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‘I AM’ Whole

‘I AM’ is the most whole and complete part of ourselves. It is our eternal part that transcends and continues on when the vessel that is our physical body, expires. Once we tap into ‘I AM’ and embody our authentic resonance, we imbue ourselves with our Divine Essence.

‘I AM’ is intangible and whispers softly – so softly that it is easy to ignore or discard that part.  However, our ‘I AM’ part is our core navigation system.  When we listen to and honour the resonance of ‘I AM’, we will walk the path of our authentic selves, following our life purpose.

Once we connect to this essential part, we will feel whole and complete. We will love ourselves for who we are, and therefore we will demonstrate self care by accepting only what is in resonance with ourselves and developing strong boundaries and resistance against what is not.

How do we start the process of embracing and embodying our ‘I AM’ selves?  The first steps are to Create,  Affirm and Believe.

Create– Create strong I AM affirmations that counter any subconscious patterning that does not serve. :

Eg: If your subconscious patterning is I AM busy – your affirmation is I AM productive.

Also, make sure your affirmations are phrased in the positive :

Eg : Use I AM beautiful as opposed to I AM not ugly.

Affirm– repeatedly using the A E I O U method.

  1. A – Affirm : Develop short and sweet I AM affirmations
  2. E – Embody : Physically embody these affirmations using these steps every morning and evening
  • looking in the mirror
  • standing with feet planted hip width apart, knees unlocked
  • staring directly into the the eye and
  • repeated the affirmations out loud at least 10 times with as much belief in them that can be mustered.
  1. I – Integrate : For example stick post it notes everywhere as a reminder of these affirmations
  2. O – Own : Own the affirmations. Walk and talk them. They need to
    ooze from the presence –  Eventually, through conscious   re-conditioning and re-alignment of neural pathways, the belief becomes reality.

All this led to –

  1. U – Unlock and Understand ‘I AM’

Believe– Believe in what you are affirming – this takes time it is about building new neural pathways, and this takes time until it is reconditioned.  Believing is the first step toward embodiment.

Once we fully embrace and embody ‘I AM’, we become Whole.

‘I AM’ Whole.



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