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‘I AM’ Worthy

Worthy Wayne DyerWe are currently living in exciting times of change and growth. It is a time for hope, however there are many who are still staying in the resonance of fear – the biggest fear being of their own value and worthiness.

There are far too many people who measure their worth based on the amount they have in the bank, and the number of materialistic things they have accumulated. There are those who measure their value based on what other people think about them, and the relationships they have around them. There are those who measure their worthiness based on their physical appearance, their mental prowess and / or emotional wellbeing.

When embodying and working from ‘I AM’, the question of worthiness does not even arise. Within our ‘I AM’ selves, we are all worthy and have infinite
value. It just is.

The only question is do we acknowledge and trust our own self worth?

‘I AM’ Worthy.

If we find ourselves constantly having to prove our worth to ourselves and others, we have lost our value. Ego constantly compares and makes judgement on everyone around us. Ego works in illusion. The reality is ‘I AM’ is perfect, and is a reflection of all that is. All that differs between one ‘I AM’ and the next is resonance. There is no one frequency better than the other. It’s just different. Just because we are at a dissonance with another, does not lower the value or worth of the other or ourselves. There is just a difference.

Right and wrong; good or bad are judgements from the Ego – it has no meaning unless we give it meaning. When we give judgements meaning, it separates us from ‘I AM’ or seeing the ‘I AM’ in others.Worthy 2

In the current vibrations, control is the key way of Being, to keep all of us small, and to not embrace ‘I AM’. One of the main ways of control is to decimate our self worth and measure our value by money or material gain. These a ways to distract us from actually owning who we are, and to acknowledge that we have choices. When there are choices, there is freedom and non-attachement, and we stop needing – which takes away the power of control. This is the way of Being in the New Vibration.

‘I AM’ Worthy.

Acknowledging and knowing our own value is a key aspect of being able to receive all the blessings that come our way. The number of people who are unable to acknowledge the gifts within them and in front of them, because they ask the question “Who are we to…..?” is too numerous to count. However, in doing so, we are being depleted of all the gifts that each soul brings into this world – gifts of creative, expressions from ‘I AM’ as well as the many talents and insights suppressed by self judgement.

‘I AM’ Worthy means knowing our own value and acting accordingly. Developing strong boundaries against judgement, control, inauthenticity and manipulation is part of the journey towards embracing our worth. Standing in our worth and value does sometime mean being standing up for ourselves, even when there is dissent, dislike and judgements from others. Some of our choices may not be popular for others – but as long as we make the choices from ‘I AM’ with the highest intent and good then external judgements do not matter.Worthy Brene Brown

What is exciting though is that the more we embody our own worth, our resonance will shift and the outside world will start reflect our own inner worth.

Aren’t we all worthy after all?



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