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‘I AM’ Unlimited

In spiritual and religious teachings, we learn that the Divine is all encompassing, omniscient, omnipresent and is unlimited, with limitless creation potential. ‘I AM’ is the Divine that sits within each and everyone of us. This makes each of us Divine, and thus unlimited, with limitless creation potential. The only things that place any form of limitation within us are our Ego, Mental, Emotional and Physical selves.

Our conditioned beliefs limits us – what we have grown up to believe and to want. When we are children, we are limitless. Mommy and daddy are superheroes. A cardboard box is a spaceship and they ask for anything that they want. However, in many cultures around the world, toddlers who persist in asking their parents for something are continuously told “What you want, you do not get.” This is the start of their limiting beliefs.

As they grow up, the limiting beliefs keep being conditioned. Mommy and daddy stop being the all encompassing superheroes. They stop asking for because they do not get – even though they keep wanting. They start learning the value of money. They are taught to work to earn money – and everything they want needs to fall within the limitation of the money that they have. More and more families have parents who work – just to make ends meet. So, children need to learn to cope and survive with minimal time and affection that parents give them. On and on – the conditioned limiting beliefs continue like a never ending cycle.

Institutions continue to perpetuate these limiting beliefs in an effort to streamline and control all of us – using fear or guilt to compound our limitations. “If you do not do this, something awful will happen” or “If you do that, something awful will happen”. Our work places, religious institutions, media, sometimes even schools. The more we subscribe to the conditioned beliefs, the more limited we feel that we are.

‘I AM’ Unlimited.

There is unlimited potential all around us, yet we insist on pigeon holing ourselves in tiny little cages. Though the door is wide open, we stop ourselves from flying out – for fear of the unknown, fear of the worst, as opposed to the excitement of exploring unchartered territory, or hoping for the best. We keep listening to those around us about what we ‘must’ do, and what we ‘should’ do – thereby limiting our choices further.

What would happen if we did fly from the cage? Would it be as terrible as everyone else says it will be? Sure – maybe for a little while, the physical, mental and emotional parts of us may feel uncomfortable – maybe those around us may ridicule or belittle us, maybe we may be filled with anxious thoughts, we may even find ourselves being physically uncomfortable. The ego may take a thorough thrashing.

However, once we move through that – we are FREE… we become unlimited. We see the limitless potential all around us. We are free to be us – to embody our ‘I AM’s and just Be in the resonance of ‘I AM’. Is that freedom not worth having and Being?

See and experience the world via ‘I AM’. Embody ‘I AM’ and question everything – our beliefs, what we are told – and just listen to the resonance of ‘I AM’. If something does not resonate with ‘I AM’, walk away. If something does not meet our worth, or the worth of ‘I AM’, walk away – until our inner world reflects our outer world.

Once we truly embody our unlimited ‘I AM’, and live a free life, we see that there is indeed enough for us and everyone else around us. We can continue creating – freely enjoying the journey of Being … instead of the process of Doing.

In this time of change, embody ‘I AM’, take that brave step, embrace your unlimited potential and fly.

It’s worth it.



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