost patience with Petal. Little timid Angel is also known to have become a tiny fiercely aggressive warrior if Petal was ever threatened.

They teach me everyday that ‘I AM’ is pure unconditional love – for oneself, for others, and for the whole.

Our next door neighbour is a lovely young family with a little girl, Lilia, who is now 2 years old, going on 25. Her personality is very similar to Petal’s and the both of them are great friends. In fact one of Lilia’s first words was ‘Petal’.

I can’t help but to cast my mind back to when Lilia was born and Petal was a little less than a year old. Every time we bumped into Lilia and her mother, or visited one another, Petal would totally dote on Lilia and shower her with loving puppy kisses (or try to anyway). If Lilia does not see Petal and Angel, she misses her ‘Doggy Friends’ and ‘Petal Cuddles’ and vigilantly looks out for them.

Despite their obvious differences, it is so heartening to see Petal and Lilia, totally accept their true essence and love one another from their respective ‘I AM’.

I AM Magnificent Dog Style
Petal and Angel’s ‘I AM’ travel bag…

They teach me that ‘I AM’ is total acceptance – of oneself, of others and of the whole.

My greatest teachers, Petal and Angel, instilled all these insights during a few moments of pause. I wonder how much more wise gems they would impart onto me if I took more time to stand and stare?



This Divine I AM Post has been shared with you
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